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Field Study

  1. 1. Field Study 5 and 6<br />We are now to the last observation, which is the FS 5 (Assessment for Learning) and (Fs 6 (On Becoming a Teacher). <br />At first, we assigned to the Basic Education Department which is also part of the University of Iloilo. But the said school where not going to accompany us, because we are about 60 education students and it is hard for them to accept us. Our adviser, Ma’am Lilian Jurao did not lose hope, instead she try her best to find another school for us to observe. The schools which were going to observe is the Bonifacio Elementary School. We are very happy and excited to hear that news, because all our life, we are only observing at the Basic Education Department, and now, this semester we are observing outside the campus. Our adviser assigned us to different grade level, and I’m assigned to Observe the grade V students, together with me are Charnie, Rechie and Christine. The four of us are so lucky because our resource teacher who is Mrs. Joerene D. Sur is so kind, understanding and very patient person. <br />On the first day of our meeting, we are really nervous because we can’t predict if our resource teacher is strict or not approachable. At first, when we entered the classroom, we introduced ourselves one by one and told our resource teacher what our purpose why we are there is. Then, Mrs. Sur is slightly nervous, because when we told her that we are going to observe her class, she said to us that she is not prepared with her lesson, instead she is busy reviewing her students to the incoming NAT. But we told her that she doesn’t have to worry, because we are observing her class and not her, and she only laugh to us. We explained further about our booklets and told her on our next observation, we are going to interview her, and she agreed with that.<br />On our second observation, we set a time for our interview with Mrs. Sur. Luckily, Mrs. Sur is not going to conduct her lesson, because our observation time and day is 1:00-2:00 pm, Thursday and Tuesday; and that time, her students are not there. They have a tutorial class, and for that we can freely interview her. We interview Mrs. Sur regarding on our booklet and she answered it very well and with her best. We told her that we’re going to observe again to her class, and of course she agrees with that. <br />On our third, fourth and last observations are really inspiring. When we observe her class, we can predict who are the fast and the slow learner. I can compare that the students are really trying their best to catch up the lesson. They are really active inside the classroom. Mrs. Sur really teaches her students very well. She disciplined her students. She has also a classroom management. Like, she can handle her class very well; the chairs are arranged on proper places. I observe also that her classroom is conducive to learning. I’ve seen different bulletin board that display on the wall. The projects or the output of the students are display on the shelves. Also, the students are very friendly and kind. When they seen us entering their room, they politely greet us. For example “Good afternoon visitors” and it feels like we are special to them. I’ve seen many students are really curious with us. They have questions on their eyes. But our resource teacher told them what is our purpose why we are there and the children reaction is just smile to us. I thought that being a future teacher is difficult, but when you are really there, you already teaching, as what Mrs. Sur told us that if you have your heart to your children and you love your profession, it is easy to teach the children. It is easy to accept the challenges and trials that will come to our life. I’ve learned many things in this subject. How to become a teacher, how to value your profession, how to handle your students and everything. <br />This is our last field study subjects and I will missed this, the children but or course this is not my last challenged, although this kind of profession is tiring, but we really enjoyed it. It needs patience and perseverance. I love to become a teacher. I will face different trials. When I’m going to practice our profession called “Practice Teaching” and I will enter the real world. I will have my courage and faith in God to face problems, challenges that will come to our life. I choose this kind of profession for me to change the life of every individual. I am ready to face the battle. <br />Lastly, I’m going to thank our adviser, Ma’am Lilian Jurao who are there to support us and didn’t live us. Thanks Ma’am and to our God!!!<br />Have a happy vacation!!!..... <br />Lily Jane Estrellas<br />BEED-3<br />