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  1. 1. Nathaniel G. Steele Dear Future Partner, Please join me in my pursuit to build a career at the highest levels of professional racing. Racing is unlike other professional sports; there are no scouts, few agents, and fewer contracted drivers. The drivers that make it to the race grid are simply the most driven to succeed, and great talents without the proper off track skills often fail to advance. With the goal of winning championships in mind, I strive to deliver the most possible value to my partners. Sponsoring an American racing driver is one of the best ways to solidify any integrated marketing communications campaign and succeed in the marketplace. A consumer becomes aware of a product or service through advertisements or recommendations, but they will only be motivated to try it if they come in contact with the brand often enough, or the appeal is convincing enough for them to try it. Even return customers are vulnerable to new companies entering the marketplace with competitive products. 315.246.2787 The one word that sums up racing is emotion. Businesses create lasting connections when customers and employees share in the triumphs and adversities of a racing season, as these are not easily forgotten. Motorsports has been proven to be one of the most emotionally engaging sports for fans, and now is the perfect time to align your brand with a skilled racer who can excite your company at speed and create lasting consumer connections. You are going to spend money on marketing- so why not include one of the best info@nathanielsteele.us partnerships you could possibly have to complement your campaigns. What sets me apart from other racers is a scientific understanding of how people are influenced. Anyone in the racing industry will tell you that “racecars are not just moving billboards,” and that is plain to see- the drivers represent the brands they carry on their car and fire suit. How well that brand image transfers to the driver is the first part of an effective campaign, but there is another element that is often overlooked, and that is brand personality. Brands exhibit unique characteristics to individuals in the aggregate, and sponsorships can deliver incredible value when image transfer and brand personality align. NSM 1.10
  2. 2. Nathaniel G. Steele Cornell educated in marketing, social media, persuasion and influence, and crisis communication, as well as being race industry knowledgeable in mental preparation, integrated driving, and sponsor relationships, I am the cherry on top for making any marketing communications campaign potent. I promise to work with you to identify promotional opportunities that deliver a return on your investment and satisfy your business objectives, something traditional advertising cannot always do. The variety of options for sponsors extends far beyond business to consumer interaction. Drivers, cars, teams, and events are frequently used by sponsors to entertain current clients, negotiate with future clients, launch a new product, conduct a team building event, or just showcase the relationship with a racer locally. The unintended benefits of sponsoring a racer are the hardest to measure, but are often highly significant. Unique opportunities include me wearing your brand while doing volunteer work, a local news channel conducting an interview with me on safe driving techniques and I can mention you as a sponsor, the car being selected for a photo shoot by a separate sponsor in a different industry and it creates new 315.246.2787 business, or some kid in the backseat of his parents' minivan relates your brand to the shiny photo of the car on a trailer rolling down the highway, and you have a new customer for life. But these are not guarantees, so I will go to work with my trusted associates everyday while collaborating with you to determine objectives to be completed. A brief overview of partner benefits is listed in the enclosed materials, and if you don't find anything that would benefit your business, I challenge you to present me with a marketing problem that I cannot find a way to solve. The first time I was ever professionally coached, there was a sign on the office wall that said “racing is easy, it's the business of racing that is difficult” info@nathanielsteele.us This still echoes with me today, and I have learned that in order to realize my passion for racing on track, I need to be the best off track. When you partner with me, you will always receive one on one, quality face time. Without your support, my racing career will not be possible, and I am truly grateful for you taking the time to listen, and support the realization of my dreams. With a little luck, five years from now you can say I backed that kid that made it to the top. Cheers, Nathaniel NSM 1.10
  3. 3. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY B.S. in Communication, Minor in Marketing; anticipated graduation 05/2011; cumulative GPA 3.38 Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY A.A. in Math & Science 12/2008; A.S. in Business Administration 05/2009; cumulative GPA 3.4 Relevant courses include: Communication and Technology, Persuasion and Influence, Marketing, Strategic Management, Machine Tools, Manufacturing Processes Worked as a traveling mechanic with RSport during the 2008 F2000 series, performing all general maintenance tasks while being given responsibility to check key components. Graduate of the Bertil Roos 5 Day Advanced Racing School, qualifying on pole and finishing 2nd in two races. Multi time Formula Race Car Club of America pole sprint and race winner, never finishing off of the podium other than mechanical DNF’s. Selected for the 2008-2009 Skip Barber Karting Scholarship Shootout, placing 11th out of 50 competitors from 7 countries and 19 states. Nathaniel, aged 21 years, is an American racer possessing the appropriate training, licenses, and qualifications to race professionally in certain series sanctioned by the SCCA and IMSA. As a collegiate junior studying marketing communications, and a lifetime enthusiast of racing, he offers value based services as part of any marketing or integrated marketing communications campaign through