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Already Know 2


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Already Know 2

  1. 1. dont care abt my life, i keep husltin all day, cant beat me even if ya, hook up wid paul gray, or any tall gay, who could even be your daddy, i can run over u both, in a second hand caddy, wake up kid, ya cant get close to me, quit havin tha dreams, of givin those blows to me, of those drillin my head, and makin it back alive, i am tha lyrical terminator, aint givin ya high five, aint savin u from tha bad guys, no astalavista baby, talk abt my fellas, u see i react crazy, worse than shady, or 50 added to-gether, i rip ya skin off, and thats my shoe leather, u cant stop this rhyme flo, even if ya get a costly shoe pac, u ll die ya parents screamin, "murda" like eminem and 2 pac, u need a fist to kill me, i dont even need that, i use my lyrics, just to make u bleed fat, so dont even plead brat, bcoz tha sin aint forgivable, these rhymes make ur life, sheerly worth unlivable, turnin top to trash???or tryin, to get ur trash on tha top, we niggas up here alive, aint gonna say stop, and thats a last mistake, u do against a nigga, coz we aint givin a fuck, even if we have to pull tha trigga, and u go flyin, in a parabolic trajectory, aint u tha one wid more, losses than tha victory, this shit is contradictory, to whatever u gonna say, believe it son, tha truth ends this way, and now begins ya liein, and cryin to survive, betta u head home, and spice up ur sex drive,
  2. 2. u thought u could win this, just by doin tha dissin, now u realize ya aimin from, a feet n still be missin, Bcause ya rap's pissin, over tha left over respect ya got, tha few of them left over, preventin tha blood clot, from this flood shot, gettin ya on ya knees n pleadin, coz this is tha first text battle, u ll be leavin bleedin, time for ya breast feedin, go home to ya mother, reach there, and find ya self a new brother, use ya brain i am sorry, u have to reignite it, it will take u a day, just to realize it, to make it move quick, i aint gonna price it, its someone ya know kid, u might be able to site it, and if ya know and revised it, be sure to write it, bcoz nigga here know, u ALREADY HOE, didnt get that shit, try by readin it slow, get outta here yo, this is tha psycho zone, there's ya ass on titatron, for survin this psyclone (cyclone) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!