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Growing and Glowing


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Growing and Glowing

  1. 1. Growing and Glowing Teaching The Truth About Chiropractic to Kids By Kevin Donka, D.C. Chirothots Copyright 2005, Kevin Donka, D.C. - Chirothots (847) 458-6900
  2. 2. (Introduction…) • Who here has ever been to a chiropractor? • Who knows what a chiropractor does? • Today, we’re going to teach you what a chiropractor REALLY does by teaching you something you may not know about yourselves!
  3. 3. (Two Kinds of Animals…) • Today we will talk about 2 kinds of animals…vertebrates and invertebrates. • Have you heard of these? • Who can tell me what a vertebrate animal is? • Who can name some vertebrates? • Who can tell me what an invertebrate animal is? • Who can name some invertebrates? • Which kind of animal are you…
  4. 4. (Why?) • Why do you suppose some animals have spines and some don’t? (Let’s see if we can figure it out!) • Does anyone here know what part of your body controls every other part of your body? • It’s your brain and nerves - what we call your NERVE SYSTEM. • Your brain, spinal cord and nerve system are the MASTER CONTROL CENTER of your whole body! • Your spinal cord is really just a part your brain that has been stretched out (like when you pull Silly Putty apart) and it runs down your back.
  5. 5. (How Many Nerves?) • Does anybody know how many nerves you have in your body? • You have so many nerves, that if you close your eyes and have someone touch 1 hair on your arm, and then touch another hair right next to the first one, you can tell they’re in different spots! • In fact, if you took away EVERYTHING else except your nerves, you would still look pretty much like you! • That’s a lot of nerves!!!
  6. 6. (What Do Nerves Do?) • Can anyone here tell me what nerves do? • By themselves, nerves don’t do ANYTHING! • Do dead bodies have brains and nerves? • YES! • So why aren’t dead bodies alive anymore? • Something is IN you, and everything else that is alive, that isn’t there anymore in dead things… • It’s called your Life Force!
  7. 7. (Your Life Force…) • Your Life Force is what runs everything in your body, and it’s what heals your body whenever something has gone wrong! • Take a deep breath…what’s in the air you just breathed? • How does your body know to keep the good parts of the air and breathe back out the bad parts (Life Force - it’s very smart!)
  8. 8. (Your Life Force…) • How does your body know to take the vitamins and good stuff out of your food and leave the rest to come back out the other end? (Life Force - it’s very smart!) • When you cut your finger, what do you usually cover it with? When you take the bandaid off in a few days, there’s new skin there! How did your body make that new skin? (Life Force - it’s very what… SMART!)
  9. 9. (Your Life Force…) • So you see your Life Force does EVERYTHING for you… it runs your body, makes you grow, helps you fight off germs, heal when you’re hurt or sick, it lets you run and move and jump and EVERYTHING! • Who has seen any of the Star Wars movies? • What do the Jedi Knights use to make things move? (The FORCE!)
  10. 10. (Your Life Force…) • You have a Force inside of you too…I’ll show you… • Everyone put up one finger…now, wiggle your finger…YOU JUST USED THE FORCE! You told your brain to send the force down your nerves to your muscles in your finger and make your finger move - and it DID! • What is this Life Force inside of you?
  11. 11. (Your Life Force…) • Can a car drive itself? • Why Not - what does it need? (A driver!) • A car is what’s called a vehicle - it’s what people use to go from one place to another, isn’t it? • YOUR BODY is also a vehicle…and YOU are the driver! • You see? You ARE your Life Force - it’s who you really are, and YOU send thoughts into your brain, then your brain sends messages down through your nerves and out into your body, telling it what to do! (Pretty cool, huh?)
  12. 12. (Your Life Force…) • Now, we said that your Life Force was very…what? (SMART!) • So if your Life Force is very smart, and you ARE your Life force, what does that make you? • VERY SMART, THAT’S RIGHT! • Remember, your Life Force travels over your NERVES, so that makes your nerves REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT, doesn’t it?
  13. 13. (Why a Skull?) • In fact, your brain and nerves are so important that nature decided to cover them with bones to protect them! • what bone covers your brain? (Your skull, that’s right!) • Everyone knock on your head (knock, knock, knock); do you see how hard it is? It protects your brain! • You would hurt your brain every time you bumped your head without your skull!
  14. 14. (Why a Spine?) • Nature decided we need some bones to protect our spinal cord too…remember, your spinal cord is the stretched out silly putty part of your brain that runs down your back. • So what do we call the bone that covers our spinal cord…That’s right, our SPINE! • Did you know your spine is really not just one bone, but 24 separate little bones? • Who knows what we call the spinal bones - VERTEBRAE!
  15. 15. (Why a Spine?) • And what do we call animals with spines? • Why do you think Nature didn’t just make it one big bone? (We wouldn’t be able to move!) • You see, you are very smart, and nature is very smart!
  16. 16. (Vertebrates & Invertebrates) • So if the main reason WE have a skull and spine is to protect our brain and spinal cord, what do you think WE have that an invertebrate doesn’t have? (A brain and spinal cord!) • Very small animals like insects have a very simple nerve system - no real brain or spinal cord - so they don’t need a spine to protect it. They have what’s called an exoskeleton or shell.
  17. 17. (Vertebrates & Invertebrates) • But, as we look at bigger and bigger animals, we see more complicated nerve systems. • That’s why vertebrates like us have spines… • to protect our very complicated nerve systems!
