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Thriller Film Questionnaire


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Thriller Film Questionnaire

  1. 1. Thriller Film Questionnaire
  2. 2. Do you watch ‘Thriller’ films? GIRLS BOYS If not, why? Too scary
  3. 3. How often do you watch ‘Thriller’ films? GIRLS BOYS
  4. 4. Do you prefer to watch them in the cinema or at home? GIRLS BOYS Why? At home no one sees me jump Home is more comfortable Better atmosphere in the cinema Better sound and picture quality in the cinema Why? Sound is better in the cinema It is more scary at home and the effects last longer The screen is bigger in the cinema making the effects more scary
  5. 5. What frightens you the most out of these…? GIRLS BOYS
  6. 6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how scary do you want the opening of the film to be? GIRLS BOYS
  7. 7. What is the most important aspect of the opening to you? GIRLS BOYS
  8. 8. Is there anything you would not want to see in a ‘Thriller’ film opening? GIRLS BOYS Music that doesn't fit with the action The climax right at the beginning The title giving away the story Having a Rubbish Villain Dragging it on so nothing happens It's bad when too much is going on to understand Music that doesn’t go with the film or set the scene When you can't tell that its going to be a thriller film When it's like a dead end and nothing seems to be happening When everything is revealed in the beginning
  9. 9. Do you prefer the titles to be on a separate black screen or shown during the actual shots? GIRLS BOYS