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Ag overview


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Ag overview

  1. 2. We work with people to plan, produce and manage their visual communications, enabling them to achieve their goals more effectively and confidently. The AlphaGraphics Mission AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  2. 3. Wow Get noticed! You’ll save time and money by not having to juggle multiple vendors. You’ll better maximize your return on investment. And you’ll find a working relationship that can help you grow your business for years to come. With AlphaGraphics help, you’ll soon find that your customers will be saying “Wow!” about your organization. AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  3. 4. Connect Your business partner! Your locally owned, one-source AlphaGraphics business center delivers all types of services for almost every business need. But what ultimately makes your AlphaGraphics different from any other communications service center? Building relationships. Simply put, we assist you in building your business by first getting to know you and your needs. We live in your local community, but we’re supported by and connected to a global network to ensure consistent, quality service for businesses like yours all around the world. AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  4. 5. Expert Advice Consult it! When it comes to our consulting services, we begin by getting to know you first. Then we help you figure out how to make your message stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t matter if you need a simple design for your new business cards or a complex multi-channel marketing campaign, WE DO IT ALL. And if you’re not sure how or where to start, that’s no problem. We do. AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  5. 6. Get Noticed Design it! At AlphaGraphics our expert designers give your messages the look you want. From logos and standard business packages to full-blown multimedia marketing campaigns, we’ll take your plan from concept to completion. AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  6. 7. Stand Out Print it! Whether you need basic one-color flyers, a banner to hang from the side of a building, or anything in between, our specialists can help define—and then create—the look you want. And with a wide array of special printing effects like personalized communication, specialty inks, papers, finishes and more, your message will soon have the “Wow” that makes you stand out. AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  7. 8. Be Direct Target it! AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE Put the power of direct marketing to work for you with our agDirect Marketing experts at AlphaGraphics. Our strategic direct marketing solutions give you a means to measure results, drive revenue, reduce overall cost-per-lead and increase ROI.
  8. 9. Communication From start to finish, we take your marketing and communications ideas and turn them into reality. Personalize it! AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  9. 10. Manage Online Order it! It’s perfect for ordering stationery for a new employee, updating someone’s title on a business card or adding the latest product specs to a sales sheet. With these added benefits of real-time order tracking and history, plus control over who can access each item and what changes they can make, agOnline ensures consistency in your materials and reduces waste. AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  10. 11. Easy Delivery Mail it! We’ll not only assist in fulfillment, kitting and packaging, but we can also help you buy the right list and determine the best demographic. Plus we’ll help you select the most efficient way to get it there—on time and within budget. AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  11. 12. Go Big Large Prints! When you need to make a big impression, nothing delivers like large format printing. Using state-of-the-art technology, we make your trade show displays, exhibits, posters, banners, point of purchase displays, backlit displays and even vehicle wraps pop with vibrant color that gets noticed. We can also mount your project or insert grommets for hanging. AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  12. 13. Expect Quality Always! Let’s face it, in today’s business environment the quality of goods and services produced by an organization is paramount. When it comes to the print and marketing communications industry, AlphaGraphics is the only franchise that has attained ISO 9000 certification—awarded by the International Organization for Standardization, rewarding outstanding quality management and quality assurance standards. AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  13. 14. Go Green Protect it! What this means is that while you are working with us to grow your business, you are also directly helping to reduce your impact on the planet. Now that’s good news that benefits us all! AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE Note: Not all AlphaGraphics business centers are FSC certified. Contact your local AlphaGraphics center to see if they hold FSC Certification.
  14. 15. We’re also proud to be the first-ever title sponsor of a national sports team—US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics. Just as sailing team members are fueled by talent and leadership, so is each locally owned AlphaGraphics business center. We believe that through this collaborative relationship both entities inspire each other to achieve new heights of success.
  15. 16. Giving Back Start to finish! Building relationships lies at the root of what we do at AlphaGraphics. We’re your partner in marketing and communications and your neighbor in the community we share. That’s why it’s so important to us to give back in any way we can. AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  16. 17. “ AlphaGraphics has saved my projects so many times, I can’t keep count! Besides coming through for us under the gun and before the bell, AlphaGraphics 360 degree customer service is phenomenal. From tips on using InDesign, to proofreading our school newsletter, to the unbelievably timesaving direct imprint mailing services they provide us, we simply couldn’t be happier.” Chris Smith, Rohan Woods School AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  17. 18. “ AlphaGraphics did an amazing job on our recent project. From the invitations to the program, the work was outstanding. I really lean on AlphaGraphics for design layout, and their team came through—not to mention hitting our tight timeline. Much appreciated!” Kristi M. Ludenia, Sunwest Distributors AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  18. 19. “ Jeff and the team at AlphaGraphics put together a seminar for our firm, explaining the benefits and sales methods for direct mail and variable printing. Within a month, the firm had sold two direct mail campaigns using variable data, produced by AlphaGraphics. Jeff’s consultative sales approach helped my sales rep accurately explain mailing services and variable data to my staff at a time that we did not have any mailing clients. His support helped us provide new services to our clients at Greenspon Advertising. Thanks, Jeff!” Mike Greenspon, Greenspon Advertising AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE
  19. 20. “ We run a small business and also have full-time jobs, which means we generally send in our printing requests in the evening. The AlphaGraphics team worked out an order system with us to help communicate what we need and they can print out booklets, a cover letter with our signatures on it and even ship the books and we never have to go down to the center! We can’t imagine running a business like ours without them.” Caroline Medrano, YM Central Publications AlphaGraphics | DESIGN ▪ COPY ▪ PRINT ▸ COMMUNICATE