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Story Board


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Story Board

  1. 1. Introduction - Different Camera angles of the people involved in the movie
  2. 2. Breaking News
  3. 3. Old Farts section- Jokes about Madonna Smelly sound effect
  4. 4. Sports section-Cat like reflexes-Yeah Right-mandarin hits Laura in the head-Take 1. Michaela catches it-Take 2 Ouch! ke1 Tak e2 Ta
  5. 5. Advertisement-Re-enactment of the eyebrow advertisement by Cadbury, Michelle with the balloon instrument and Laura and her eyebrows
  6. 6. Weather or Not- Michaela confuses the audience while informing about weather.
  7. 7. Conclusion-Closing camera angles-similar to start
  8. 8. Blooper Ouch!!