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Soc 01 Boertlein,Natalie

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Soc 01 Boertlein,Natalie

  1. 1. Sociology 101 Image Project Natalie Boertlein
  2. 2. School How does the value of education challenge society to go to school? Can a more private education make someone challenge themselves to strive for a better place in society?
  3. 3. School Supplies Why is it that school supplies are so important in aiding education in society? How is it that school supplies help society to further their education, but they are costly and hard to come by in all areas of the world?
  4. 4. Text books How does the value of a textbook differ from one country to another? What makes the value of a textbook worth the trouble to strive for education in our society?
  5. 5. Shoes In a society with so many choices in what to wear on our feet everyday, why is it that not everyone around the world can have a pair to wear? Can what we wear on our feet actually affect the job that we do and the society that we have come to be?
  6. 6. Computer With the computer technology that we have today, how can society strive to help the world around them? More and more people today have computers. How is it that society can grow in this technology so fast, but the world around us can be in such a dire need of non technological resources?
  7. 7. Car Why is it that in society the car that we are driving puts a value on our appearance even before the value on our minds, worth, and intelligence is taken into consideration? With all the transportation that we have today other that cars, why is it that we need a car to have a place in society?
  8. 8. Table Not everyone's culture has them sitting at a table for daily meals, so how can a table influence how we eat in different parts of the world? How can having a table in your home influence the time that we spend as a family in society?
  9. 9. Tree We are trying to make the world a better place by saving our environment, but how can just one tree help society in more then just the ways that it is used for today? How is society influenced by what we are using our natural resources for?
  10. 10. Bottled Water With the water bottle industry growing everyday, why is it that not all parts of the world can have clean water? Even though plastic is recyclable, why is it that society takes a bottled water and its uses for granted within its society?
  11. 11. Food Pyramid As the world gets bigger by the thousands, and more people are either starving or turning obese what value does society have on the daily recommendations of good health? The food Pyramid gives society daily recommendations for the right amount of each source of foods we should consume. How do Americans strive to better themselves with the use of this chart?