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The Gateway Center Contract

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The Gateway Center

  1. 1. 31 Water St.<br />Jamestown NY, 14733<br />(Friday 4-10 p.m. Saturday 12-10 p.m.)<br /><ul><li>About the Venue/Booking
  2. 2. The Gateway Center is a Christian-based venue that looks to welcome traveling as well as local bands to use their facility as a place to perform. They consider this a gift to the kids and community of Jamestown to have a safe place for bands to play and kids to listen to music. They seek to break down barriers that many have about what it means to be Christian and want to reach out to the community in the name of Christ. Any and all genres planning/wanting to play must agree to not using any kind of vulgar language, promoting violence or anything demeaning to any religion to any kind. Any band caught doing so will instantly be turned off and told to leave without pay. If you would like to book a show at The Gateway Center then please check the schedule on Red Light Departure’s Myspace to see when there is a show at the center. ( or contact Mike Ball to see what date can work. If you’d like to book a show please book at least a month prior the date shown on the page, we want as much time as possible to promote. If you’d like to do a date that’s not shown on the page, just use the contact information at the bottom to ask us if it’s possible. On occasions we will have a concert that is a benefit for another organization -Haiti, St. Susan’s, coat drive, canned drive, whatever it might be. We wouldn't do that every time, but just occasionally and if there was a need. This won’t take away from the final amount that we get from the door, just affect the door cost- $5 or $3 with a canned good for example. We have a PA system there for use, but will not be putting microphones for the guitars/bass and drums.
  3. 3. Pay/Door Costs/Promotion
  4. 4. Each show will be $5 at the door. NO PRESALE TICKETS. The door cost will never change and there will never be tickets sold prior a show. This is to ensure that no one band gets cheated over with money. These matters are subject change if the event calls for it. On occasion we will have a show. Each band member only gets 1 guest they can bring in for free. Depending on whether Red Light Departure plays or not, (Mike Ball) will be taking a %5 of the take from the door costs in himself. (Between making flyers, promotions and driving around hanging up flyers I need a few bucks for gas) He will be responsible for promotion and making flyers and making a Facebook event. If you are a local band, he will get the flyers to you so you can help promote, as well as on Facebook; we will tag your band, so invite your friends to the show. If there are 5 or more bands, the first $100 made from the doors will be guaranteed to The Gateway Center. After that, the rest is divided up evenly among the bands. If there are less than 5 bands, the money will be divided between The Gateway Center and the bands to split up. The more word travels about show, the more people come to the show, the more money you will see. There will be tables available to sell merchandise, as well as water for the band members.
  5. 5. Bands/Times
  6. 6. The maximum amount of bands is 5 and the minimum amount of bands is 3. Those numbers CAN be altered if planned ahead. Otherwise we will stick to the numbers given. The band RED LIGHT DEPARTURE will play most shows if not all (depending on date and availability). We will assist you in booking other bands depending on genre. If you have another band you want to play with you, let us know and they can play as well. We expect all bands to arrive to the venue 1 Hour prior the doors opening (you will be notified when the doors will open and the first band will start). If you’re an out of town band looking to play, and can’t get in an hour prior the show, please notify us and we’ll arrange a time for you to get in. Each band will normally get 35 minutes to play. That might be changed with how many bands are in the show, and what time frame we’re working with. Depending upon how many bands are booked for the show and what time we start bands can get from 30 to 45 minutes of a set list. The latest possible time we’ll start a show is 7:00 p.m. (That’s if there’s only 3 bands). The venue closes at 10:00 p.m. We’ll want the last bands set to be over by 9:50 p.m.
  7. 7. Contact Information/Other needed info
  8. 8. We want to work with you to make the show the best possible. This means we’ll be talking to you at least the first Monday of each week prior the show to make sure everything is alright and if anything is needed. As well as us keeping in contact with you, can get a hold of us at anytime needed. Mike Ball will be the main person you will work with for the show. Shawn Dohl, who is in charge of The Gateway Center, can also be contacted for questions concerning The Gateway Center. Please feel free to contact us. Mike has classes throughout the week, but still call and or text him whenever you’d like. He’ll get back you as soon as possible. Use our Myspace as well, we check it constantly and will always respond. We hope you consider using this venue and will help to make it a good time.
  9. 9. Mike Ball
  10. 10. 716-969-3915
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Shawn Dohl
  14. 14. 716-499-8332
  15. 15.</li></ul>With this signature below<br />You are agreeing to follow and abide by the rules given within this contract. You also are agreeing with how the payment process finalizes and agree to work with The Gateway Center and Mike Ball during the show making/promotion process. Also, agreeing to show up on time and make sure you have all your equipment ready and in a working stage. Once we speak and agree with the date of the show, Mike will arrange for a way for you to get your signed paper to him. Thank you.<br />Band Members<br />[ ]<br />[ ]<br />[ ]<br />[ ]<br />[ ]<br />[ ]<br />[ ]<br />