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Ifbd Phase1 Report Team Cluster Cuss March 19


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IFBD Report March 19

Published in: Technology, Business
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Ifbd Phase1 Report Team Cluster Cuss March 19

  1. 1. PHASE 1<br />DISCOVERY<br />IFBD TERM PROJECT<br />
  2. 2. 3<br />4<br />5<br />7<br />8<br />INTRODUCTION<br />MARKET RESEARCH<br />SCENARIOS<br />THE OPPORTUNITY<br />WHERE WILL IT TAKE US<br />2<br />
  3. 3. introduction<br />There are 7 billion people in the world. How can you not get lost in the crowd?<br />Stop and take a moment to think. How many cards do you have in your wallet? How soon do you have to get your passport renewed? How many times a day do you deal with locks, passwords, and other protections in order to protect your possessions, information and identity? How many days will you take off work to maintain your “identity” this year?<br />Access to your information is being controlled by various entities. The government, credit card companies and Google are keeping track of your health, your finances, your purchasing behaviour and your interests. With all this information being passed around, sold to third parties, leaked accidentally, how much say do you have over who gets to know the “real” you?<br />We have granted strangers free access to our lives. We feel entitled to personal information of our friends, rather than privileged. The internet has become our playground. But how safe is it?<br />582M Smart Cards in circulation worldwide, 20071<br />The authentication, mobile device security and identity market is worth over $5B2<br />35% of banks had a biometric authentication program... In 2005<br />The number of U.S. identity fraud victims increased 22 percent in 2008 to 9.9 million adults.3<br />Canadians lost $10.8M to identity theft in 2009 alone. <br />This figure has been growing at 29 percent a year.4<br />(1) Smart Cards in the US, Contactless Payment Cards, May 2007 (2) Internet Security, Privacy, and Fraud, Packaged Facts, Oct 2005 (3) Javelin Strategy & Research, February 2009 study (4)<br />3<br />
  4. 4. market research<br />The world as we know it is changing before our eyes...<br />Nations the world over are switching to biometric passports to identify travelers. Manchester Airport uses facial recognition to allow travelers to bypass lineupsandgovernments to check anyone against international watchlists.<br />Lockheed Martin is giving 1 million maritime workers access to secure areas of portsvia finger and iris scans, stored on biometric ID cards.<br />The US, Australia, Britain, and Canada have created a biometric database to help combat terrorismand rapidly identify victims in large-scale disasters.<br />PositiveID markets FDA-approved RFID microchip implants for patient identification applications, and is developing implantable glucose sensing microchip<br />Biometric<br />passports<br />Security <br />speed<br />access<br /> Finger & iris scans<br />biometric database<br /> combat terrorism<br />identify victims<br />RFID microchips<br />Implantable glucose sensors<br />Source: BusinessWeek Online; 5/21/2009, p2-2, 1p<br />4<br />
  5. 5. scenarios<br />No matter who you are and where you live, nothing is more important than your identity.<br />Meet Richard. He is 50 years old. Richard works in for a large multinational company. He has been travelling between 4 different countries for the past 7 years working on various projects. He’s tired of waiting in lines at airports and getting his passport renewed. <br /> hundreds of <br /> hours wasted<br />inefficient <br />processes<br />passport renewed. “I’ve wasted hundreds of hours <br />going through the same, inefficient processes,” <br />Richard says. “System glitches and human error have cost me countless of dollars in terms of time and wages. I’m tired of this.” He is a member of different VIP travellers groups, and despite their promises of time savings and line bypasses, John continues to waste countless of precious hours in queues.<br />tired of<br /> waiting <br />Meet Margareth, she is a 23-year old administrative assistant in Port-au-Prince and a native of Haiti. <br />After the earthquake, she could not locate her husband Roméo, who was a peacekeeper for the <br /> lack of <br /> awareness<br />“hate this<br /> way of living”<br />can’t trust <br />anyone <br />anymore<br />5<br />UN. She was unable to find him in the chaos, since the UN headquarters had collapsed in the earthquake, as well as their home in the outskirts of the city. She searched through the rubble of her home for days, but was not able to find his body. The area around his office building was far too dangerous, and none of the authorities or police were able to give her a clue as to whether he was still living, potentially injured in some hospital without a way to communicate with her, or whether she should grieve his loss. She kept on hanging on to hope, wishing there was some way to know for sure where he was, and how he was doing. She wanted answers, so that she could be reunited, or find his body so that she could give him a proper burial.<br />
