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Canvas Bag Program School Fundraiser 2009


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Informative slides on everything you need to host your Eco-Fundraiser

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Canvas Bag Program School Fundraiser 2009

  1. 1. Empower your students to help Save Our Beautiful Planet Earth! Sign Up for your Canvas Bag Awareness Fundraiser Today!
  2. 2. “It’s a Win-Win!” - Christina Kasik, Environmental Sustainability, Recycling Coordinator Palm Beach County School District • This Feel-Good Fundraiser is the ONLY green fundraiser where the school earns 50% of every bag sold. • We have a no upfront cost options available. • And your school logo can go on the bag, for free! School sells the bag for $6 , School keeps $3
  3. 3. Students Become Agents of Change in our Eco-Movement! • As pro-active salespersons, students gain an in-depth understanding of the detrimental impact of plastic bags. • Students are empowered to be part of the solution.
  4. 4. Is this fundraiser too good to be true? NO. It’s this good! “I am a Mom on a Mission”- Vicki Scataglini, Founder – “Once I learned how plastic bags were destroying our environment, hurting sea life and polluting our air, I had to do something.” – “I created a program that you just can’t say No to.” – “It helps the environment, raises community awareness and much needed cash for schools.”
  5. 5. We make no compromises when producing our bags! Canvas Bag vs. Green Bag Don’t get tricked by the $1 Green Bag The bags you will sell are: •The $1 Green Bag is made of the same polypropylene plastic as the plastic bag. 100% Natural Cotton Canvas •Same plastic, Same problems. 100% Biodegradable •This plastic never biodegrades. 100% Good for the environment •This plastic is toxic when recycled. Which bag will you use?
  6. 6. We made no compromises when choosing our manufacturer. Their commitment to producing eco-friendly products and organizing a workforce including 150 women from the impoverished village of Rajasthan India made them the perfect match for us.
  7. 7. “All over America, kids are challenging adults to take better care of our Earth.” “Their commitment paints a hopeful picture for the planet we share” - Excerpts from book: A Million Visions of Peace, Jennifer Garrison & Andrew Tubesing
  8. 8. Make your first pledge to our children and our Earth and sign up for your Canvas Bag Fundraiser today! • Sign up on the web: • Call Us directly: 561-541-5461 • Have questions? Email us:
  9. 9. Our Canvas Bag Fundraiser is Simple! Choose the option that’s best for you! • All bags are $3, you charge $6, receive $3 for every bag sold  Order bags in packs of 100. • Option 1: Design your Own Bag Art • 1 color, 1 impression, included. • Receive bags in 6-8 weeks. • Option 2: Choose from • In-stock Inventory • Embrace Earth Logo. • Receive bags in 2 weeks. • Option 3: No Upfront Costs • Do fundraiser with your bag image. Pay at time of order. • Receive bags 6-8 weeks after order. • Expedited Shipping Available Upon Request