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Monkey Madness


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Monkey Madness

  1. 1. Monkey Madness CLICK ANY WHERE TO START
  2. 2. In this Game You Are This Little Monkey who wants his banana’s!!
  3. 3. That’s Not Right • Try Again • Move to next Part? Click any where!!
  4. 4. Sorry that is not it!!!
  5. 5. Now It is Time To Start the Game!!! Click Anywhere to start the game!!
  6. 6. Oh No!! You died.
  7. 7. Oh No!! You died.
  8. 8. Oh No!! You died.
  9. 9. Oh No!! You died.
  10. 10. Oh No!! You died.
  11. 11. Oh No!! You died.
  12. 12. Good For you! • Now If you want to go to this level without going through the tutorial click the banana on the front page. Try it here!