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Responder Edition13

  1. 1. THE RESPONDER Vol. I, Issue 13 Telling the Joint Task Force-Haiti story ac al l to du ty March 27, 2010 Colombian general visits Haiti by Pvt. Samantha D. Hall support and by allowing the 11th PAD Colombians to participate in this [humanitarian] effort,” PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti- Jan. Padilla said. 12, 2010 will be remembered in Padilla took time to tour history books as the day a 7.0 the Colombian Hospital and magnitude earthquake hit Haiti. visit with Colombian troops It will be known as the worst operating at the hospital as well earthquake to hit the small as Haitian patients. island. Yet, just 24 hours after After the hospital visit, this natural disaster struck, the group toured the U.N. Colombian military forces compound and sat with several deployed to assist in the relief organizations to discuss the effort. current situation in regard to Gen. Freddy Padilla de León, relief efforts in Haiti. commanding general of the “By coming here, we Colombian Military Forces, were able to directly see the visited Haiti on March 25 to visit desolation that occurred in this the Colombian and American country and the importance of While visiting Haiti on March 25, Gen. Freddy Padilla de León, troops and see how the relief international cooperation to commanding general of the Colombian Military Forces, visits the effort was progressing. help solve this crisis,” Padilla Colombian Hospital. Padilla, along with Lt. Gen. Ken Keen, com- “The purpose for this visit said. mander, JTF-Haiti, and Brig. Gen. Luis Eduardo Perez Arango, was to have an opportunity General Department of Military Health, speaks with a Colombian Lt. Gen. Ken Keen, doctor about a local national who underwent a surgery recently. to gain insight to the U.S. commander, JTF-Haiti, and (U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Samantha D. Hall/11th PAD) military experience in Haiti. Maj. Gen. Simeon Trombitas, Also to thank the U.S. armed deputy commanding general, generals traveling with Padilla. Unified Response. forces for their devoted JTF-Haiti, were two of several This was not the first time “We feel an immense desire to these three generals had worked collaborate our efforts with the together. people of Haiti,” Padilla said. “General Padilla had served Before boarding his plane, with both General Keen and Padilla expressed a great myself prior to this,” Trombitas amount of gratitude towards said. “He wanted to talk with us the U.S. and the continuing aid and see how the operation was Haiti is receiving. going.” “This is a very formidable Trombitas said he believes experience to have this type of Padilla left very satisfied in working relationship between what he saw. our militaries during a difficult “I think he was very proud of time,” Padilla said. “Many what the Colombians were able thanks for the professional to accomplish here,” Trombitas manner that General Keen and said. “I think his pride in his General Trombitas have shown troops was strengthened by his us and many thanks to what the While touring the Colombian Hospital, Gen. Freddy Padilla de visit today.” U.S. is doing for the people of León, commanding general of the Colombian Military Forces, and Padilla spent much of the Haiti.” Lt. Gen. Ken Keen, commander, JTF-Haiti, stop to speak with a day discussing the relief efforts Trombitas felt that Padilla’s patient about his recovery. Padilla toured the hospital and then of Haiti with Keen, Trombitas visit today helped to strengthen continued his visit with a tour of the UN compound and a heli- copter tour of Port-au-Prince and its outlying areas. (U.S. Army and other aid organizations photo by Pvt. Samantha D. Hall/11th PAD) involved with Operation see GENERAL on p. 5
  2. 2. March 27, 2010 Page 2 “Nou Bouke” by Col. Richard Gary Moore We cannot peel back history for Haiti or even for the rough times in our own a personal “Nou Bouke”? Do you close your eyes and charge ahead, JTF-Haiti Chaplain lives, but we can take responsibility to compartmentalize the nagging work out what every day presents to us. dissonance, get angry and verbally I like to jot down what I see and what I Some say prayer helps; so do I. Of all cynical, get introspective and pensive hear; not just as a future reminder, but to the things that we do and accomplish in when faced with life’s too much? have a first rough cut on what people are life, it comes down to praying; praying One of the destroyed churches in living out…now. Taking another mission especially for others. Faith and prayer Port-au-Prince still has its crucifix intact through the streets of Port-au-Prince, I just go together like peanut butter and and standing in the middle of the noise discovered a phrase that kept coming up jelly. and rubble. It’s a visible symbol of the on the walls of buildings, “Nou Bouke.” But faithing it every day can seem like invisible reality that the living God is It means “…that’s enough.” After three such a reframe … such an oxymoron. present with us here. So, faith it and let hurricanes in 2008 and the recent Trust in the Lord and lean not on your your cross be “Yes Lord, You will make devastating earthquake, I heard my inner own understanding? My power is made a way out for those benumbed and voice say, “Yes Lord…enough pain for perfect in weakness? disoriented, Yes Lord.” these people.” What do you do when you reach JTF- Haiti Worship Services LSA/FOB WEEKDAY SERVICE TIME LOCATION LSA DRAGON (JTF HQ) Sunday Protestant 0800 Embassy Flag Pole Sunday Catholic Mass 0900 Embassy Flag Pole LSA HOPE Sunday Contemporary Protestant 1100 Hope Chapel Sunday Gospel Protestant 1900 Hope Chapel Wednesday Bible Study 1800 Hope Chapel Wednesday Catholic Mass 1930 Hope Chapel Friday Gospel Choir Rehearsal 1900 Hope Chapel APOD (West) Saturday Catholic Mass 1300 USAF Chapel Sunday LDS 1230 USAF Chapel APOD (East) Saturday Catholic Mass 1500 377th chapel tent Sunday Protestant 1030 377th chapel tent Sunday Catholic Mass 1130 377th chapel tent FOB WARRIOR Sunday English Mass 1900 209 MP Sunday Spanish Mass 2000 Colombians FOB WHITE FALCON Monday Catholic Mass 1630 FOB Chapel SPOD RED BEACH Monday Catholic Mass 1830 Trailer Office THE RESPONDER Telling the Joint Task Force-Haiti story ac all to du ty The Responder is an electronic newsletter published every Wednesday and Saturday for the Soldiers, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, Airmen and Marines of JTF-Haiti. Commander JTF-Haiti Lt. Gen. P. K. (Ken) Keen Responder Staff: The editor can be reached at The Responder Command Senior Enlisted Advisor JTF-Haiti Sgt. Maj. Louis M. Espinal Editor Sgt. 1st. Class Debra Thompson office located in the LSA Dragon sustainment JTF-Haiti Public Affairs Officer Col. David Johnson Layout/Design Pvt. Samantha Hall tent, by DSN phone: 413-254-8007 or JTF-Haiti Public Affairs Senior Enlisted Advisor Sgt. Maj. Rick Black by email: JTFHPAOCI@CORE1.DJC2.MIL This newspaper is an authorized publication for the members of Joint Task Force-Haiti. Content of The Responder are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by the U.S. Government. or the Department of Defense. The Responder is an unofficial publication authorized by Army Regulation 360-1. Editorial content is prepared, edited and provided by the Public Affairs office of Joint Task Force-Haiti. The Responder is an electronic newsletter distributed by the JTF-H PAO. All photos are Department of Defense unless otherwise credited.
  3. 3. March 27, 2010 Page 3 JTF-Bravo conducts first mission in Haiti by Staff Sgt. Bryan Franks Joint Task Force-Bravo Public Affairs PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti - An of our guys this is their first aircrew from 1st Battalion, deployment with an aviation 228th Aviation Regiment, unit,” said Herrera. “So it is conducted their first rotary- a great opportunity for our wing airlift mission March 24 people to perform these tasks here in support of JTF-Haiti. in a real world environment.” The 1/228th along with other While maintainers were still members from JTF-Bravo making the final adjustment deployed from Soto Cano Air to their Blackhawks, support Base, Honduras March 21. elements began establishing a “We are excited about getting base of operation, setting up A 1st Battalion, 228th Aviation Regiment UH-60 Blackhawk takes in the air and doing our part,” communication equipment, off for its first airlift mission in support of Joint Task Force-Haiti said Lt. Col. Salome Herrera, computers and weather March 24. The 1/228th along with other members of Joint Task commander, 1/228th. “We’ve observation equipment. Force-Bravo deployed from Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras to sup- been working non-stop from Meanwhile, JTF-Bravo port JTF-Haiti, the U.S. military support unit for Operation Unified Response. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Bryan Franks/Joint building a landing zone, pilots and aircrews were Task Force-Bravo Public Affairs) setting up a maintenance area being briefed by their Navy and standing up a command counterparts who will transition On the second full day, we’ve worked hard to get it this and control element... it’s out as JTF-Bravo takes over pilots and aircrew conducted far,” said Manion. “We have an nice to finally see it pay off.” as the primary rotary-wing familiarization flights to area where our maintainers can The unit traveled nearly 3 lift capability for JTF-Haiti. learn the lay of the land and work in the shade, our pilots and hours via a C-17 Globemaster “This has been a total force to review the landing zones aircrew have a briefing room III along with three of their effort on the part of our spread out across Haiti. and our people are now looking aircraft. Once on the ground, service members,” said Lt. Every day new improvements ahead at how we can execute everyone pitched in to unfold Col. Michael Manion, officer are made to what was our mission better each time.” the UH-60 Blackhawk so they in-charge, Task Force Talon. once just a grassy knoll JTF-Haiti is the U.S. military’s could begin flight testing them. “Everyone has pitched in... at Toussaint Louverture task force assisting in disaster “The only time we fold or they have a group focus and International Airport. relief efforts in Haiti following unfold blades on a UH-60 is we want to continue that “We still have improvement the Jan. 12 earthquake as part when we deploy...and for a lot attitude through our time here.” to make to our facilities but of Operation Unified Response. Aircrew