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Popcake Pdf Presentation

  1. 1. Simplicity The world's first automatic pancake machine
  2. 2. easy... Just add a measured amount of water to the dry ready-mix to make beautiful pancakes in minutes.
  3. 3. healthy... Popcakes are a real healthy option. They are 97% fat free, high in fibre, low in salt and have a soft light texture.
  4. 4. quick... Smart programming means they can be made in batches or individually to order in less than 20 seconds.
  5. 5. and often So within minutes, you can serve up stacks of Popcake pancakes in any one of a dozen different ways.
  6. 6. Versatility Variety is the spice of life and Popcakes are no exception
  7. 7. plain... The traditional American style pancake is a nation's favourite. What could you do with one?
  8. 8. fruity... Popcakes go great with coffee, make perfect deserts and are an ideal room service treat.
  9. 9. savoury... Beef up a breakfast, liven up a lunch or add herbs and spices to create your own savoury snack.
  10. 10. and posh Popcakes come in many sizes, but mini-blinis are appetising, inspiring and right for any occasion.
  11. 11. Useability The simple 4-stage process is easy to learn and use
  12. 12. pour... Use a measured amount of water with the unique dry mix which has an incredible twelve month shelf life.
  13. 13. shake... There really is no skill required. A quick 2-minute shake and settle gives the perfect pancake mix every time.
  14. 14. load... Just lift the lid, position the bag, close the lid and it's ready to use. It's that easy
  15. 15. and make Press the start button and your delicious, warm, no-waste, profitable pancakes are dispensed perfectly . . . time, after time, after time.
  16. 16. Technically Efficient low-cost operation makes Popcake very cost effective
  17. 17. clever... The computer controlled system means you can customise your data and keep valuable production records.
  18. 18. compact... These units are compact, lightweight, and have a small work surface footprint.
  19. 19. clean... The unit is stainless steel and both the cooking belts are replacable. Only the splatter guard requires washing
  20. 20. and so cool The casing stays cool to protect you, and your customers when used in self-service mode.