Peoplesmarch November 2009


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Peoplesmarch November 2009

  1. 1. “We Shall Certainly Defeat the Government” In this interview, taken from the October 17, 2009 issue of ‘Open’, Ganapathi, General Secretary of the CPI (Maoist), talks about the party’s work in Lalgarh, its response to the government’s upcoming military offensive, the political situation in Nepal, the defeat of the LTTE, the contradictory nature of Islamist movements in the world today, and the role of the new chieftain of US imperialism. Q If it is a people’s movement, how Somewhere in the impregnable jungles of Dandakaranya, the supreme commander of CPI (Maoist) spoke to ‘Open’ on issues ranging from the did Maoists get involved in Lalgarh? Government’s proposed anti-Naxal offensive to Islamist Jihadist movements A As far as our party’s role is The supreme commander of CPI (Maoist) talks to Open in his first-ever concerned, we have been working in interview. Paschim Midnapur, Bankura and Purulia, in what is popularly known as At first sight, Mupalla Laxman Rao, who is about to turn 60, looks like a Jangalmahal since the 1980s. We fought school teacher. In fact, he was one in the early 1970s in Andhra Pradesh’s Karimnagar district. In 2009, however, the bespectacled, soft-spoken figure is against the local feudal forces, against India’s Most Wanted Man. He runs one of the world’s largest Left insurgencies— the exploitation and oppression by the a man known in Home Ministry dossiers as Ganapathi; a man whose writ runs forest officials, contractors, large through 15 states. The supreme commander of CPI (Maoist) is a science unscrupulous usurers and the graduate and holds a B Ed degree as well. He still conducts classes, but now they goondaism of both the CPM and are on guerilla warfare for other senior Maoists. He replaced the founder of the Trinamool Congress. The ruling CPM, People’s War Group, Kondapalli Seetharaamiah, as the party’s general-secretary in particular, has become the chief in 1991. Ganapathi is known to change his location frequently, and intelligence exploiter and oppressor of the Adivasis reports say he has been spotted in cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata and Kochi. of the region, and it has unleashed its After months of attempts, Ganapathi agreed to give his first-ever interview. notorious vigilanté gangs called Somewhere in the impregnable jungles of Dandakaranya, he spoke to RAHUL Harmad Vahini on whoever questions PANDITA on issues ranging from the Government’s proposed anti-Naxal its authority. With the State authority offensive to Islamist Jihadist movements. in its hands, and with the aid of the Q Lalgarh has been described as the but there the role of a section of the police, it is playing a role worse than New Naxalbari by the CPI (Maoist). ruling classes is also significant. These that of the cruel landlords in other How has it become so significant for movements were utilised by the ruling regions of the country. you? class parties for their own electoral Given this background, anyone who A The Lalgarh mass uprising has, interests. But Lalgarh is a more dares to fight against oppression and no doubt, raised new hopes among the widespread and more sustained mass exploitation by the CPM can win the oppressed people and the entire political movement that has spurned the respect and confidence of the people. revolutionary camp in West Bengal. It leadership of all the parliamentary Since our party has been fighting has great positive impact not only on political parties, thereby rendering them uncompromisingly against the the people of West Bengal but also on atrocities of the CPM goons, it naturally completely irrelevant. The people of the people all over the country. It has Lalgarh had even boycotted the recent gained the confidence and respect of the emerged as a new model of mass Lok Sabha polls, thereby unequivocally people of the region. movement in the country. We had seen demonstrating their anger and The police atrocities in the wake of similar types of movements earlier in Manipur, directed against Army frustration with all the reactionary the landmine blast on 2 November [in atrocities and Armed Forces Special ruling class parties. Lalgarh also has 2008, from which West Bengal Chief Powers Act (AFSPA), in Kashmir, in some distinctive features such as a high Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee had Dandakaranya and to some extent in degree of participation of women, a a narrow escape] acted as the trigger Orissa, after the Kalinganagar massacre genuinely democratic character and a that brought the pent-up anger of the perpetrated by the Naveen Patnaik wider mobilisation of Adivasis. No masses into the open. This assumed the government. wonder, it has become a rallying point form of a long-drawn mass movement, Then there have been mass for the revolutionary-democratic forces and our party played the role of a movements in Singur and Nandigram in West Bengal. catalyst. PEOPLE’S MARCH Nov. 2009 3
  2. 2. Q But not so long ago, the CPM was spearhead and stand firmly by the side defeat the massive offensive by the your friend. Y even took arms and ou of the people of Lalgarh and entire Central-state forces. I cannot say more ammunition from it to fight the Jangalmahal, and draw up tactics in than this at the present juncture. Trinamool Congress. This has been accordance with the people’s interests Q The Centre has declared an all- confirmed by a Politburo member of and mandate. We shall spread the out war against Maoists by branding CPI (Maoist) in certain interviews. And struggle against the State everywhere the CPI (Maoist) a terrorist now you are fighting the CPM with the and strive to win over the broad masses organisation and imposing an all-India help of the Trinamool. How did a friend to the side of the people’s cause. We ban on the party. How has it affected turn into a foe and vice-versa? shall fight the State offensive by your party? A This is only partially true. We mobilising the masses more militantly A Our party has already been banned came to know earlier that some against the police, Harmad Vahini and in several states of India. By imposing ammunition was taken by our local CPM goons. The course of the the ban throughout the country, the cadre from the CPM unit in the area. development of the movement, of Government now wants to curb all our There was, however, no understanding course, will depend on the level of consciousness and preparedness of the open activities in West Bengal and a with the leadership of the CPM in this few other states where legal regard. Our approach was to unite all people of the region. The party will take this into consideration while opportunities exist to some extent. The sections of the oppressed masses at the Government wants to use this draconian formulating its tactics. The initiative of lower levels against the goondaism and UAPA [Unlawful Activities the masses will be released fully. oppression of Trinamool goons in the (Prevention) Act] to harass whoever area at that time. And since a section of Q The Government has termed dares to raise a voice against fake the oppressed masses were in the fold Lalgarh a ‘laboratory’ for anti-Naxal encounters, rapes and other police of the CPM at that time, we fought operations. Has your party also learnt atrocities on the people residing in together with them against Trinamool. any lessons from Lalgarh? Maoist-dominated regions. Anyone Still, taking into consideration the A Yes, our party too has a lot to learn questioning the State’s brutalities will overall situation in West Bengal, it was from the masses of Lalgarh. Their now be branded a terrorist. not a wise step to take arms and upsurge was beyond our expectations. The real terrorists and biggest ammunition from the CPM even at the In fact, it was the common people, with threats to the country’s security are local level when the contradiction was the assistance of advanced elements influenced by revolutionary politics, none other than Manmohan Singh, basically between two sections of the who played a crucial role in the Chidambaram, Buddhadeb, other reactionary ruling classes. formulation of tactics. They formed ruling class leaders and feudal forces Our central committee discussed who terrorise the people on a daily their own organisation, put forth their this, criticised the comrade responsible basis. charter of demands, worked out various for taking such a decision, and directed novel forms of struggle, and stood The UPA Government had declared, the concerned comrades to stop this steadfast in the struggle despite the as soon as it assumed power for the immediately. As regards taking brutal attacks by the police and the second time, that it would crush the ammunition from the Trinamool social-fascist Harmad gangs. The Maoist ‘menace’ and began pouring in Congress, I remember that we had Lalgarh movement has the support of huge funds to the states for this purpose. actually purchased it not directly from revolutionary and democratic forces not The immediate reason behind this move the Trinamool but from someone who only in West Bengal but in the entire is the pressure exerted by the had links with the Trinamool. There country. We are appealing to all comprador bureaucratic bourgeoisie will never be any conditions or revolutionary and democratic forces in and the imperialists, particularly US agreements with those selling us arms. the country to unite to fight back the imperialists, who want to plunder the That has been our understanding all fascist offensive by the Buddhadeb resources of our country without any along. As regards the said interview by government in West Bengal and the hindrance. These sharks aspire to our Politburo member, we will verify UPA Government at the Centre. By swallow the rich abundant mineral and what he had actually said. building the broadest fighting front, and forest wealth in the vast contiguous Q What are your tactics now in by adopting appropriate tactics of region stretching from Jangalmahal to Lalgarh after the massive offensive by combining the militant mass political north Andhra. This region is the the Central and state forces? movement with armed resistance of the wealthiest as well as the most A First of all, I wish to make it people and our PLGA (People’s underdeveloped part of our country. crystal clear that our party will Liberation Guerilla Army), we will These sharks want to loot the wealth 4 PEOPLE’S MARCH Nov. 2009
  3. 3. and drive the Adivasi people of the such heroic resistance and preparing the with deep roots among the basic classes region to further impoverishment. entire party, PLGA, the various who comprise the backbone of our Another major reason for the current revolutionary parties and organisations revolution. This is the reason why the offensive by the ruling classes is the fear and the entire people. Although the reactionary rulers are unable to suppress of the rapid growth of the Maoist enemy may achieve a few successes in our revolutionary war, which is now movement and its increasing influence the initial phase, we shall certainly raging in several states in the country. over a significant proportion of the overcome and defeat the Government We had taken appropriate lessons Indian population. The Janatana offensive with the active mobilisation from the setback suffered by our party Sarkars in Dandakaranya and the of the vast masses and the support of in Andhra Pradesh and, based on these revolutionary people’s committees in all the revolutionary and democratic lessons, drew up tactics in other states. Jharkhand, Orissa and parts of some forces in the country. No fascist regime Hence we are able to fight back the other states have become new models or military dictator in history could cruel all-round offensive of the enemy of genuine people’s democracy and succeed in suppressing forever the just effectively, inflict significant losses on development. The rulers want to crush and democratic struggles of the people the enemy, preserve our subjective these new models of development and through brute force, but were, on the forces, consolidate our party, develop genuine democracy, as these are contrary, swept away by the high tide a people’s liberation guerilla army, emerging as the real alternative before of people’s resistance. People, who are establish embryonic forms of new the people of the country at large. the makers of history, will rise up like democratic people’s governments in a tornado under our party’s leadership some pockets, and take the people’s war Q The Home Ministry has made to wipe out the reactionary blood- to a higher stage. Hence we have an preparations for launching a long-term sucking vampires ruling our country. advantageous situation, overall, for battle against Maoists. A huge force will be soon trying to wrest away areas from Q Why do you think the CPI reviving the movement in Andhra your control. How do you plan to (Maoist) suffered a serious setback in Pradesh. Our revolution advances confront this offensive? Andhra Pradesh? wave-like and periods of ebb yield A It was due to several mistakes on place to periods of high tide. A Successive governments in various states and the Centre have been our part that we suffered a serious Q What are the reasons for the hatching schemes over the years. But setback in most of Andhra Pradesh by setback suffered by the LTTE in Sri they could not achieve any significant 2006. At the same time, we should also Lanka? success through their cruel offensive in look at the setback from another angle. A There is no doubt that the spite of murdering hundreds of our In any protracted people’s war, there movement for a separate sovereign leaders and cadres. Our party and our will be advances and retreats. If we look Tamil Eelam has suffered a severe movement continued to consolidate and at the situation in Andhra Pradesh from setback with the defeat and expand to new regions. From two or this perspective, you will understand considerable decimation of the LTTE. three states, the movement has now that what we did there is a kind of The Tamil people and the national spread to over 15 states, giving jitters retreat. Confronted with a superior liberation forces are now leaderless. to the ruling classes. Particularly after force, we chose to temporarily retreat However, the Tamil people at large the merger of the erstwhile MCCI and our forces from some regions of Andhra continue to cherish nationalist People’s War in September 2004 [the Pradesh, extend and develop our bases aspirations for a separate Tamil merger between these groups led to the in the surrounding regions and then hit homeland. The conditions that gave rise formation of the CPI (Maoist)], the back at the enemy. to the movement for Tamil Eelam, in UPA Government has unleashed the Now even though we received a the first place, prevail to this day. The most cruel all-round offensive against setback, it should be borne in mind that Sinhala-chauvinist Sri Lankan ruling the Maoist movement. Yet our party this setback is a temporary one. The classes can never change their policy continued to grow despite suffering objective conditions in which our of discrimination against the Tamil some severe losses. In the past three revolution began in Andhra Pradesh nation, its culture, language, etcetera. years, in particular, our PLGA has have not undergone any basic change. The jingoistic rallies and celebrations achieved several significant victories. This very fact continues to serve as the organised by the government and We have been confronting the basis for the growth and intensification Sinhala chauvinist parties all over Sri continuous offensive of the enemy with of our movement. Moreover, we now Lanka in the wake of Prabhakaran’s the support and active involvement of have a more consolidated mass base, a death and the defeat of the LTTE show the masses. We shall confront the new relatively better-trained people’s the national hatred for Tamils nurtured offensive of the enemy by stepping up guerilla army and an all-India party by Sinhala organisations and the extent PEOPLE’S MARCH Nov. 2009 5
