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MESHRM HRVoice May2010slides

  1. 1. 2010 Leadership Forum May 11th, 8 - 11:30 am ~ Samoset Resort ~ Rockport RSVP to HR Voice- Augusta & Beyond Grassroots Advocacy for Maine HR Professionals This half day event is for Maine HR Leaders to understand the value With: of their involvement in SHRM and pending labor & benefits legislation in Maine and beyond to shape the legal landscape to help carry out Susan Post - SHRM NE Regional Director the HR mission. The program will offer tools, support and insight into David Pease - SHRM State Council Director ways to make sure the HR voice is heard and individual practitioners can then act on their own or be a part of a Chapter effort. This will Mary J. Herman -Consultant Strategist; Former also help HR professionals to attain business goals within their Lobbyist; Former First Lady, State of Maine organizations beyond “traditional” HR functional areas. Chris Rector ( R) - Maine State Senator, Knox Peter Gore- Vice President for Advocacy & Government Relations: Maine State Chamber of Commerce The use of this seal is not an Ken Palmer- Professor Emeritus, Political endorsement by the HR Certification Institute of the quality of the activity. It Science: The University of Maine means that this activity has met the HR Certification Institute’s criteria to be pre- Sarah Conroy- SHRM Maine State Government approved for recertification credit. Affairs Director
  2. 2. David Pease Maine State SHRM Director
  3. 3. Susan Post Northeast Region SHRM Director
  4. 4. HR Voice-Augusta & Beyond Grassroots Advocacy for HR Professionals in Maine
  5. 5. HR Professionals Day 2009 What a Fine Looking Bunch!
  6. 6. Our Panelists Ken Palmer Professor Emeritus, Political Science: The University of Maine Peter Gore Vice President for Advocacy & Government Relations: Maine State Chamber of Commerce Chris Rector (R) Maine State Senator, Knox Mary J. Herman Consultant Strategist; Former Lobbyist; Former First Lady, State of Maine Sarah Conroy SHRM Maine State Government Affairs Director
  7. 7. Today’s Agenda • Objectives Today’s Session & SHRM Government Affairs in Maine Sarah Conroy • The Political Landscape in Maine Ken Palmer • Lobbying in Maine Peter Gore
  8. 8. Today’s Agenda • The Maine Legislature Today Chris Rector • Strategic Consulting in Maine Mary Herman (Break)
  9. 9. Today’s Agenda • SHRM HR Voice Overview and 2010 Government Affairs Advocacy Initiative Sarah Conroy • Moderated Panel Discussion • Audience Q & A – don’t be shy!
  10. 10. Objectives for Today’s Maine HR Voice Program To help us understand the value of our involvement in government affairs and showcase this value to our companies and chapters to give HR a voice in important labor and benefits law in Maine and nationally. To learn how to use this voice as HR professionals to attain business goals within our organizations beyond the traditional HR functional areas. To offer tools, support and insight into how to have that say in conjunction with the SHRM Government Affairs Team or independently.
  11. 11. SHRM Government Affairs in Maine Your Government Affairs Team (GAT) CMHRA Amie Parker HRASM Lisa Noonan HRAEM Celine Frueh NESHRM Sarah Joy Greg Fall Robin Beckwith Johnna Major Ryan Bushey State Council Carol Taylor Sarah Conroy MSHHRA KVHRA Chris Riendeau Cathy DeMerchant Special Thanks To Bethany Turon (CMHRA), Shannon Kashinsky (HRASM), Amy Cross Sawyer (HRASM), Mary Caldwell (Midcoast SHRM) & Director Emeritus, Bill Saufley!
  12. 12. SHRM Government Affairs in Maine
  13. 13. SHRM Government Affairs in Maine Your Government Affairs Team (GAT) Expect to hear from us in the coming months: • Survey on what you expect from your Government Affairs Team. • Bringing SHRM national government affairs information to Maine. • Your help is much appreciated as we seek to lead HR grassroots advocacy here in Maine.
  14. 14. SHRM Government Affairs in Maine Your Government Affairs Team (GAT) Invite Others to Join Us! Contact Sarah at or Your Chapter Government Affairs Director
  15. 15. 124th Maine Legislature, Session II Efforts Alliances We hope to grow our efforts to reach out to: • Legislators • Trade Groups and Associations Suggestions welcome, we were lucky to work this session with: – Maine State Chamber – Maine Staffing Association – Maine Associated Contractors & Builders, and, of course SHRM • State Departments, Agencies and staff
  16. 16. 124th Maine Legislature, Session II Efforts Short Session?!?!? Total bills proposed for session: 423, with 150 making it to the Governor for signature. # of bills we tracked: 26+ Of these, # that passed: 16 # that failed: 10 # of letters, calls, visits by HR professionals to their legislators on LD 1665: 100+ Remember, this is just ME, we also work with SHRM on Congressional, Executive & Judicial Issues
  17. 17. 124th Maine Legislature, Session II Efforts Short Session?!?!? This means: • Analysis • Position Proposals • Tracking and providing updates to members • Letter, Email, Call Campaigns • Attending or listening in on public hearings and work sessions
  18. 18. SHRM Government Affairs in Maine Are We On The Right Track? • We hope to lead grassroots advocacy with your guidance, not provide updates only. • We need you to know how important your voice is in the process. • We are the experts in HR and it is important for us to help shape what will be ours to manage.
