Art In Christ The King Chapel 1


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Art In Christ The King Chapel 1

  1. 1. Art in Christ the King Chapel By: Meghan Warner, Char Lichtinger, and Kelly Lysowski
  2. 2. Is it true that there are people buried What is the in the chapel? meaning and What is the Mercyhurst symbolism story behind When was the and Sisters of behind the stain Symbols the mural? chapel built? Mercy History glass windows? Is there significance behind the floor Why is the tiles and the lighting so architecture? dark in the chapel? 1933 How long Questioning did it take Contextual How many to build? people can the Information church hold? Who created the Queens What else is Stations of the Cross Chapel Art in Christ the chapel and how were they Life and used for? made? times of the Christ King Chapel Clay Statues Inquiry Variety of mediums Tissue Activities Web mosaic paper mosaic Historical background narrative Symbol and drawings
  3. 3. What I Notice: See
  4. 4. What I Notice: Feel
  5. 5. What I Notice: Smell
  6. 6. What I Notice: Hear
  7. 7. Other Sensory Noticings
  8. 8. Questions That Arise When was the chapel built? What is the story behind the mural? What is the meaning and symbolism behind the stain glass windows? Is it true that there are people buried in the chapel? Is there significance behind the floor tiles and the architecture? How long did it take to build? Why is the lighting so dark in the chapel? How many people can the church hold? What else is the chapel used for? Who created the Stations of the Cross and how were they made?
  9. 9. A History of the Chapel The Mural The Sisters of Mercy used pictorial drawings to capture the historical flavor of their religious congregation. Created by Rambusch of New York and Philadelphia. Has the theme of Christ the King and the Sisters of Mercy Celebrates the Sisters mission
  10. 10. Parts of the Mural At the center is a Mosaic of Christ crowned; at one side, a panel shows Christ as the Infant King in Mary’s arms, accepting the gifts from the Magi On the other side, Christ stands before Pilate and his accusers. This scene is when Pilate asks Christ, “Art thou a king, then?”
  11. 11. The Sisters’ Mission of Mercy, both corporal and spiritual, is shown in the lower part of the mural. In the center panel the Sister clothed in a black habit represents the teaching arts; the one in white, the healing arts; between them, a young girl represents youth. On the side panels, another Sister represents the art of counseling; and a Sister in white, caring for a soldier, recalls the Sisters of Mercy service in the Civil Wars.
  12. 12. Pope Gregory XVI and Archbishop John Mark Gannon, the first chancellor of Mercyhurst stand behind the image of the sisters. Pope Gregory is holding a book which has a replica of the first convent of the Sisters of Mercy in Dublin, Ireland on it.
  13. 13. Queen’s Chapel The large Lady window takes its details from an ancient Byzantine painting where the artist shows Mary holding her Son who had fled to her arms after seeing two angels holding the instruments of torture which would later be the agents of His suffering. The altar of dark marble is and Italian import, and the crucifix and candlesticks are of precious amber glass. Gold-leaf fleur-de- lis, one of Mary’s symbols, decorates the walls. The ceiling is a pattern similar to the main chapel.
  14. 14. Queen’s Chapel was not part of the original design of the main chapel structure. It was designed by James O’Neil’s (who the memory the main chapel is dedicated) wife. Within the Queen’s Chapel it was planned that Mr. and Mrs. O’Neil and his sisters would be buried. The tombs are present, but empty. The chapel is in dedication to Mary, Lady of Perpetual Help Replica of a medieval chapel in England that Mrs. O’Neil would visit frequently when she lived there.
  15. 15. Stained Glass Windows in the Chapel There are seven stained glass windows in Christ the King Chapel detailing Important Biblical stories and images of Jesus’ life. There are also several smaller windows and a large window in Queen’s Chapel.
  16. 16. Stations of the Cross The Chapel holds 14 beautiful mosaics of the stations of the cross along the walls. They were created by an artist from Cuba. They were painted and then covered in glass to depict the passion of Jesus.
  17. 17. Other Artistic Media in the Chapel Icon Image of Mary and Tapestry hanging on wall Statue of Mary located in Jesus of Chapel front of the alter.
  18. 18. Personal Connections We are all practicing Catholics and we found the art work in this chapel beautiful. The symbolism was done very creatively as well. We found a deeper connection once learning the history behind the mural. This chapel was not only connected to us via our faith but also as apart of our school history. The chapel reminded us all of the times we used to go to mass and celebrate holidays and sacraments as children.
  19. 19. Line of Inquiry How does Christ the King Chapel incorporate a variety of artistic media to create an aesthetically pleasing environment with a historical background of Mercyhurst College?
  20. 20. Activities Create own mosaic/stain glass window using tissue paper Use mosaic website to create a picture of themselves Each student can pick one art piece in the chapel (window, statue, Station of the cross, etc.) and write a story narrative. Clay statues. Using the altar mural as inspiration the students will create a story of their life (past, present, and future), they will include their goals in life, significant people and events, and anything they feel is important using only drawings and
  21. 21. The End! Hope you enjoyed our Presentation!