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Cypher 2


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Cypher 2

  1. 1. Shreyastriv rappin, stormin tha cypher, givin weak niggas, rhymes they cant decipher, pressure going hypher, poisonin Mc's like a viper, while they shit in their diaper, this aint no pied piper, i am playin no music, but am still mesmerizing ya, givin ya my simple rhymes, but still surprizing ya, depreiving ya, of tha skill and tha money, niggas think its mean, i think its funny, Mc carnage, i will shoot ya in tha head, stomp ya dead, rape ya mother on tha same bed, ya new to tha site, welcomin ya wid hospitality, i ll leave ya mom, Bcause i hate beastality, my brutality, aint got no height, so if ya wanna fight, get ya rhymes right, bcause on this site, there is always carnage, weak niggas like ya, always end up in tha garbage, like carthage, destroyed by tha romans, i kill ya niggas, like antivirus destroyin trojans, cant hide from me, no escapin way, and tha last words ya hear, will be TNA, our rhymes are tha bullet, ya tha reciever, ya cant escape death, unless ya death deciever, Bcause we are comin, straight from hell unleashed department, we leave ya house blooded, burnin ya entire apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha