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Audio 2


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Audio 2

  1. 1. yo yo tha illest emcee wid tha sickest flo in tha system, step up as a victim and find ur head stuck up in ur rectum, niggaz dissect him wid a wooden spoon painted yellow, just look at this fainted fellow just like a sainted bellow, u aint audible nigga as if ur neck just got cutt off, i kick asses so bad that literally chop ur butt off, so get this slut off my dick before she passes, i got my dick shoved up in all ur bitche's asses, get ur ass off tha stage before tha show crashes, all tha green that u got man is just leaves and grasses, i aint playin homie just putin facts up in tha open, so if ur microphone got broken grab tha next token, and head off to ur hometown coz there u be safe, better except a flyin attack if u scared to be strafe, bullet shellz in ur cranium my hands made o titanium, got more drugs in my blood than saddam got uranium, so for all tha motherfuckas that think i am a paki, get in tha streetz and attack me i got my niggaz 2 back me, set ur oesophagus on fire as if u gulpin tha taper up, leave ur ass shapeless as if we pulpin tha paper up, coz this bitch weighs like sandwich carry him in a basket, you walkin in on two legs nigga but leave in a casket !!!!