members from the 1st Battalion, 228th Aviation Regi- Aircrew from 1st Battalion, 228th Aviation Regiment, prepare ment, wait for an American Airline jet at Toussaint Louverture In- to take off for a night flight orientation of Haiti March 24. The ternational Airport to pass before they can lift off for a mission in 1/228th along with other members of Joint Task Force-Bravo support of Joint Task Force-Haiti. Joint Task Force-Bravo deployed deployed March 21 to support Joint Task Force-Haiti, the U.S. more than 45 members in support of JTF-Haiti, the U.S. military’s military’s task force assisting in disaster relief efforts in Haiti fol- task force assisting in disaster relief efforts in Haiti following the lowing the Jan. 12 earthquake as part of Operation Unified Re- Jan. 12 earthquake as part of Operation Unified Response. (U.S. sponse. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Bryan Franks/Joint Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Bryan Franks/Joint Task Force-Bravo Task Force-Bravo Public Affairs) Public Affairs)
  4. 4. March 27, 2010 Page 4 Commander discusses brigade’s role in Haiti by Christen McCluney Office of the Secretary of Defense providing immediate assistance and The airport and naval ports now are Public Affairs disaster relief, along with security and operating at pre-earthquake capacity, humanitarian aid. They transitioned McAteer said, and the security WASHINGTON - Hundreds of to helping the World Food Program’s environment is vastly improved. Army paratroopers continue surge, providing security and assistance “When you look at the trends to provide humanitarian aid to to nongovernmental organizations and in security, it has been very calm earthquake survivors in Haiti, even the United Nations as they provided throughout our stay here,” he as they prepare to return home. food and water to displaced Haitians. said. “There have been no acts of “We represent one small piece “This had a huge effect on the violence against American soldiers.” of [the Defense Department’s] population,” McAteer said. The brigade continues to provide contribution to the operation here,” Immediately after the Jan. 12 relief while preparing to redeploy. Army Col. Tim McAteer, commander earthquake, he explained, the “We have about 900 paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division’s 2nd government and security in Haiti left,” the colonel said. But if conditions Brigade, said during a “DoDLive” experienced major setbacks. “We were warrant, he added, the paratroopers bloggers roundtable yesterday. able to fill that void and serve as a always will be prepared to return. The brigade deployed to Haiti in mid- supporting element,” the colonel said. “I think you can be justifiably January. McAteer said the team was McAteer added that the brigade’s proud of the work done,” he said. prepared for deployment within five paratroopers broke down many barriers “We had a game-changing impact hours of the initial call. McAteer became and changed misconceptions about the in the opening stages and things the brigade’s commander, Feb. 9. U.S. military as they quickly ascertained were heading on a dangerous path, “When I arrived, I was pleasantly the needs of the Haitian people. but we were able to turn the tide. surprised at the level of calm For example, he said, a university “It was a very successful operation,” throughout the city,” he said. hospital in the Haitian capital of Port-au- he continued. “There is still a ton of The brigade’s soldiers have been Prince was inundated with patients, and work to be done down here, and I do working in phased operations with help from the brigade’s soldiers allowed believe the conditions are right to have Joint Task Force Haiti, initially the hospital staff to turn things around. long-term success.” Members of Congress visit Haiti by Spc. William R. Begley 11th PAD PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti- New York Congressman Joseph Crowley (D) and California Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D) visited Port-au-Prince March 26 to see the progress being made in the efforts to clean up Haiti after the damage created by the earthquake on Jan. 12. Maj. Gen. Simeon Trombitas, deputy commanding general, Joint Task Force-Haiti, escorted Lee and Crowley around Port- au-Prince to various rubble removal sites. They witnessed firsthand Haitians participating in the cleanup efforts. There is an estimated 30 million cubic tons of debris created from the disaster on Jan. 12. After viewing the rubble removal sites, Lee and Crowley toured Champs-De-Mar, an internally displaced persons camp. They also went to the National Cathedral and the Presidential Palace as well as other damaged sites around the city. With a clear picture of the problems facing the people of New York congressman Joseph Crowley talks with Hai- Haiti, the tour culminated with a meeting with the President of tian locals during his visit. Crowley visited several rubble Haiti, Rene Preval. Concerns about how to move forward were removal sites to assess firsthand the progress that is be- discussed as well as ideas on how to improve Haiti. ing made. (Photo by Spc. William R. Begley/11th PAD) There is still a long road ahead for the Haitian people but the recovery process is happening one step at a time.