  6. 6. 6<br />the common need<br />How do you define living? <br /> Do you exist if no one knows who you are?<br />paycheques<br />...needs a summer job to pay for school and new car.<br />living expenses<br />work<br />Without ID will governments believe you exist?<br />...will soon require emergency services at hospital.<br />travel<br />food<br />...plans to travel to Asia this summer. <br />health care<br />
  7. 7. identifying the opportunity<br />introducing<br />Constient <br />your key towards complete digital awareness<br />what is Constient? <br />how is it possible? <br />Why do we need it?<br />the ability to be digitally <br />aware of others, and have others digitally aware of you <br />what if technology could flawlessly identify you? <br />wouldn’t that change everything about how we live, work, and play?<br />it is freedom <br />from worry <br />of fraud or theft, <br />of the hassle of PIN codes and passwords<br />of carrying ID and forgetting it<br />of misplacing your keys<br />of lineups and hours wasted updating IDs and government documents<br />the technology is out there<br />biometric databases<br />facial recognition<br />human RFID implants<br />sensor networks<br />subdermal health sensors<br />7<br />what is the future of Constient? <br />A world where all your data, from government documents, to your car keys and your gmail account are all centralized in one location – YOU. Forget having to carrying 50 different keys, cards and passwords to access 50 different locations and services. This will be one key giving you instant access, instant recognition, and perfect service – just the way you like it. Let us open the way for you, it will be the last ID you’ll ever need.<br />
  8. 8. 8<br />IMPACT<br />where will it take us?<br />INTENSIFICATION<br />BEHAVIOR <br />Food Selects You<br />One-think Shopping<br />Non MassTransit<br />Data Civil Rights<br />Random Acts of Randomness<br />Custom Manufacturing<br />Predictive Services<br />Consumer RFPs<br />Behavior Recommendations <br />Virtual Democracy<br />Individual Price Discrimination<br />Corporatacracy<br />Manipulation<br />Interactive Virtual Ancestors<br />Iterative Social Contract<br />Hacking<br />Big Brother<br />Interactive Flora & Fauna<br />Off The Grid<br />Micro Testing<br />Data Aggravation<br />Data Conservation<br />Life Regression Modeling<br />Smart Product Design<br />Social Engineering<br />Info Piracy<br />Data Aggregation<br />Data Junkies<br />Credibility Auditing<br />Relationship Ratings<br />Selective Memory<br />Independent<br />Data Profiling<br />Negotiation<br />Fishbowl<br />Guarded<br />Confident<br />Indiscretion<br />Artificial Intelligence<br />Alliances<br />Carefree<br />Smart Medical<br />Personal Data<br />Constient<br />Tribalism<br />Semantic Reviews<br />Auto-Friending<br />Boredom<br />Preemptive Purchase<br />Shopping<br />Loyalty<br />Wallet-less<br />Arms Length<br />Digital Freedom<br />Gesturing<br />Social Norms<br />Hacking<br />Scanners<br />Standards<br />Unobtrusive<br />Enforcement<br />iLawyer<br />Etiquette<br />Jurisprudence<br />Permissions<br />Installation Tool<br />Digital Identity<br />Trustworthiness<br />Biometric data<br />Privacy <br />Laws<br />Design<br />D.I.Y.<br />Understanding<br />Security<br />Algorithms<br />Memory<br />Trends<br />Programmers<br />Learning<br />Com. Protocols<br />Personalized Branding<br />Proxy Management<br />Pro<br />Personal Firewall<br />Risk Mitigation<br />Personal Apps<br />Simulation<br />Wireless<br />Encryption<br />Real-time Promotions<br />Black Market<br />Password<br />Constraints<br />Data Mining<br />Cookies<br />Data Snooping<br />Boundary Conditions<br />Credibility Bureaus<br />Software<br />Profiling<br />Processing<br />Verification<br />Data Mgmt.<br />India/China<br />Insurance<br />History<br />Meta Data<br />Analysis<br />Underwriters<br />Trend Analysis<br />Profile <br />Management<br />Smart <br />Relationships<br />Life Evaluation<br />Personal Marketing<br />Campaigns<br />Prediction<br />Lifecycle Management<br />Nano-Segmentation<br />Clones<br />Personalized <br />Consumerism<br />Rating <br />Agencies<br />Genealogy<br />TOOLS<br />
