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Spain Export Gb

  1. 1. Develop your business in Spain with SPAIN EXPORT May 2009
  2. 2. Spain To develop your business 46 Million inhabitants +16% in 10 years Economic Boom in 10 years Average growth +3,5% 16.5 million households, +31% Activity rate +8% Source: INE 2008 (Spanish national surveys institute) Ministery of economy (fishing, farming and industry) Food Purchases Increased 96 billion €uros Total market in 2008, +9% vs 2007 65 billion €uros Households only in 2008 +7% vs 2007 1.444 € per person/year. Grocery 39 billions € , +6% vs 2007
  3. 3. Grocery To develop your activity A high potential market 60% of the total outlets, 30,338 outlets, 19,140 outlets of +100m2, with 456 Hypers & 15,625 Supers. An increasing powerful trend 10 chains controls 72% of the Grocery channel. International Key-Players Carrefour, Auchan, Lidl, Metro, Aldi. Very fast listing 6 to 8 months maximum, Profesional relationship with buyers. Source: IRI 2008 20,34% 17,40% 10,24% 6,76% 6,56% 2,47% 2,30% 1,90% 1,86% 1,61%
  4. 4. Spanish Consumer To optimise the potential of your products The Spanish consumer consumes 649 Kg/L of food products per year. Shopping basket has increased +53% in value and from 8 to 10 products per basket since 2001. 70% of the consumers mostly look for the best quality-price products, branded or unbranded. LunchBox products + 24% in 5 years, when the « tapas » (restaurant) is decreasing Health, Commodity, Price and Pleasure are the reasons-why to buy. + 53% + 17% Source: INE 2008 (Spanish national surveys institute) Ministery of economy (fishing, farming and industry)
  5. 5. Imported Products A developpment factor of Spain Spain, 12th worldwide importing country Consumers are very keen on foreign products A sign of quality brands, authenticity and culture Food products : 9% of the total imported products Imported products have increased shelf space in all outlets Source: INE 2008 (Spanish national surveys institute) Ministery of economy (fishing, farming and industry)
  6. 6. To place your products on a long-term fast moving market with growing domestic consumption and in a major European market To insure an additional turnover without investing in a new export structure or department To list quickly a range of new products in the Grocery channel at the lowest cost Your opportunity To move ahead before the economic upturn
  7. 7. 1. Analysis of the opportunities -Market survey (Customers – Competition – Opportunities) -Marketing policy adapted to the Spanish market -Business Plan (Objectives – Strategy – Timing) SPAIN EXPORT Your partner in Spain 2. Strategy and action - Developing new local partners -Negotiating with customers (Listing + Promotions) -Creating Trade-Marketing actions -Managing sales commandos/team 3. Sales support - Administrative sales -Weekly reporting -Bench-Marketing
  8. 8. Expert of the Spanish market -Working in the Spanish market for more than 10 years - Expert in the FMCG industry -International, national, local or private label Brands -Grocery, Delicatessen, Convenience stores and Discount channel. Wide network, contacts with key negotiating partners within Spanish Grocery channel -Negotiation with the national purchasing headquarters -Contacts with the logistical brokers network -Having these contacts is a key-factor of success in the Spanish market Negotiation in Spain is heavily based on your personal relationship with your negotiating partner . Flexible organization at the lowest cost Pascal Rouault Founder of SPAIN EXPORT
  9. 9. Profile 35 y.o, in Spain since 1998, High Business School Tours Companies Storck Ibérica, Revlon, ITM, Danone, MasterFood Brands Positions in Spain National Sales Manager Storck Ibérica, 5 years National Key-Account Manager Revlon, 2 years National Grocery Purchasing Manager ITM, 1 year National Buyer ITM, 3 years Pascal Rouault Identity Card
  10. 10. Managing and developping the Turnover ITM 45 M€ , +120% in 4 years Storck-Revlon: 15 M€ , + 50% en 5 years Building the distribution of new products Werther's Sugar free and Coffee: 40% WD in 8 months Boosting the Value Marketshare Merci Chocolates : m.share x 3 in 5 years Increasing the net-net Price every year Revlon-Storck +3%, ITM +2% Monitoring the Listing Budget ITM 15% of the yearly turnover Storck-Revlon 5% of the yearly turnover Pascal Rouault Achievements
  11. 11. Mobile 0034 617 44 98 00 Land phone 0034 93 896 33 94 [email_address] SPAIN EXPORT Your partner in Spain Contact: Pascal Rouault