  19. 19. SHRM Government Affairs in Maine Are We On The Right Track? • Our survey will ask for: – Interest level – Feedback – Involvement
  20. 20. SHRM Government Affairs in Maine Where Might Our Efforts Lead? • Do we want a voice beyond just legislation in Maine and DC? • Upcoming Gubernatorial & Other Elections? • Review of Regulations from Executive? • Judicial Watch? • What about other approaches, e.g. – letters to the editor, blogs?
  21. 21. SHRM Government Affairs in Maine Important Dates • Primary, Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 – Includes referenda • General Election, Tuesday, November 2, 2010 – Flurry of bills submitted between election and convention • The 125th Maine Legislature Convenes on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 – The fun begins again!
  22. 22. What Started it All….
  23. 23. SHRM Government Affairs in Maine Maine is special! Our Constitution calls for a participatory citizen legislature – it’s our heritage and a double-edged sword. Begs your input, but tends to create laws because “it’s what we do” (Ken can tell you more about our moralistic political culture) This may put us at odds at times as HR professionals want to be able to do what we do best without well intentioned, sometimes unnecessary bills. As Mainers, we are tasked with speaking up!
  24. 24. SHRM Government Affairs in Maine Our Biggest Gift As HR Professionals Educate… …and we may need not legislate Use our expertise to craft P&P, train and help set workplace standards so the first thought is to come to HR, not, there oughta be a law….
  25. 25. SHRM Government Affairs in Maine Tips • Get to Know Your Senator and Representative if you have not already • Recall that Maine has term limits – since 1993 Senators & Reps serve 2 year terms, limited to 8 years • Learn who serves on key standing committees like Labor and Insurance & Financial Services
  26. 26. SHRM Government Affairs in Maine Tips • As an HR professional in Maine, you are speaking for yourself, the HR profession and probably your company • These may not always be in sync • Be clear about which hat you are wearing when you contact your legislators
  27. 27. SHRM Government Affairs in Maine We may win some, we may lose some, but we are all Mainers so it’s important to be gracious We are not lobbyists, but can decide to engage lobbyists on a particular matter Our hope is to become the go-to association for all things HR!
  28. 28. The Political Landscape in Maine Kenneth T. Palmer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Political Science
  29. 29. Lobbying in Maine Peter M. Gore Vice President, Advocacy & Government Relations
  30. 30. The Maine Legislature Today Christopher Rector Maine State Senator, Knox (R)
  31. 31. Strategic Consulting in Maine Mary J. Herman Principal
  32. 32. Grassroots Advocacy: What Is It & What Role Can You Play? ©SHRM 2007
  33. 33. What Is Advocacy? Advocacy – The act of pleading or arguing in favor of something, such as a cause, idea, or policy; active support. The American Heritage: Dictionary of the English Language – 4th Edition ©SHRM 2007
  34. 34. The Importance of Advocacy “America is not governed by the majority, but by the majority of those who participate.” - Thomas Jefferson ©SHRM 2007
  35. 35. What is HRVoice? A member benefit that allows SHRM members to directly influence the outcome of state and federal policies and create long lasting relationships with legislators and legislative staff. ©SHRM 2007
  36. 36. SHRM’s Member Advocacy Capabilities To Date While E-mail Communications to Legislators are Important, We Need to Put a Face On the HR Profession ©SHRM 2007 36
  37. 37. Exercise Your Voice As a member advocate for the HR profession, it is important that you keep your elected officials informed on public policy issues and how they affect the HR profession and your organization. ©SHRM 2007
  38. 38. Stay Educated • Use SHRM as a Resource • Know your opposition’s arguments and be able to refute them • Tell your story – make it PERSONAL – Give them the HR perspective • Research voting history on related issues - find out your legislator’s position on the bill • Understand and familiarize yourself with the bill ©SHRM 2007
  39. 39. Educational Resources Washington, DC & State Insider State Pending Legislation Report HR Congressional Monitor ©SHRM 2007
  40. 40. Educational Resources • Public Policy Statements/Fact Sheets • Public Policy Presentations • State and Federal Monitoring & Tracking • Webcasts & Conference Calls • Toolkits ©SHRM 2007
  41. 41. Legislative Alerts Legislative Alerts sent from the SHRM Governmental Affairs staff informing HR professionals of proposed legislation on the state and federal levels. ©SHRM 2007
  42. 42. Day Inside the Beltway (DITB) The "Day Inside the Beltway" program encourages SHRM members to travel to Washington, D.C. for a day of Capitol Hill office meetings. Activities include meeting at SHRM headquarters with SHRM Government Affairs staff, and at the Senate and House of Representatives offices with your chapter members’ respective Members of Congress ©SHRM 2007
