Cometsa Mafrika Band Brochure 10 Dec2008


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Cometsa Mafrika Band Brochure 10 Dec2008

  1. 1. Cometsa Mafrika Band A division of Tsima Cometsa Management (Reg. No. 1997/008310/23) PO Box 31429, Braamfontein, 2017, 13 Somer Street, Klopper Park, 1601, Gauteng, South Africa. Tel: +27 11 974-9308 Fax: +27 11 974-5612 = The Beginners = The Up & Coming = The Best & Brightest = The Maestros
  2. 2. Background Cometsa Mafrika Band was launched on the 20th January 2007, at Klopper Park Community Hall, Kruin Str, Klopper Park, during the Cometsa Nexus 2007 live show. We are operating from Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council in Gauteng Province, South Africa. Founder Cometsa Mafrika Band was established by the President/Executive Chairman of Cometsa, Sam Tsima. He has always been passionate about development work. This love for development work became evident during his early years while growing up at the small village of Moripane, Jane Furse, Limpopo Province. Sam experienced individual, community and organizations being transformed through development programmes, over years. Sam was a beneficiary of development programmes, notably a scholarship from the South African Council of Churches, at high school, and Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft e.V. in Germany, which has now transferred its programmes to President Sam the Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung gGmbH, . He has now established his Sam Tsima Foundation 2007, , to make sure that the commercial interests of Cometsa Mafrika Band and other Cometsa enterprises do not overshadow the development work that he is so passionate about. Vision From the Beginners to the Maestros we stand for the bigger vision of the Cometsa Group: The Mind - The Journey - The Destiny. We apply our minds to the journey that takes us to our destiny
  3. 3. Cometsa “RELEASE” Concept The formation of Cometsa Mafrika Band did not happen by chance. It was formed as part of implementing the now famous Cometsa “RELEASE” Concept of life balance for the Cometsa Group. = R = Recreation. At Cometsa we believe in the slogan “Body, Mind and Soul”. That means that a healthy mind in a healthy body will results in a healthy soul. = E = Entertainment (incl. Music). Cometsa Mafrika Development Agency develops talent in modern, traditional, and global entertainment and music. = L = Leisure. Our country, South Africa, has got the best weather in the world. As a result the leisure industry holds great future for the country. = E = Education. All our projects and programmes are done to support the education of our members and the people of South Africa. Education is the central part of our programmes = A = Arts (inc. Culture). South Africans are naturally gifted in arts. We would like to make sure that this gift is enhanced and preserved. = S = Sport. Cometsa was founded through sport, soccer to be specific, and grew into areas of the RELEASE concept. Sport will remain key mobilization instrument for our organization. Cometsa Sports Development Agency makes sure that we grow our activities in all the sporting codes. = E = Environment (incl. Community). We teach our members to learn to take care of their environments and the surroundings. Participation in the community development projects of their local municipalities is a requirement by the management of Cometsa. We believe in working together with all the Local Municipalities in the country. Categories Cometsa Mafrika Band is a division of Cometsa Music Enterprises. The band is made up of the following categories: = Cometsa Mafrika Band - The Beginners = Cometsa Mafrika Band - The Up & Coming = Cometsa Mafrika Band - The Best & Brightest = Cometsa Mafrika Band - The Maestros
  4. 4. Mission = Carry the vision of Cometsa to the general public. The Mind – The Journey – The Destiny = Be the voice of Cometsa = Thrills Cometsa friends and supporters = Play key role in the development and promotion of the African music = Give the exposure to the youth talent in music (Cometsa Mafrika Band – The Beginners) = Ensure continuous improvement and growth of our music talent (Cometsa Mafrika Band – The Up & Coming) = Show case the African music talent to the continent and the world (Cometsa Mafrika Band – The Best & Brightest) = Delight the general music public in South Africa, the continent and the world (Cometsa Mafrika Band – The Maestros) Cometsa Mafrika Band Values = Promotion of diversity. We value and appreciate our diversity. = Creation of harmony. We believe that we are productive, due to the friendly and harmonious environment that have created for ourselves. = Inter-cultural understanding. Each of us is free to promote and practice his or her culture at Cometsa Mafrika Band, as long as this is done without undermining other band members' cultures. = Entrenchment of professionalism. Everything we do, we do with absolute professionalism. We do not tolerate mediocrity. = Encouragement of creativity. We challenge each other to come up with new methods, tactics and thinking patterns. = Commitment to efficiency. We do not believe in performing tasks just to meet the deadlines or just to complete them. We believe in being economical in performing our tasks. A Resource, Equipments and Infrastructure Management are one of the management functions in our organizations, especially in the sport clubs. We teach it in our monthly Leadership Development Programme.
