Cochlear Implants


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Cochlear Implants

  1. 1. “ I wanted to make Taylor a normal child. Before, he was broken, abnormal, alienated, cursed, disabled. I had to fix him. I am eternally grateful for the cochlear implant!   Taylor’s LIFE -- Rhonda S., proud mother of Taylor – implanted at age 5 ”
  2. 2. “ I have, for the longest time, dreamed that Alicia would easily fit in with the other neighborhood kids. I think the years of intensive hearing and speech therapy at such a young age will let her have normal childhood friends. ” Alicia’s LIFE -- Daniel L., proud father of Alicia – implanted at age 5
  3. 3. “ Now that Jacob has the implant, he’ll turn into a fine, independent member of society , thanks to the lack of specialized support from mainstream education.   Jacob’s LIFE -- Carl W., proud father of Jacob – implanted at age 16 months ”
  4. 4. “ This surgery cured our daughter’s deafness! No worries that she has to interpret a bombardment of unfamiliar auditory jumble. Childhood is full of overcoming obstacles.   Christina’s LIFE -- Jane and Andrew Minar, proud parents of Christina – implanted at age 4 ”
  5. 5. “ The cochlear implant gave my formerly deaf son Will the ability to hear sounds. I love how he is now left in limbo, unable to form one solid connection to the hearing world or Deaf culture. It’s great that he experiences the best of both worlds!   Will’s LIFE -- Angela McDonald, proud mother of Will – implanted at age 6 ”
  6. 6. “ I am so thrilled that Stacy will identify with a real culture now! American Sign Language and the bonds between Deaf citizens would never provide her the sense of self-identification that every child needs.   Stacy’s LIFE ” -- Sharon T., proud mother of Stacy – implanted at age 23 months
  7. 7. “ Having the surgery done really boosted my sense of control as a parent. The lack of freedom I gave Sean in deciding his own future gave me more confidence in my pare nting abil ities.   Sean’s LIFE -- Jeffrey D., proud father of Sean – implanted at age 4 ”
  8. 8. Would you really want your child to be constantly surrounded by such discord? This song, “Ring of Fire” (Johnny Cash), demonstrates the 4 different qualities of sound that a child will hear with a cochlear implant. The first two samples are the best the average child will ever hear. Compare this high quality sample of music that we hear with the first sample that they hear.
  9. 9. “ Rocky’s implant has allowed him to receive auditory sounds that he’s supposed to interpret as music. He doesn’t perceive sound like the hearing community, but he loves being surrounded by the cacophonous harmonies and robotic voices of songs!   -- Ray Jackson, proud parent of Rocky – implanted at age 3 Rocky’s LIFE ”
  10. 10. PARENTS: The choice is yours. Make the right decision. It’s your child’s LIFE