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  • james show project

    1. 1. For my show project I made a series of web-episodes and put them online to view to an audience. My web-series was called ‘detention deficit’ For the project I Directed the episodes filmed ...
    2. 2. ...I also wrote the scripts for the episodes, In some cases writing too much and having to edit down... ...And I also acted in the episodes.
    3. 3. Research I did before starting the project I started out researching what a show was and what it meant to put on a show. I looked at theatres and cinema and discussed similarities they had including talking about things that were different too. I also looked at street performances as well. How it’s different too to putting a show on including differences for audiences as well.
    4. 4. I then moved to looking at television and how that was different from say theatre or street performances I then started looking at current web-series online and stating how they were different from a show on television. after looking at webisodes i moved to thinking of ideas for my webseries.
    5. 5. throughout the project I used a blog to record my work done and wrote down things i needed to do. I wrote most of it at home and it was a good way to sum up work done for each day and making a record of the project as a whole. it was good that it was on a blog because it meant i could do work at home on it and any computer i happened to go on, whether it was college or somewhere else.
    6. 6. Jobs and teams The way jobs and teams were organized was we all had a meeting and voted for who we thought would be best for each individual job, starting with the most important like director and chairman. In the end the roles were altered slightly due to the class splitting into two groups.
    7. 7. My jobs My job while i was in one big group, the class, was to write the scripts for each episode. i began writing the scripts and character profiles while still in the larger group. after we were split up into two groups My jobs had changed slightly. i was still the script writer. i also did directing for the episodes and edited two of the episodes.
    8. 8. Planning Planning the content of the episodes wasn’t too difficult. Before i went off and wrote the scripts, i sat down with my group to see if they had any ideas for content of the episode. they would give me ideas if they had any and then i would think up an idea for the episode. i made sure to use ideas and visuals that we could easily apply to the web series. because i knew we were filming at college, i didn’t chose to write an explosion. i knew straight away that the best way to publicize the web series was to create a fan page on facebook. it’s the most popular site on the web and is heavily used by our target audience. it seemed the perfect choice. trailers before the episodes were important to. they got people more interested and they anticipated what the next episodes would entail. we also wanted to distribute it on facebook, putting links to the episodes on their release dates.
    9. 9. SHOW 1 the first episode was an introduction to the characters, not featuring a main narrative. i wanted to show the characters and their personalities before playing around with story lines in future episodes. things that didn’t work was that the editing was cut too much. hayden wanted to play around with the editing to make it more funny. in the end it took the comedy away. i decided not to cut in the same way next time around. we had to censor swearing in this episode as well. although me and the group thought it was terrible, we got some good feedback on this. people found it funny.
    10. 10. SHOW 2 my second episode was called trapped. this time around the episode had a story line. the characters that were introduced the episode before were now being put through a situation. this is my favourite of the episodes. i edited this episode and i kept it simple. i didn’t want to over do the editing like the episode before. audience feedback was positive for this episode, more so than the first. people really seemed to like the characters. lots of people liked Matt's character, vince. after uploading it to facebook we got some positive audience feedback from posts.
    11. 11. SHOW 3 episode 3 was called gas leak and was the last episode we made. because of this we wanted to go off with a bang. i decided to write the script with the group. i thought that it would make the ideas more crazy and make the episode completely original in comparison to the other two. this episode featured lots of effects which is something that we hadn’t used in the other episodes. i wanted to make the episode different and a surprise to the audience.
    12. 12. Audience feedback overall audience feedback was good for the web series. it was mostly the same as well. •people didn’t like valories character •people really liked vince •people didn’t like the first episode as much as the other episodes •they really liked the catchy title sequence and thought it made it look more professional. •the fake violence worked really well and was represented well
    13. 13. Final reflection over all I'm happy with the show project. i know that some aspects could have gone better but in the end, people really enjoyed the episodes and went online on the release days to watch the episodes. this project wasn’t just about making a successful web series, it was about creating a fan base and getting people interested in the series. i believe that i managed to do this really well.