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Nicole Miller Cuyahoga Park


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Published in: Travel
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Nicole Miller Cuyahoga Park

  1. 1. History Cuyahoga  The National Park Service Valley discovered Cuyahoga valley. Congress was responsible for making it a national park.  Yes, early people lived there. The artifacts are spear & arrow heads, knives, spear throwers, and copper.  My park is 99 years old and it became a park October 11, 2000. It was an indian village before it became a national park.
  2. 2. Geographical  Some plants that are native to the area are the yellow trout lily, spring beauty, toothwort, hepatica, bloodroot, and many others.  Beavers, coyotes, white-tailed deer, and the painted turtle are some of the animals found here.  Some physical features are forests, meadows, gorges, and wetlands.  My park was formed by glaciers, streams, and persistent forces of weather. My park has a water fall. Other Facts  Hiking, biking, horse-back riding, are some of the activites they allow at Cuyahoga Valley.  It is 33,000 acres.  The climate differs from the four different seasons.
  3. 3. BradyWine Falls