  9. 9. 9<br />Where will it take us?<br />DISRUPTION<br />AMPLIFICATION<br />BEHAVIOR <br />Going “Dark”<br />Real-time purchase monitoring<br />Health scan for roller-coasters<br />Perimeter Alert<br />Sex offender registry<br />Digital Alibi<br />Battle drugs<br />Access personal history<br />Digital Mimicry<br />Retail analysis<br />Employee tracking<br />VIP Guests<br />Find Friends<br />Chip engaged ignition<br />Search and rescue<br />Monitor Kids<br />Virtual Reality<br />Personalized Insurance premium<br />Health 2.0<br />Big Brother<br />Background<br />profiling<br />Health <br />monitoring<br />Financial security<br />Anti-terrorism<br />Stalking 2.0<br />Behaviour cessation<br />Exercise diet aid<br />National security<br /> Search and rescue<br />Preventative medical tracking<br />Marriage 2.0<br />No Customs Line<br />.Corporate espionage<br />Fatigue monitoring<br />Protection<br />Data Profiling<br />Viral warefare<br />Proactive health<br />Control<br />Location-aware commerce<br />Travelling<br />Coordinate large crowds<br />Getting “chipped”<br />Personalized recommendations<br />Identity Theft<br />Gene warfare<br />Personal Data<br />Constient<br />Hacking<br />Fishbowl<br />Selling Data<br />Payment<br />Addiction cessation<br />Traffic coordination<br />Google AdSense<br />Proximity<br />scanning<br />Document digitization<br />Micro RFID<br />Airport bioscanners<br />Digitized personas<br />patriot act<br />Personal insurance premiums<br />Elite bypass<br />Biometric monitoring<br />subdermal install<br />intelligent drug<br />dosages<br />Electro-mechanic power<br />Personal data storage<br />Bio sensors<br />Digital Angel<br />The Cloud<br />Personal algorithms<br />Multi-layer encryption<br />biometric IDs<br />Tamper resistant<br />hardware<br />Biofeedback alerts<br />Privacy Laws<br />NEXUS passes<br />Smart cards<br />Genomic targeted viruses<br />Implant app store<br />Personal <br />Apps<br />Random number generators<br />Miniaturization +<br />nanotechnology<br />Implantable <br />phones<br />Micro-segmentation<br />Holo band<br />Neocortical <br />interfaces<br />Privacy<br />Litigation<br />Real-time video tracking<br />GPS<br />age sensitive <br />screening<br />securID<br />Computer viruses attack you<br />Wireless data<br />transfers<br />Jawbone <br />readers<br />Reality overrides<br />Global real-time<br />positioning<br />Virtual clones<br />Hearing <br />override<br />Virtual reality<br />Profile <br />Management<br />Backdoor <br />code<br />Payment for clone access<br />Personal<br />History<br />data<br />Personal worlds<br />Perfect personal product positioning <br />Real-time stimulation<br />Instant learning by upload<br />Neural integration<br />Global translation for VR interactions<br />Automated Threat Assessment<br />Scanning <br />blockers<br />TOOLS<br />
  10. 10. 10<br />Personal Data<br />Constient<br />where will it take us?<br />MARKET<br />MAXIMIZATION<br />DESIRE<br />Always on<br />Fear<br />Utopia<br />Rebellion<br />Escapism<br />Conditioning<br />Eternal youth<br />Community<br />Unbounded<br />Training<br />Big Brother<br />Transparency<br />Safety<br />Resistance<br />Personal shopping<br />Reality TV<br />Media dependence<br />Interactivity<br />Perfectionism<br />Carefree<br />Conformity<br />Personalization<br />Customized<br />Religion<br />Freedom<br />Survival<br />Desire<br />Health<br />Carnality<br />Social engineering<br />Consumerism<br />Un-Think<br />Gratification<br />Me-focus<br />Progress<br />Pleasure<br />Control<br />privacy<br />Smart Services<br />Nanotechnology<br />Security<br />3D<br />Chip cards<br />Government <br />Mass customization<br />Education<br />Identification<br />Implants<br />identity theft<br />Biomimicry<br />Banks<br />Monitor<br />IVF<br />Non-invasive<br />Cloud computing<br />Media spin<br />Privacy Laws<br />Smart Products<br />Marketplace<br />RFID<br />Apps<br />Biotech<br />Internal Apps<br />Crowd sourcing<br />Personalized media<br />Hackers<br />Stem cell research<br />Smart relationship<br />Online avatars<br />Real-time promotions<br />Prosumerism<br />Intelligent packaging<br />Thrift<br />Social media<br />ECONOMY<br />
  11. 11. 11<br />the future of digital identification<br />MAJOR<br />Virtual Democracy<br />MAP INSIGHTS<br />Data Profiling<br />Data Aggregation<br />Negotiation<br />IMPACT<br />Crowd sourcing<br />Digital Identity<br />Digital Freedom<br />Prediction<br />Personalized <br />Consumerism<br />Big Brother<br />Identification<br />Neocortical <br />interfaces<br />Implants<br />Customized<br />Neural integration<br />Virtual Reality<br />MARKET<br />Resistance<br />Smart relationship<br />Freedom<br />Miniaturization +<br />nanotechnology<br />DISRUPTION<br />Genomic Viruses<br />Smart Products<br />Personal shopping<br />Automated Threat<br /> Assessment<br />
  12. 12. APPENDIX<br />12<br />
  13. 13. Inconvenience to users: <br />36 % of users have between six and 15 passwords to remember<br />18% have more than 15 unique identifiers to memorize<br />Costs to Firms:<br />25 to 35 per cent of calls made to IT helpdesks are password related at an estimated cost of around $25 to $30 a call<br />Appendix<br />Passwords cost money<br />Source:<br />
  14. 14. Appendix<br />A 100 Billion dollar idea<br />Disrupted Industries<br />Value loss avoided<br />Source:<br />