  5. 5. Music genre ­ Afro – Jazz ­ Afro - Traditional ­ Afro – Soul ­ Afro - Poetic (collaboration with Cometsa Nexus Poetry Network) ­ Afro - Gospel ­ Afro - Instrumental ­ Variety Development, Charity Work and volunteer support ? Development and charity work is done in partnership with Sam Tsima Foundation 2007, . The band strives to support the fund raising initiatives of the foundation. ? To support our initiatives, you are welcome to join Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club. Contact the club at Target markets ? Corporate, and Chambers of Commerce functions ? Community events ? Organizations functions ? High profile weddings ? Performing for celebrities ? Fund raising shows and dinners ? Television and radio live shows ? Cometsa Nexus Network ? Government awareness campaigns ? Foreign embassies and consulates functions
  6. 6. Production ? The band produces its music at Cometsa Music Studios ( a division of Cometsa Music Enterprises) Distribution The band distributes its music products through ? Cometsa Music Enterprises(Cometsa Mobile Music, and Cometsa Music Shop), Cometsa Nexus Enterprises (live sessions), Cometsa Sport Enterprises, Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club, Cometsa Friends & Supporters Agency, ? Cometsa Music Direct Marketing (a division of Cometsa Music Enterprises): and via Cometsa Website ; Talent identification and engagement of artists ? Cometsa Mafrika Development Agency development initiatives ? Membership with Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club ? Auditions conducted by Cometsa Music Enterprises ? Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Cometsa Mafrika Band ? Signing of band member agreement with Cometsa Mafrika Bnad
  7. 7. Band Members profile Thokozani Paul Tshabalala ? Position in the Band/Instrument: Band Leader / Bass Guitarist ? Highest qualification: B Com 3rd Year ? Current profession/job: Student ? Hobbies: Music Past performances: Play at church every Sunday and usually invited at large gatherings like weddings and concerts. Also worked with Kate a developing artist at SABC. Music: I played piano and drums for few years before learning bass(my favorite instrument) Interest in music started in high school were I played piano for talent show contestants. I believe that music is a unique way of expressing what you feel. What drives me: i am a strong believer in Jesus Christ and I know I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Every deep sound that comes out of my favorite instrument bass, gives glory to him. Generally: I believe I am a good leader, I currently a youth leader at my church, I was a student Christian fellowship leader in high school and I have captained many soccer teams in my short soccer carrier. Apart from being a bassist I am studying towards being a chartered accountant although I am not a bright student, I managed to get the required marks. Future plans: I see myself making a difference in the S.A music industry and creating good music not just music that sells. I would also like to entertain people with good music and most of all give glory to my creator for the gift he has given me. Neo Mothapo ? Position in the Band/Instrument: Pianist ? Highest qualification: 2nd Year marketing ? Current profession/job: N/A ? Hobbies: Weight Lifting and Music General: I'm just an ordinary shy guy loving music and weight lifting on entertaining my self Past performances: Play at church and concerts. What inspires me: I am a believer in God and i know with him nothing is impossible & my parents and friends are my motivation in all things. I believe everyone's life has a purpose & that is to live for God, because he made us for him and also life is a very special gift & so the time we have should be spent on the important things and music is part of it. My motto: is to work smart to succeed & I drive everything with passion and love. I believe in using every opportunity that comes my way Future plans: In at least five years time I want to see my self working for a successful company doing the profession I am studying for and making the best music in the country. Dineo Matau ? Position in the Band/Instrument: Vocalist ? Highest qualification: Grade 10 ? Current profession/job: Student ? Hobbies: Debating, Reading and Singing General: I started singing in primary school and when I got to high school I was involved in the school choir. Cometsa: I joined cometsa mafrika band and joining the band helped me realize that one can take music as a career or even some form of entertainment. It also made me realize that if you can dream it then you can live it. What inspires me: I am inspired by my parents and friends and most of all God. Motto: If you are a go getter then you will always be a getter no matter what may come your way. With Cometsa I see it bringing opportunities and helping me become better person not only individually but in terms of working with other people and sharing ideas.