  5. 5. March 27, 2010 Page 5 LSA Dragon aid station keeps Soldiers healthy by Spc. William Begley 11th PAD The aid station has personnel on duty 24 hours to handle PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti- everything from a standard sick Whether you have a sprained call to a trauma injury. ankle, skin infection or an upset “My main mission is the stomach, the staff at the LSA ability to take care of a trauma Dragon aid station is there to victim,” Fincher said. A trauma help you get back on the road to victim would be stabilized and wellness. then transported to a level two Sgt. Nicholas Albers takes the pulse of a patient at the LSA Lt. Col. Roger K. Fincher, a or three facility. Dragon aid station. (Photo by Spc. William R. Begley/11th PAD) field surgeon who specializes If you are the kind of person in internal medicine, runs the who likes to be proactive, he said. That would mean all Support Medical Company team at the aid station. He is Fincher recommends some the preventative measures are from Fort Bragg, N.C., deployed from the 602nd Area preventative measures. working. Woodward volunteered to Support Medical Company, Prevention, he says, could “That’s the goal. You want deploy with the 602nd ASMC. Fort Bragg, N.C. significantly reduce the amount your medics to be bored,” “Humanitarian missions don’t The aid station at LSA Dragon of service members reporting to Fincher said sarcastically. come around too often,” said is designated as a level one aid sick call. Sgt. David Woodward, a medic Woodward. “It’s great to be a station. This means they are “Wash your hands, don’t eat at LSA Dragon, understands part of this mission.” able to provide care for illness, the local food, take your Doxy, the humor. With the Soldiers of the LSA disease and other small injuries sleep with your bug netting “You want to do your MOS. Dragon aid station standing not associated with a combat properly installed and use bug You want to sharpen the skills ready to treat any illness or environment. spray to prevent bug bites,” that you’ve learned, but you injury, troops with JTF-Haiti But that is not all they can do. said Fincher. don’t want to see people hurt,” know they are in good hands if “We’re here to provide life- Fincher hopes to keep his said Woodward. something should happen. saving care,” said Fincher. staff as “unbusy as possible,” Originally with the 601st Area GENERAL continued from p. 1 “The commanding general got a first- Segura said. “It is a great opportunity hand look at the hard work, dedication, that the national government, along with the relationships between both countries’ commitment and professionalism of his General Padilla, has given me to contribute armed forces. soldiers in distant lands where they show to the healing process for those Haitians “I thought he was able to achieve a their commitment to those in need,” who are suffering.” strengthening of the relationship between the Colombian military and SOUTHCOM in terms of General Padilla’s interaction with General Keen,” Trombitas said. “And from my perspective, it was a strengthening of the relationship between the Colombian military and Army South.” Col. Pedro A. Segura, Colombian support battalion for humanitarian assistance, was also able to talk with Padilla and visit with him while he toured the area. Segura is one of Padilla’s officers who deployed the day after the earthquake. “For us, it is and continues to be something significantly important, that the commanding general of the armed forces came to observe what the Colombian soldiers are doing on the ground and to see the joint efforts exercised between the Colombian and American armies,” Segura said. Segura said he was grateful that his government, and specifically his Maj. Gen. Simeon Trombitas, deputy commanding general, JTF-Haiti, poses with a group commanding general, Padilla, have given of Colombian soldiers preparing to return home March 25. The Soldiers returned with him the opportunity to assist those displaced Gen. Freddy Padilla de León, commanding general of the Colombian Military Forces, and by the earthquake. his staff, after a visit to Haiti. (U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Samantha D. Hall/11th PAD)
  6. 6. March 27, 2010 Page 6 POSTCARDS FROM HAITI The USS Bataan left Haiti on March 24. The ship and its crew have been deployed for roughly two months, assisting the World Food Program in delivering more than 3.2 million pounds of bulk foods and conducting more than 1,500 humanitarian relief missions in support of Operation Unified Response. (U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Samantha D. Hall/11th PAD) An aid worker with USAID looks at the frame of a temporary shelter at the Ancien Airport Militaire internally displaced persons camp on March 25. USAID, along with JTF-Haiti, is working togeth- er to fix some of the security problems, such as making sure there is enough light at night in the camp. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Debra Thompson/11th PAD) Maj. Jon B. Tipton, provost marshall, JTF-Haiti, speaks with residents of Ancien Airport Militaire internally displaced per- sons camp about their safety concerns on March 25. One issue Members of the USS Bataan pay respect to Lt. Gen. Ken Keen, com- is lighting at night around the camp. Tipton wants to ensure mander, JTF-Haiti, during a piping ashore ceremony prior to his de- lights are installed in hopes that crimes such as sexual assault parture on March 24. Keen visited the Bataan to say farewell to begin to decline. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Debra the crew and thank them for their hard work in Operation Unified Thompson/11th PAD) Response. (U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Samantha D. Hall/11th PAD)