Compare and contrast japanese and american animation character design


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Compare and contrast japanese and american animation character design

  1. 1. YUAN 1 Ray ARCS Eassay Final Mar.10,2010 Compare and contrast Japanese and American animation character design A good animation to take into account many aspects of things 。 Example, background music animation, animated scene design, animation, lens, and so on。“A good animation character design, it will be a successful animated film of the soul”, which is a famous Japanese comic division - Akira Toriyama say, Animation character design can be seen in the animation production process play an important role. Win the hearts of Japanese animation, so I would like to study in the Japanese animation character design to be properly write this paper. Character design, or known as character design, character set (Japanese :キャ ラクターデザィン), Character modeling refers to the animated characters of avatars, facial hair and expressions. “In principle, the character designer for each of the roles of each body painting protagonist front, side and back, the role of the head front, side and oblique side, as well as the role of the different expressions for at least a draft of the painting”( Zhou). Under normal
  2. 2. circumstances, character design are easy to be understood as designing the characters, is the nature of YUAN 2 the work of art, animation, character design to render the ultimate goal is to shape. Japanese animation is produced by Japanese animation production company animation, its animation style, animation features and the United States vary. Japanese animation with contrasting picture, personalized, colorful images, as well as the distinctive features of the role of personality. Stories often have a different story background, against a broader range of audience. The spread of Japanese animation techniques, including television broadcast, relying on the type of media such as DVD distribution, or within integrated into the electronic games. Japanese animation has often been the impact of Japanese-style comics. The first set of widely popular animated series is Osamu Tezuka's " Astro Boy " (1963).In 1969 to start playing Fujiko. F. Fujio's " Doraemon " has so far created more than four decades, but had also topped the "Time Magazine" can be said that cartoon where the evergreen tree. Japanese animation in general two types of themes: one more to highlight the theme of unity is strength, will struggle for the personal clues in order to achieve a very high goal. While another group does, then the expression of an adult struggle for the social pressures, hopes to return to do whatever they wanted a kid. Saint Seiya, Slam Dunk, Naruto, etc. for the team embodies the power of the Crayon Shin-chan is The latter is all about. This also makes Japanese animation is all-encompassing theme of an
  3. 3. endless stream. There are risks, deified type, there are types of campus life, there are types of suspense reasoning, there are types of European background. And because of YUAN 3 this reason, the Japanese animation, a great age difference, there are various suitable for all ages and the characteristics of each character animation, but becauthe philosop of sex and violence, or other distinctive characteristics of a single prominent,This lack of suitable full view of the film. Of course, there are biased literary themes, such is exemplary of the classics, many works are included a very positive relevance and Japanese-style human care. 。 Japanese animation more embodies the Asian peoples, forbear, subtle features. To some extent even than what we pay attention to the Chinese people are also more concise and freehand style. They deal with two- dimensional animated characters or less reflects the traditional Chinese painting techniques for inherited: To is the kind of mood! The design of those characters appears to be simple, and far from the real world, but the creative people in general through the excellent observation given the vitality of the role of a clear-cut, making those characters look flat is so living, so that the audience would not cares about its vision to "three-dimensional" or not, and the entire picture of the co-pen a few very small audience will be able to feel the story you want to convey feelings.Hayao Miyazaki work, "My Neighbor Totoro" in a man named " My Neighbor Totoro " in 4-year-old girl is super naughty + fearless type of character, in the visual representation on a simple two-dimensional images can be felt from the audience but to the infinite delight of child happy, and left a deep in their hearts good memories.
  4. 4. Japanese animation characters portrayed on the psychology is very delicate”{ 宮 崎 駿}. However, figures on the form to the author's personal style as an obvious YUAN 4 externalcharacteristics. Such as Hayao Miyazaki's film, a familiar face in the "Warriors of the Wind" and Na Wu Sika, in the "Sky City" is in Chita, "Kiki's houseEmergency will be "in the Qi Qi," My neighbor Totoro "in the howl months. Another example Osamu Tezuka, "Astro Boy" and "Metropolis" one of the main characters have similar shapes and so on.In details, in the style of Japanese animation in the pursuit of aesthetic perfection, a man of most of them are tall and burly, handsome; the female lead is a long-haired, melon seeds face, extreme exaggeration of a pair of big eyes and the same extreme exaggeration of a a small nose and body very good. In the character design, Japanese more to highlight the main groups, Painting is very delicate 。In the character movement style, Japanese animation in the action a sense of continuity and flow are obviously at a disadvantage, the Japanese animation character movement more rigid, while the U.S. figure moves softening performance of the U.S. action is meant to show action, while the Japanese market moves are intended to the performance of the plot, but it also contributed to the Japanese animation on the screen can be an air of being above the action itself, better performance, therefore, deliberately tracing inner world, is a Japanese animation character design feature is that we differentiate between it and the United States Animation The main landmark. Japan is the choice of material, realism, material selection close to life, with a wide range, in the orientation of more concern for
