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Jokes Riddles


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Jokes Riddles

  1. 1. Joke of the Day What goes up the chimney down, but not down the chimney up? An umbrella
  2. 2. Joke of the Day Dad, “You usually talk a lot on the phone. Why did you only talk half an hour?” Daughter, “It was a wrong number!”
  3. 3. Joke of the Day On which side of an ostrich are the feathers? The outside!
  4. 4. Joke of the Day After a careful examination the doctor said, “ I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve only got four hours to live.
  5. 5. Is there anyone you want to see before you go?” “ Yes,” answered the patient. “ Another doctor.”
  6. 6. Joke of the Day “ Joey, can you come out and play?” “ No. I have to help my dad do my homework.”
  7. 7. Joke of the Day Why did the clown take off his shoes? His feet felt funny.
  8. 8. Joke of the Day What did the elevator say to the doctor? “ I’m coming down with something.”
  9. 9. Joke of the Day Where do spices go when they are sick? To see Dr. Pepper.
  10. 10. Joke of the Day What did the gum say to the shoe? “ I’m stuck on you.”
  11. 11. Joke of the Day What is the longest word in English? Smiles There’s a mile between each “ s ”.