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Cs335 Midterm Project Presentation

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Cs335 Midterm Project Presentation

  1. 1. CS335 Midterm Project Presentation Amit Bendale Nikhil Raghu Sparsh Choudhary V. Santhosh
  2. 2. ALGOL Compiler • Source – ALGOL • Target – MIPS • Implementation – Python • Features To Be Implemented – – Basic Data Types (int, char, real, bool, etc.) – Advanced Data Types (string, struct, union, static arrays, etc.) – Control Flow (loops, if-then-else, labels) – Procedures – References
  3. 3. Unique Features • Flexible Arrays • Multi-Level References
  4. 4. Current Status • Tokenization • Parsing
  5. 5. Goals • Learn how to implement different parts of a compiler, and how they work together • Understand how a high level language gets converted to machine level code • Gain familiarity with using language processing techniques