  5. 5. human beings. Japanese animation character design is normally used in the production of a simple two-dimensional paintings and production, lower cost, more use of TV YUAN 5 animation-based.Let us look at another topic the researcher have studied: American Animation Character Design. United States Department of cartoons first appeared in 1907, until 2002, went through five stages of development :” 1907 ~ 1937, charting a new phase. In 1907, the first cartoon, "a gesture humor Funny Face" by the Americans Blacktown film was finished, the United States formally began the history of animation.1937 ~ 1949 in the United States animation initial period of development. In 1937, Disney introduced the " Snow White ", was up to 74 minutes, this animated film in the United States is unprecedented in the history of pioneering, and then launched the " Pinocchio," " Fantasia," " Bambi " and other animated films.1950 ~ 1966 year is the first time the U.S. animation boom. During this period, almost every year, Disney launched an animated classics such as " Cinderella " " Alice in Wonderland " , " La Belle au Bois dormant " and so on.1967 ~ 1988, the United States during the dormant animation. December 15, 1966, the great Chinese Disney died of lung cancer, Disney's in trouble, the U.S. animation industry has entered recession.The year 1989 was another period of prosperity in the U.S. animation. Walt Disney Company launched the " The Little Mermaid ", was a great success, marking the United States once again into the animation boom continued until 2002”(Mark).U.S. animation over
  6. 6. a long period of development, the formation of distinct characteristics. Norms of designing the characters, with little difference in the life of the prototype, most of YUAN 6 them little deformed image of the beautiful; animal image of the most drastic exaggeration: bulk, big eyes, big hands, big feet, become a cartoon drawing on the world wide model of . By the 20th century, extensive use of digital technology and film technologies to enable more realistic image of the screen to achieve the perfect picture effect. Good shape typical of the United States to launch animated star of dinosaurs Gedi from 1914 to 2002, Stallion of the Cimarron Spealght and Shrek the Third,The United States launched the world's treasure houses of art animation hard to count with a variety of shapes and a variety of distinctive character, who was well acquainted, and the world's favorite animated stars, it is difficult for any country with par. Cartoon animation in the world history of the United States occupies an important position, it has been leading the world trend and direction of development animated. The U.S. mainstream animation character animation-based, there is a strong tendency of the mainstream. In the United States, animation objects are children. A single animation themes, with emphasis on the role of film education and national culture, in any case must follow generally accepted social norms and ethics. The mainstream American animation strictly forbidden love and marriage between different ethnic groups, murder, revenge. Villain is always somewhere God to punish, rather than a specific person, such as "Beauty and the Beast", the savage hunter Gaston missed falling into the abyss, "Hunchback of Notre Dame," Frola bishop from Paris Notre
  7. 7. Dame House of roof fall and so on.The same time, the U.S. emphasis on individualism, animation, advocating freedom, Lion King, Spider-Man, Green Giant, YUAN 7 etc., mostly reflecting the theme of personal heroism. On the screen character design, 3D animation film in Hollywood in pursuit of "look" of authenticity also did not lose the fun of the role of shape: those 3D role in the details of the infinite pursuit of "realistic", while the overall image of the design but also has vivid exaggeration usually only able to show the role of the most prominent features to be realized. "Lay off Shrek," "Cars" and other strange shapes to create interesting and delicate is the example of 3D animation. In details, the United States in animation, character is not the United States form, the characters are relatively simple form, the characters are not correct .. the proportion of the more extreme examples. Usually taken to 1:9 ratio of male and female body looks like Japanese animation is not the pursuit of perfection, but closer to the role of size and appearance, but also closer to reality, people. May also do so, it is after reading the cartoon there would be no sense of inferiority had. In the character design, character animation, while the United States, often acting as the role of savior, for example: male and female Superman, Spiderman, Batman, the Earth Goddess, Rambo-like 。 Choice of material, the United States in the character animation, character design, materials with a broad, thought ahead, there is broad viewing masses, but the content is not diversified, a single theme. In the production figures, the United States are mostly three-dimensional, have more artistic, film it and the number of frames is the same, an action that is 24 has
  8. 8. never lazy and therefore the costs are relatively high also did so for theater-based animation. YUAN 8 By comparison we can see that Japanese animation and American animation, character design character design has a very unreasonable,The following examples I through a variety of materials, the two countries in the different animation character designCharacter's style: the comparison of the Japanese aesthetic, more vivid! Characters personality ~ the new generation of people prefer! American style thick mad, not delicate, character color single, mainly rely on heroic story like contrast of character!Character design of the production process: “the Japanese smooth lines in the outline with a brush, focusing on the lines of the outline and prominent. U.S”(Tao). animation, many of the current 3D for the lines tend to grasp a simple and direct.Color: Japan to use the best, tend to soft and serene effect. More than the use of bright colors, the United States tend to visual impact, multi-use of contrast, a strong color contrast, the Japanese use of similar color matching. The United States the opposite color.Subject: Japan is the diversity of themes, all kinds of material are open to all objects have. In Japan, there are of any age who have the appropriate animation, comic strips watch the words sentence. The United States, and freedom, peace , and the tense atmosphere in the sense of humor. suitable for the world of people. the same subject matter suitable for all ages of people.
  9. 9. Through the above comparison, it is easy to see between the two characters in the animation design is very different from, Bilateral cultural, scientific, technological, cultural background, as well as political factors, is its root causes, by comparison we YUAN 9 can see that the Japanese animation character design more bias in human, daily life, but also give acceptable.
  10. 10. Work Cite ZhouZhongKai 2008-7-1 << 动漫角色设计>>” 宮崎 駿 2004 <<感受宮崎駿>> 迈克卡 1937 其创作的感受 %A8%E7%94%BB%E7%89%87%E5%A4%A7%E5%85%A8 陶宏开 2006 <<近代视觉体验>> 黄才骏 2003 <<动画原理>> %84%E4%BF%8A%E6%89%8D 鸟山鸣 1997 << My Autobiography>>