  18. 18. (Flow & Subluxation) • Now, this is a plastic model of your spine - don’t worry, it isn’t anyone’s grandma! • Do you see this yellow thing running down the inside of your spine? • What do you think that is? (Spinal Cord) • And what do you think all of these yellow things sticking out between the bones are? (Spinal nerves)
  19. 19. (Flow & Subluxation) • These nerves keep branching out and eventually cover your entire body! • Some nerves are so small, you almost need a microscope to see them! • When the bones of your spine are lined up correctly and can move normally, there is plenty of room for the spinal nerves to come out between them without the nerves getting pinched.
  20. 20. (Flow & Subluxation) • This allows your Life Force (POWER) to move back and forth over your nerves easily. • This means that your brain and body can talk to each other… • And when your brain and body can talk to each other, everything in your body works the way it is supposed to work because your POWER is ON!
  21. 21. (Flow & Subluxation) • Sometimes, things can happen that cause the vertebrae to go out of place or get stuck. • This causes your nerves to get pinched and stretched, and now your brain and your body can’t talk to each other as clearly anymore. • This can cause your POWER to go too fast or too slow and make you sick.
  22. 22. (Flow & Subluxation) • Sometimes when your Power is not working right it hurts because some nerves allow you to feel things (heat, cold, itch, tickle and pain). • But most of the time,it doesn’t hurt because it affects some other nerve that has a different job… • Maybe this nerve goes to your lungs, and now you have trouble breathing or what we call asthma. • When your POWER to your lungs isn’t working right, you can’t breathe right!
  23. 23. (Chiropractic) • I am a doctor of chiropractic, also called a chiropractor. • My job is to make sure your Life Force is flowing (i.e., to make sure your POWER is on) by keeping your spine in alignment and working properly. • I do this by giving what is called an adjustment to your spine. • Let me explain this using my model again…
  24. 24. (The Adjustment) • Every nerve supplies your POWER to a different part of your body (give a few examples) • When one nerve gets pinched and your POWER gets stronger or weaker, it causes its own problem that is different from what happens when any other nerve gets pinched (give a few examples) • Adjusting your spine makes your POWER flow NORMALLY again and heals those problems (just like it heals a cut on your finger!) and makes everything work normally again!
  25. 25. (The Adjustment) • Adjustments feel good! • BUT, they don’t JUST feel good; they also help EVERYTHING in your body work the way it’s supposed to! • Can anyone think of some ways your spine might get out of alignment? **(Make sure you cover at least a few physical, chemical and mental/emotional stresses) • I’ll bet ALL OF US have had at least a FEW of those things happen to us, right?
  26. 26. (Why Get Checked?) • That’s why chiropractors like me recommend that EVERYBODY get their spines checked by a chiropractor and get adjusted if they need it. • By keeping your nerves free and clear, your brain and your body can talk with each other, your Life Force (also called what…Your POWER!) can flow easily, and you have the best possible chance of being healthy and happy!
  27. 27. (How Does This Work?) • How does chiropractic help you be healthy? • Everything is always changing - EVEN YOU! (Here’s how…) • Your body is always either getting stronger or it is getting weaker. • What’s really cool about this is that most of the time, YOU get to choose if it will get stronger or weaker! • If you want to help your body keep getting stronger all the time, you need to do three things…
  28. 28. (How Does This Work?) • Think about good things and be happy. • Make healthy choices • Keep your POWER on! • Here’s why these three things make you stronger… • EVERYTHING works better when you are happy! • Thinking about good things makes your body stronger all the time!
  29. 29. (How Does This Work?) • Making healthy choices helps your body get everything it needs to keep getting stronger all the time too. • And, your POWER is what helps you keep thinking good things, it helps you USE all the good things you get from your healthy choices and it is really the thing that causes you to keep getting stronger all the time!
  30. 30. (How Does This Work?) • When you get your spine checked by your chiropractor, you are making sure your POWER is on FULL BLAST so that you can keep getting stronger all the time!
  31. 31. (Acorns and Oak Trees) • Who can tell me what an acorn turns into? • That’s right…an OAK TREE! • You see, every acorn has everything it needs to become a mighty oak tree already right there inside of it. • It just needs a few things to grow; sunlight, air, water, nutrition from the soil…and one more thing…
  32. 32. (Acorns and Oak Trees) • It needs to have its Life Force - its POWER free and unblocked to grow it into that mighty oak tree! • Now, guess what…YOU…ARE ALL JUST LIKE THAT ACORN! • You have everything you need to grow and become whatever you are meant to be, already right there inside of you! • You just need a few things too…
  33. 33. (Acorns and Oak Trees) • You need some sunshine, some air, some water, good food, and one more thing… • You need to make sure your spine is in alignment so that your POWER is on! • Chiropractors help you keep your POWER on by adjusting your spine! • And that way, you can be the best YOU you can be!
  34. 34. (Summary) • So, what are the three things you are all going to do to keep getting stronger? • Think about good things and be happy. • Make healthy choices • Keep your POWER on! • One more time, what are they? • That’s right! Boy, you guys are quick learners! • Does anyone have any questions for me?
  35. 35. (Close) • I want to thank all of you in the class, your teachers and the school for inviting me to talk with you today. • Did you learn some cool things here today? • Well, it was really a lot of fun for me too. • Thank you all and bye bye!