  8. 8. Thabiso Mothapo ? Position in the Band/Instrument: Drummer ? Highest qualification: Fitting & Turning Engineering ? Current profession/job: Laser Craft ? Current Employer: Obert Gama ? Hobbies: Weight Lifting & Writing I am a simple funny guy who likes jokes. I play music in the church, at weddings and concerts. I am inspired by my friends and family, and most of all the love of God. It inspires me to wake up and do something. My future plan is to be a good drummer and own a business. Nokuthula Sibongile Tshabalala ? Position in the Band/Instrument: Vocalist ? Highest qualification: IT Diploma in Programming ? Current profession/job: IT Technical Support Learnership ? Hobbies: Chess, Sudoku & Music General Comments: After passing my matric in 2005 I went to do Introduction to IT at Ekurhuleni West College. I then joined Teccom Training College to acquire a Diploma in Computer Programming. In 2007 I did a learnership with ISETT SETA, Paracon and Jonda. My whole life is centred around art and intelligence. If I were another girl, I would have chosen to go for designing. But because of my obstinate nature, I opted for a daring career said to be “Men's world”. Although it is said that women are less likely to survive this industry, my observations have me believing that I will make it. My association with Jesus gives me enough courage to outstand male intimidation, and it has shaped my character into being dignified. This put men at desirable arm's length. My music life was established at the Church. I have performed at different functions with different local bands. What inspires me: I am inspired by the young people who look up to me as their role model. It makes me feel valuable to the society. Future plans: In ten years time, I see myself holding a managerial position in an IT department, driving a hot car, owning a reasonable estate and if God blesses me enough, I want to have a loving Christian family of four. Cometsa: I was born an artist and will certainly die one; and that's my reason for joining COMETSA. Joelrich Matau ? Position in the Band/Instrument: Sound Engineer / Vocalist / Band DJ / ? Head of Cometsa Music Enterprises ? Highest qualification: Grade 12 ? Current profession/job: Events Coordinator, Sound Engineer & DJ ? Hobbies: Singing & Weight Lifting General: I am an outgoing individual that has a very high interest in the entertainment world especially music in all its different divisions eg Production, Composing, Singing and etc One other interest I have is Information Technology but music is my first love. I also have a lot of involvement in our community as I believe that my growth has to grow within my community and its people. Entertainment has always been my way of expressing me as a young person especially in the fields of music, sound engineering and events as I am an event co-coordinator. Past Performance: My involved in music started in Primary school (Igagasi Primary School) as I have been highly active in the School Choir right through High school (Bedfordview High School) as I got a certificate for long loyal service. I also got a chance to perform a duet at the Eisteddfod in High School and managed to get a Silver certificate for my performance and long loyal service. What inspires me: I am inspired by all people that believe in themselves and have faith in their positive sides. My greatest inspiration is myself and my drive to learn new things every second of my life and the God upstairs. Future Plans: I would like to see myself as one of the youngest male with the biggest achievements, being an inspiration and live up to my name. Help people succeed through my gifts and blessings from God as we are blessed to bless others. I would like to have my own brand one day, something that I believe in and will help others reach their destiny. To be a successful businessman in the different sectors that I see myself. Cometsa Music Enterprise: This is a big Brand allowing young people to engage themselves in different various departments of Entertainment including Music, such as Our Mobile Music, Music shops, distribution and Publishing of our music and many other departments that one would like to engage themselves as our music enterprise is a dependant enterprise, a all in one package
  9. 9. Thembelihle Mkwanazi ? Position in the Band/Instrument: Vocalist ? Highest qualification: Grade 11 ? Current profession/job: Student ? Hobbies: Singing, Going to Church, Debating and Student Counceling I grew up in the township in Soweto (Pimville) with my two older brothers. Having to grow up in the township was quite an exciting experience for me, because I could learn a lot from different people from different walks of life. I would describe myself a very ambitious young person and I believe in myself a lot. I love surrounding myself with positive people, because I believe that every one of us needs strong positivity in order to make it in life. I am also very outgoing and I love experiencing different things. I am one person who believes that I can do anything in life just as long as I am determined. I have always loved singing from a vey young age and always believed that I could make it one day, start taking it as a career. As I grew and reached the high school years, I changed my mind, because I thought that it could never put food on my table. I later considered physiotherapy and chose all the necessary subjects. I get a lot of support from my family and friends, encouraging me to study very hard in order to achieve my dreams. Then I got introduced to Cometsa by a friend at my school. She said that I should join Cometsa and that it would be a great opportunity for me. I jumped immediately when I heard that it was a band. I was very excited, because I love music a lot. My