  43. 43. Day Inside the District (DITD) The “Day Inside the District” program is a local initiative that provides an opportunity to generate interest and support of issues important to the HR professional on a federal and state level. Most members of Congress and state legislators a good deal of time in their home districts and the DITD is the ideal opportunity for relationship building. ©SHRM 2007
  44. 44. Day Inside the District (DITD) ©SHRM 2007
  45. 45. Get Involved. USE YOUR VOICE! 1. Go to 2. Sign in using your member number and last name. 3. Click on “Governmental Affairs," then go to “HRVoice” on the left side of your screen. 4. Choose “Write your elected officials.” 5. Click on one (1) of the current issues listed under the heading “Take Immediate Action on these Hot Issues.” ©SHRM 2007
  46. 46. Member Advocacy in 2009 HRVoice Letters ©SHRM 2007 46
  47. 47. Overview of SHRM’s Government Affairs Program HR Voice Letter Writing Congratulate yourselves! • On LD 1665 those of you using HR Voice directly generated more than 85 letters to your elected officials • This does not include letters using The Chamber’s CapWiz program or any calls, email, letters or other generated outside the portal. • The enhancements to HR Voice and the SHRM Advocacy Program will demonstrate why we need to make it our portal of choice for efficiency & analytics. ©SHRM 2007
  48. 48. SHRM’s Advocacy Website – Get Involved ©SHRM 2007 48
  49. 49. SHRM’s NEW ‘HR Voice’ System ©SHRM 2007 49
  50. 50. SHRM’s NEW ‘HR Voice’ Action E-list ©SHRM 2007 50
  51. 51. SHRM’s NEW HR Voice Action E-list As of April 7, 2010, we have identified 27,249 “advocates” within our NEW HR Voice advocacy database We have advocates in each of the 435 congressional districts throughout the United States The district with the most advocates – Virginia’s 10th District in the outskirts of Washington represented by Congressman Frank Wolf (R) – has 204; the one with the least – New York’s 16th District encompassing the Bronx and represented by Congressman José Serrano (D) – has 1. ©SHRM 2007 51
  52. 52. SHRM NEW Pending Legislation Report ©SHRM 2007 52
  53. 53. Issues We’re Tracking in the States Subject areas currently being tracked by CQ StateTrack: • Background/Credit Checks * • Discrimination in the Workplace • Domestic Partner Benefits • Harassment in the Workplace • Health Care Reform • Human Resources • Leave|Paid * • Leave|Unpaid • Mandated Use of E-Verify * • Military Leave • Misclassification of Workers • Union Organizing • Workplace Weapons|Parking Lot * ©SHRM 2007 53
  54. 54. SHRM Advocacy Website – ‘Issues’ ©SHRM 2007 54
  55. 55. SHRM Advocacy Website – ‘Legislative Leaders’ ©SHRM 2007 55
  56. 56. A Preview of SHRM’s Member Advocacy Focus for 2010 ©SHRM 2007 56
  57. 57. Member Advocacy Strategy in 2010 We launched the program at the 2010 Employment Law and Legislative Conference to our State Legislative Directors on March 17. Program will encourage participation in all 50 states, but will focus our efforts with an initial 10 states in 2010 and a pilot program - California. Program will be phased-in to all 50 states over a five-year period. The 10 key target states for 2010 will be dispersed throughout the 5 SHRM regions and include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Nebraska, New York, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin. The major focus of this effort . . . ©SHRM 2007 57
  58. 58. Sharing Some Quality Face Time With HR Who better to share the HR perspective on an issue than you? ©SHRM 2007 58
  59. 59. SHRM’s 2010 ‘SHAPE’ Program for Chapters and State Councils Government Affairs In coordination with the SHRM Government Affairs Team (GAT), develop and implement a chapter outreach program to establish/enhance relationships with state and federal elected officials. Chapters are strongly encouraged to coordinate such efforts with the GAT’s Member Advocacy Specialist, ensuring consistency of SHRM’s messaging on current HR public policy matters. »» Create a “Day Inside the District” Program, where members within your chapter can meet with their state or federal public policy-makers within the district. This includes inviting a state or federal public policymaker to speak at a chapter meeting. »» Create a “Day Inside the Beltway” Program, where members within your chapter can meet with their federally elected officials in Washington, D.C. »» Develop and implement (or maintain) an information sharing campaign to engage your members in the legislative process which include tactics such as: »» Presenting, at least quarterly, a legislative update at chapter meetings »» Providing, at least quarterly, a legislative update in the chapter newsletter (either online or print) »» A chapter representative attends the SHRM Employment Law & Legislative Conference and participates in the Capitol Hill Advocacy Day: • Reporting back to the chapter on the conference and the Capitol Hill Advocacy Day is a great way to include the members in the experience. • Share what you learned on your Hill visit through your update column in the newsletter or in your update at the chapter meeting. SHRM 2010 Affiliate Program for Excellence (SHAPE) planning workbook Appendix B: Idea Center ©SHRM 2007 59
  60. 60. Member Advocacy Strategy in 2010 By the end of 2010, identify at least one key contact (‘precinct captain’) in the congressional districts throughout the 10 target states and California ©SHRM 2007 60
  61. 61. Panel Discussion & Audience Q & A