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Lunwen 123

  1. 1. KANG 1 KITE ARCS Eassay Final Mar. 1, 2010 Different between East and West RPG of the Style Currently online games market is very large. Prospects are very vast. At present There are two different styles of game. The east RPG games and west RPG games very different, different style, different historical background. But I like the west RPG games. RPG is a role-playing game type abbreviation. The electronic Game industry's history in the formation of a large camp. As with certain plot, describe The characters grow up, performance of a game the whole incident and determined the role-playing game must provide a vast virtual space for the players to travel, Adventure and life. Role-playing games (RPG, Chinese and English full name Role-playing game) is a game, in the game, players play in a virtual world or a few specific role play games in a particular context. The roles of the game according to different circumstances and statistical data (such as strength, sensitivity, intelligence, magic, etc.) have different capabilities and these attributes in the game according to rules of the game to change the plot. Some of the game system can be based on this and improve. Players need to play the protagonist of the game (which can be more than one person) in the game. The given world roaming, adventure; he could buy
  2. 2. items and equipment to make themselves more powerful team with its own; and KANG 2 fighting the enemies of the game to gain money and experience can upgrade the aloe of their own; through dialogue to investigate such acts to complete the game story. As the role-playing game allows players to play with their own distinct character; to meet the players become the world's (of course, refers to the game in the world) the most powerful people, the greatest hero of desire; and experience the ebb and flow of the story again those who can play like reading a novel, general, and the game characters with the happiness and sorrow. These role-playing games that is probably the most interesting of the most attractive place. To the east RPG games industry has brought a whole new way of thinking and management style east RPG games the most important game modes. Already in the initial stage of online games war stability of the boss position. After many years of innovation and development, reform and pushing the new. East RPG has never been replaced by history. The global network is still active in the game industry. Become the least of today's online games and the lack of a game mode. The east RPG game with its unique nature. Confrontational, balance, etc. Even if the elements of combat, more and more popular with the players love. In the east RPG mode of highly developed online games today, there are more and more of the game more interesting vendors hope to find a more unique model to change the existing pattern of monotonous. The west RPG mode is the game from the early historical development of deep-rooted, "Red Alert", "Age of Empires." Up to now soar, "World of Warcraft."
  3. 3. Player games have become the most important memory of his career. The east RPG KANG 3 and west RPG of the smell there is a huge difference, and even some of the content is simply mutually exclusive. For example east RPG games the most attention is the growth of differentiated characters: As for the west for the flat game modes, a balanced game setting is based on the fundamental. But more to the player as a real-time strategy game Battle of the west RPG. With the online games traditional MMOPRG, in itself should be said that there is a huge difference. And even some of the content is simply mutually exclusive under the premise of absolute balance. Is not the number of elements can be fully embody the personality? RPG is actually the most important element of drama followed by the screen, the system, fighting and so on. Of course, I do not deny that there are certain concepts of oriental culture to me. RPG in the East, Japan and China, have been particularly evident (because Europe and the United States of FREE games become a trend, and FREE general story of the game are relatively vague, at least not so important). Of course, free and fixed-plot the story is good, like what kind of will depend on the preferences of the players. Europe and the United States RPG specialty is the story of the mighty, focusing major office (if any), and even some games, then the player directly to a goal, how to complete the task of the game by the players make their own arrangements, the plot also by the players to their own development. Of course, not entirely by the player to trigger a person, more is to plot
  4. 4. where the events were divided into a number, placed in different places, allowing the player to trigger a different sequence of different options, resulting in a different KANG 4 process, A different story, and even different games are played. RPG then focuses on describing the feelings of the East, the characters portrayed. This is evident from the cultural differences between East and West and even the general style of the novel can be seen. Orient the game to the player's choices are generally relatively small, the role of the character of behavior are almost fixed, and plot is also fixed. At the same time, the player to arrange the plot often has the most classic of the process that is, if the process is free and often falls short of this classic effect, or is difficult to achieve. This makes the script has been more expressive. Have to admit that the West's games tend to the real game is to play games. But the West is in the details of the plot of the RPG process and performance figures are certainly can not compete with the East RPG, so the East RPG in the game, it is also reading a novel, watching a movie, and there is fiction film does not have a sense of telepresence, and substituted . So who is who is good or bad is really hard to say. And, East and West long RPG this year there are signs of integration, from time to time to see the other game elements appear in one's own game. Perhaps in the future will appear to meet all tastes, with the advantages of the East-West RPG new RPG bar. Of course, these so-called new-style RPG where there are some superficial change, but have another RPG on the surface of the sign, in fact an old-fashioned ideas of essence here is not illustrated. The so-called new-style RPG is to integrate the strengths of two from each other. That is able to perform well in the details, have a high degree of freedom,
  5. 5. emotions, non-protagonist characters are in place, the star players they have full KANG 5 decision. Grand plot and scattered, but scattered along the main line but also a latent content into the overall composition of the complete series portray a protagonist both good and bad stories. Similar to the western branch of the multi-story, but also focused on the characterization of the role, not just for the role will be to upgrade to make money. Background of deep ambitious game, without losing the fine. In short, to cover large offices and sections, taking into account the free and the plot, taking into account the feelings and tasks can be made to make the East-West players like game. East RPG encountered a troublesome problem is that we often would be "suck" to live. Perhaps you can remember that in front of the TV constantly fighting all the way rushed the final victory of that numerous days and nights. You want to take a break, but found to be unable to stop. Because the save point yet to come, if you give up, the former on all in vain. West RPG games, if we remove the reconnaissance element of the strategy to simplify the accumulation of warcraft3, expansion, science and technology of three, you can treat it as the stone scissors cloth game. Stone scissors cloth in accordance with the logic of analysis: accumulation can defeat expansion; expansion can defeat technology; technology can defeat accumulation. Once you understand this truth, in your opponent's way too reconnaissance, you can
  6. 6. defeat him by a shift in approach. Surveillance is essential. In addition to killing your opponents are creeps, or expansion of information, surveillance also allows you to KANG 6 adjust the game play, just like in the stone scissors cloth found in the first opponent's moves, and then change your moves the same. Although the stone scissors cloth looks like cheating, but in war3 gave you the chance to win there is entertainment for the public player. East martial arts RPG game to make more use of East classical myths and legends or near the modern martial arts novels as his subject. Elements of its composition is extremely rich, there Magic, Kung Fu Men Pai, rivers and lakes and other semi-virtual elements, combined with love and the traditional East moral values, often with real historical figures and events link. Because of its ties with the East traditional culture is extremely close, difficult to be understood by Westerners, so fresh and promising players of the popular Western countries, but in East and in areas influenced by East culture has a great number of players. West RPG game design more emphasis on plot forward, RPG games, compared with Europe and the United States, RPG games are mostly relatively closed structure, players can only pre-set in accordance with the procedure designer games. To some extent, more like West -style RPG players can interact with film and television dramas. West RPG games in the world, there is a huge market, even in Europe and the United States, Europe and the United States can also be an RPG competes.