first ever great experience was being behind the microphone. There was a lot of positivity and warmth. I remember when I just could not wait for the next rehearsals because I loved it. I have to say that Cometsa opened my eyes in a way that I started to realize that I can actually start preparing for my future now. I have always seen such things as things I could consider at a later stage in my life. I must say that I feel grown up now and not only because I am around determined young people but because we all aim on achieving our dreams. As an individual who believes a lot in myself and always hungry for new things, then I think Cometsa is a good platform for achieving my dreams. I enjoyed my first ever performance at the Central Johannesburg College (Parktown Campus) on the 28th November 2008 and could not believe my ability. After that I believe that Cometsa definitely has a lot in store for me and I appreciate it. Themba Mofokeng ? Position in the Band/Instrument: Drummer ? Highest qualification: Grade 12 ? Current profession/job: Student ? Hobbies: Music I love socializing and making jokes, inspired by joyous bands since I play music. My motto is to put God first. My future plan is to play music professionally. My past performances were at the Church, Makheti Band and Churchili Singer. God inspires me. He gave me the talent and I must give glory to him. Joyous Celebration live performances inspire me to improve my skills. Thami Maliza ? Position in the Band/Instrument: Assistant Sound Engineer ? Highest qualification: Grade 12 ? Current profession/job: Student, Sound Engineering, Sound of Sounds, ? Braamfontein, JHB ? Hobbies: Poetry, Music Generally: I like having control of my life. Living a simple life and having what I inspire to be with fulfilling my dreams. What inspires me: My dreams and the drive for a good life, Seeing my future in what I am doing through my career. Future Plans: Having a job in a studio environment and showing the skills I have in recording situations. Making a career of my passion for music and Dj’ing. Who are my role models: The late Mfanafuthi (AKA Khabzela). The strength of my mother Dimakakso Maliza. Cometsa Band: There is growth in the band and potential to bring something new. Motto: Make things happen - GO BIG, OR GO HOME! If there’s no way, make a way.
  10. 10. Sihle Mlangeni ? Position in the Band/Instrument: Pianist ? Highest qualification: N5 Diploma, Electrical Engineering ? Current profession/job: Student in N5 Diploma Electrical Engineering, Ekurhuleni ? West College ? Hobbies: Playing Piano, Going to Church Generally: I am a meticulous and self motivated person. I believe I'm gifted technically and musically. What inspires me: God's purpose is one thing that inspires me, because I believe that one needs to have a vision and a purpose in order to make it in life. I am motivated by people who have love for the things they do. Future plans: I would like to own my own electrical company and I want to have my own studio. Thabo Mofokeng ? Position in the Band/Instrument: Visual Art ? Highest qualification: Grade 12 ? Current profession/job: Student in Visual Art ? Hobbies: Art Work, Going to Church and Socializing General: I am a gifted person in art and my art contains drawings, paintings and prints. I love art because I can send messages to the community through art. Past performances: I have been involved in various community projects such as murals where we drew walls to help fight against women and child abuse. I also went to Free State for murals where we were promoting gender equality What inspires me: My pictures are inspired mainly by God’s word through the bible and they link well with other forms of art like poetry and music. I usually turn the lyrics of a song to an image so that it makes more sense. Future plans: My dream is to see myself going abroad and telling the whole world and changing it through art.
  11. 11. Cometsa Mafrika DJs Cometsa Mafrika DJs are separately bookable, although are most of the times incorporated in the performances of Cometsa Mafrika Band. The main object of Cometsa Mafrika DJs is the provision of live music entertainment at the customer’s locations/venues. The Cometsa Mafrika DJs music entertainment specialists assess the customer needs and the venues to determine the combination of music entertainment offerings appropriate for the event, which could be independent performance by Cometsa Mafrika DJs or joint performance with Cometsa Mafrika Band and Cometsa Nexus Poets. Cometsa Mafrika DJs music equipments cannot be hired in loose pieces. We only hire out the complete system, unless the customer has own DJ system and requires only DJs andsound engineer. Cometsa Mafrika DJs equipments for hire cannot be dispatched without Cometsa’s own sound engineer. This condition cannot be waved. The cost of the sound engineer is included in the main hiring price as a separate item. Cometsa Nexus Poets Cometsa Mafrika Band can also be accompanied by a number of Cometsa Nexus Poets, depending on the customer’s needs. Poetry has become key component of our “RELEASE” Concept. It is used to inspire our band and the audience with penetrating messages. The members of Cometsa Nexus Poets are developed by Cometsa Mafrika Development Agency. The poets have to be the members of Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club before they could be selected to participate under Cometsa Nexus Poets.
  12. 12. Support Cometsa Mafrika Band was established with the help of Sam Tsima Foundation 2007 Booking the band Contact details, if you would like to book the band for live performances: General Manager Cometsa Music Enterprises PO Box 31429 Braamfontein 2017 email: ; tel: +27 11 974 9308 fax: +27 11 974 5612; cell +27 84 736 3206