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Love, Dating Project

  1. 1. The Adventure of Dating By: Amber Love & Teresa Sciandra albums/oo255/citygirl65/.
  2. 2. Dating generally refers to a social activity were two people in a romantic relationship decide to spend more time with each other because of general purposes. What does dating mean?
  3. 3. One major cause of dating is… Peer pressure - peer pressure refers to the influence exerted by a peer group in encouraging a person to change his or her attitudes, values, or behavior in order to conform to group norms - Everyone wishes to be accepted and part of “the crowd”. As a result peer pressure is being applied by friends, boyfriends/girlfriends and/or the media. Example: Friends telling you to date someone, even though you don’t want to. Or… Seeing in the media that everyone else has a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you should do the same.
  4. 4. Peer Pressure cont.. Being in a relationship, peer pressure is also present. This includes a boyfriend or girlfriend, or even friends pressuring you doing drugs, having sex, drinking and/or smoking.
  5. 5. Connecting to Twisted… Peer pressure puts a lot of stress on characters throughout the book … Examples: - Tyler & Bethany, Tyler has the pressure from his sister, Chip, Chips friends, and Yoda, to date or not date Bethany. - When Tyler & Bethany are at the party, Bethany pressures Tyler to do sexual activities in bed with her .
  6. 6. Did you/someone have a crush on anyone? 60 % of students said Yes 17% of students said Maybe 22 % of students said No What WSW thinks about dating… In Twisted, there are multiple characters who have crushes on other characters. ex) Tyler and Bethany, and Yoda and Tyler's sister
  7. 7. Have you been in a serious relationship with another person? 75% of students said Yes 5% of students said Maybe 20% of students said NO Tyler tried to stay with Bethany, but her brother and all there friends try to break them up, so they do not stay in a strong relationship.
  8. 8. Have you or someone you know been in an abusive relationship? 47% of students said Yes 12% of students said Maybe 40% of students said No An example of an abusive relationship is between Tyler and Tyler’s father. Tyler’s father doesn’t car about him, he ignores the family, and in the home, he’s seems to be the one in control.
  9. 9. Have you ever been to a party and “hooked up” with anyone? 35% of students said Yes 5% of students said Maybe 60% of students said No - An example in the book is when Tyler and Bethany were at the party, and Bethany was drunk and Tyler wanted to get with her but he chose not to.
  10. 10. Would you ever date someone who went to your school? 45% of students said Yes 27% of students said Maybe 27% of students said No Twisted Examples: - Tyler & Bethany - Yoda & Tyler’s Sister
  11. 11. If your friends told you not to date someone, would you listen to them? 5% of students said Yes 62% of students said Maybe 32% of students said No Tyler wanted to date Bethany and vise versa but there friends tell them not to because of the “social status”, but they try not to listen to them,
  12. 12. Would you take advantage of your girlfriend/boyfriend? 27% of students said Yes 10% of students said Maybe 82% of students said No - An example in the book is when Tyler and Bethany were at the party, Tyler had the choice to take advantage of Bethany, but he chose not to.
  13. 13. Have your parents influenced whom you date? 12% of students said Yes 17% of students said Maybe 70% of students said No - Tyler’s dad, and Bethany’s dad influenced them dating because they each worked together, and he didn’t want it to get in the way of the work.
  14. 14. Did you ever lose a friendship over dating a best friends brother/sister? 12% of students said Yes 87% of students said No - Tyler went through rough relationships with his dad, his mother, his sister, and his friends from school, because of his actions.
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