various motorsports avenues. He selects series that offer the best racing with generous media exposure and a dedicated fan base, running in conjunction with well known top level race series such as IndyCar, Grand Am, and American LeMans, while providing targeted media communication and first rate track side hospitality for business to business networking. The selected race series for 2010 is the Star Mazda Championship, and it meets or exceeds all of these objectives. There is a 13 race schedule at famous American and Canadian venues, and the championship prize package is valued at over $1.5 million and grants fully funded rides at the next respective level such as Indy Lights and the Atlantic Championship. Nathaniel plans to graduate to the highest levels of racing as racing driver, and to continue a career in motorsports as a team manager and owner. Nathaniel heads all media relations campaigns, and maintains a home base in Syracuse, NY. At each stop during the racing season, Nathaniel will research appropriate national and local media outlets, and share the story of his season, as well as providing an interactive web presence that will harness rich media such as photos and videos, while making himself available through social and professional networks. Throughout the partner and sponsor acquisition process, Nathaniel evaluates the cost associated with a complete racing season, and targets businesses of certain size, growth rate, and industry, while recognizing that any business may be a good fit. The estimated budget for the 2010 Star Mazda Championship is $350,000 and this figure reflects all expenses related not only the racing, but the marketing effort. Nathaniel does not draw a salary, but is the sole recipient of any prize winnings to be distributed as he sees fit, and this budget goes primarily to pay a racing team for the rental of a car, all consumable parts, transportation and accommodation, the salary of all crew, and enough revenue for the team to grow. Nathaniel discusses options and contracts with a variety of teams, and then selects the best fit. NSM 1.10
  4. 4. 20 20 10 10 Excite your brand image and leverage all of your marketing initiatives through the action filled world of motorsports. A media partnership with Steele Motorsports will create excitement, passion, and emotion around your brand as consumers actively seek out your business by following Nathaniel’s racing season. Nathaniel is an aspiring racer who will lead a championship winning campaign on track and direct a targeted communication campaign to match your business goals. Nathaniel will collaborate with you to understand your objectives and expectations, and develop a successful marketing campaign. Nathaniel has the determination, experience, and resources to succeed and win in motorsports. As the most competitive junior open wheel formula, the 2010 Star Mazda Championship offers countless benefits to media partners. With one of the most brand loyal and affluent demographics, the world of speed is a superb way to achieve your marketing objectives. As you weigh your marketing options, please consider entering into a valuable partnership with Nathaniel that will positively influence public opinion and shape people’s perception of your business. ü Coverage in team & driver press releases, public relations, announcements, media coverage, marketing materials, schedules, flyers, etc. featuring your company name & logo ü Increase corporate visibility and build brand loyalty ü Showcase the car at a trade show, charity event, product launch or corporate function ü Driver endorsements, spokesperson, and personal appearances ü Entertain key clients and create a memorable corporate outing ü Trackside product sampling and product launches ü Target specific regions and customers ü Tremendous team loyalty to your business goals NSM 1.10 ü Ease of activation There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; the rest are merely games -Ernest Hemingway
  5. 5. Higher levels include all benefits from lower levels. The estimated budget for the 2010 Star Mazda Championship is $350,000. TITLE Media Partner - customized campaign - Name the team (XYZ Company Racing) and design the “look” of the car - Logos clearly and prominently visible to on car and trackside cameras, full chest and back embroidery on racing suit and all team apparel, large graphics on team trailer - Personalized photo and video package from each event, recognized in press interviews, frequent corporate event appearances and spokesperson by Nathaniel (for business or charity) - Right to use Nathaniel’s name and likeness for additional promotions for 18 months - Mentions in media interviews PRESENTING Media Partner - $100,000 - Present the team (Nathaniel Steele Motorsports presented by XYZ Company) - Large spaces reserved on car, team apparel, and trailer for logo or brand image - Mentions in media interviews when possible - Dedicated trackside hospitality area for B2B networking - Multiple event appearances by Nathaniel PREMIER Media Partner - $25,000 - (4) 12”x12” decals - wing endplates and nose, driver suit and team apparel embroidery, photo & video package after each event. FOR ALL - Full advertisement on Nathaniel’s web presence and in his print media PARTNERS: - Race day admittance and pit access, trackside ASSOCIATE Media Partner - $5000 hospitality and networking area - (4) 9”x9” car decals, driver suit embroidery, - Use of Nathaniel Steele’s name and likeness for trackside product sampling, year end photo & your corporate advertising (radio, print media, website) video package - Driver appearance at your corporate or promotional event, point of sale outlets, autograph signing and photographic opportunities for participants NEW FOR 2010 - (subject to drivers race schedule & availability) $250 GIFT IN-KIND SPONSORSHIP - Promotional display area in the paddock - Show your support for Nathaniel’s endeavors by providing the extra funding necessary to get on track. You will get one 5” x 5” decal on the car, a year end photo and video package, and the right to use Nathaniel’s name and likeness for 12 months. CONTACT: NSM 1.10 Nathaniel G. Steele info@nathanielsteele.us 315.246.2787 http://nathanielsteele.us