Haiti Slideshow (Fil Eminimizer)


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Haiti Slideshow (Fil Eminimizer)

  1. 1. In March 2010 I went to Haiti on a medical mission trip with New life Foursquare church I never expected I would leave behind a piece of me in Haiti.
  2. 3. <ul><li>Mom brought me my oral typhoid pill I forgot at home. Thanks mom, typhoid is rampant in Haiti. </li></ul>
  3. 4. Arrive in Port Au Prince, Haiti
  4. 15. People live behind this garbage pile.
  5. 18. So happy to have the military at our compound
  6. 19. Thankful for food…even if it is rice and beans everyday.
  7. 20. Orphans and children staying at the school with us. They filled our hearts with so much joy.
  8. 22. Much needed nightly and morning prayer and devotions.
  9. 23. Some of our group ready for the first day of work.
  10. 25. I took care of some of the people in this tent. I had to learn to be an adult and pediatric nurse on this trip. And sometimes even a doctor!
  11. 26. This baby was a r/o Malaria. Finally something I knew well! Babies and scalp iv’s
  12. 27. Explained to this mom that the only way her baby would live is if she breastfeeds.
  13. 29. This boy was very sick and the ER staff were relying on me to care for him. I have never missed my pediatric nurses and respiratory therapists more than during these busy and scary 5 hours. I sadly had to leave him without knowing what happened to him because we had to be back before it was dark.
  14. 32. I was sent to CDTI hospital on my second day of clinical. It was so busy between triage and taking care of patients in tents. During my break I played with the twins that are admitted there.
  15. 40. Triage tent Triage area
  16. 41. Clowns without borders bringing joy to the Haitians and to our group. Seeing our patients laugh made our group so happy.
  17. 42. Watching the clowns perform
  18. 45. One of my favorite patients who always was so happy to see me. She had an amputated leg and an infection but always had a smile on her face. I miss her.
  19. 47. Some of our amazing translators.
  20. 49. Consulting with our awesome ER doctor Alex
  21. 51. My first soda on the trip. After a day in 98degree weather this was amazing.
  22. 52. A new location today. On the way there. AMAZING
  23. 55. A doctor at the clinic showed me how to give steroid injections for pain.
  24. 56. Giving a dehydrated baby Pedialyte. This clinic actually had the supplies we needed to treat patients
  25. 59. We went to a tent city clinic to meet some of our other group because the other place we were at was slow.
  26. 66. <ul><li>After we went to tent city clinic we went to Community Hospital to pick up the rest of our group. I got to visit the NICU there for the first time. I cried knowing how much American hospitals have compared to this hospital. </li></ul>
  27. 68. This is an isolette made out of a tarp. This baby is barely 2lbs. I saw a fly and mosquito inside this “isolette”. It breaks my heart.
  28. 69. The isolette is turned off but a porthole is open
  29. 70. The Haitian nurse saw me crying over the isolette while I was trying to contain the infant. She shut the porthole and I stepped back knowing how protective NICU nurses are of their infants. Then she opened the isolette doors and handed me this baby. This touched me in a way words can’t explain.
  30. 74. There are flyers of missing people all over Haiti.
  31. 75. Our translator told us this man was looking for his family in this rubble. There is still 100,000’s missing. Sadly we all know where they are.
  32. 76. Fortunately that night our little friends at the school brought a smile to our faces.
  33. 77. Free day today. Went to church and to the mountains.
  34. 82. I got dehydrated and carbon monoxide poisoning from the ride home from church.I had the best people around me though. A bunch of nurses, paramedics and doctors. i was still able to go to the palace and mountain.
  35. 88. Just going and loving on children makes a difference for them and will forever touch you.
  36. 89. Last day of work.
  37. 96. <ul><li>Dr Alex reading an xray. </li></ul>
  38. 98. One of my patients.
  39. 100. This is Beth who is an inspiration to me. she has been in Haiti for 7weeks and plans on staying. The patients lite up with joy every morning she arrives. Beth you are wonderful! I miss you
  40. 101. Reflecting on our last night in Haiti
  41. 102. Goodbye Haiti, you will remain in my heart and in my prayers.
  42. 103. The Haitians taught me the most important things in life are relationships. And did I ever miss my family while I was gone.
  43. 104. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me and supported me. This has made me a better nurse and a stronger person. Thank you to all the Haitians who showed me how to find joy in any situation. God be with you.