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My Baba


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As per the news today on 9X channel, Aushim Khetarpal told a story of a young man: There was an AIDS patient whose HIV positive was confirmed. He went to SHIRDI and ask BABA for forgiveness. The reason which he gave was true from the core of his heart. He admitted that the kind of people he was with made him to do such offences. BABA , who listened his voice of heart forgave his mistakes and after he came back from SHIRDI he got himself tested again and the result was that he got rid of AIDS.

Today there are milions of people who have a pure heart but due to their sins they are suffering from some disorders. This is BABA'S once ina life time oppurtunity call. Through this presentation BABA'S is calling everyone to SHIRDI. So please go and get your soul pured there!!!! Please see the presentation and listen to the bhajan where BABA is calling everyone and anyone.JAI SAI RAM

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My Baba

  1. 1. SAI FASHION & STYLES Prepared By: Gagan Arora