  4. 4. to which the minds of ordinary took their help in receiving initial serves their interests—such as in Saudi Sinhalese are poisoned with such training in the last quarter of the 1980s. Arabia and other Gulf countries, and chauvinist frenzy. Q Does your party have links with Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan. The conspiracy of the Sinhala ruling Lashkar-e-Toiba or other Islamic Q But what about attacks classes in occupying Tamil territories militant groups having links with perpetrated by the so-called ‘Jihadis’ is similar to that of the Zionist rulers of Pakistan? on innocent people like it happened on Israel. The land-starved Sinhala people A No. Not at all. This is only 26/11? will now be settled in Tamil areas. The mischievous, calculated propaganda by A See, Islamic jihadist movements entire demography of the region is the police officials, bureaucrats and have two aspects: one is their anti- going to change. The ground remains leaders of the reactionary political imperialist aspect, and the other their fertile for the resurgence of the Tamil parties to defame us and thereby justify reactionary aspect in social and cultural liberation struggle. their cruel offensive against the Maoist matters. Our party supports the struggle Even if it takes time, the war for a movement. By propagating the lie that of Muslim countries and people against separate Tamil Eelam is certain to our party has links with groups linked imperialism, while criticizing and revive, taking lessons from the defeat to Pakistan’s ISI, the reactionary rulers struggling against the reactionary of the LTTE. By adopting a proletarian of our country want to prove that we ideology and social outlook of Muslim outlook and ideology, adopting new too are terrorists and gain legitimacy fundamentalism. It is only Maoist tactics and building the broadest united for their brutal terror campaign against leadership that can provide correct anti- front of all nationalist and democratic Maoists and the people in the areas of imperialist orientation and achieve forces, it is possible to achieve the armed agrarian struggle. Trying to class unity among Muslims as well as liberation of the oppressed Tamil nation prove the involvement of a foreign hand people of other religious persuasions. [in Sri Lanka]. Maoist forces have to in every just and democratic struggle, The influence of Muslim grow strong enough to provide branding those fighting for the fundamentalist ideology and leadership leadership and give a correct direction liberation of the oppressed as traitors will diminish as communist and anti-imperialist orientation to this to the country, is part of the revolutionaries and other democratic- struggle to achieve a sovereign People’s psychological-war of the reactionary secular forces increase their ideological Democratic Republic of Tamil Eelam. rulers. influence over the Muslim masses. As This alone can achieve the genuine Q What is your party’s stand communist revolutionaries, we always liberation of the Tamil nation in Sri regarding Islamist jihadist movements? strive to reduce the influence of the Lanka. obscurantist reactionary ideology and A Islamic jihadist movements of Q Is it true that you received military outlook of the mullahs and maulvis on today are a product of imperialist— training from the LTTE initially? the Muslim masses, while uniting with particularly US imperialist— all those fighting against the common A No. It is not a fact. We had aggression, intervention, bullying, enemy of the world people—that is, clarified this several times in the past. exploitation and suppression of the oil- imperialism, and particularly American Q But, one of your senior rich Islamic and Arab countries of West imperialism. commanders has told me that some Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, etcetera, and the persecution of the Q How do you look at the changes senior cadre of the erstwhile PWG did entire Muslim religious community. As in US policy after Barack Obama took receive arms training and other support part of their designs for global over from George Bush? from the LTTE. hegemony, the imperialists, particularly A Firstly, one would be living in a A Let me reiterate, there is no US imperialists, have encouraged and fool’s paradise if one imagines that relation at all between our party and the endorsed every war of brazen there is going to be any qualitative LTTE. We tried several times to aggression and brutal attacks by their change in American policy—whether establish relations with the LTTE but surrogate state of Israel. internal or external—after Barack its leadership was reluctant to have a Our party unequivocally opposes Obama took over from George Bush. relationship with Maoists in India. every attack on Arab and Muslim In fact, the policies on national security Hence, there is no question of the LTTE countries and the Muslim community and foreign affairs pursued by Obama giving training to us. In spite of it, we at large in the name of ‘war on global over the past eight months have shown continued our support to the struggle terror’. In fact, Muslim religious the essential continuity with those of for Tamil Eelam. However, a few fundamentalism is encouraged and his predecessor. The ideological and persons who had separated from the fostered by imperialists as long as it political justification for these LTTE came into our contact and we 6 PEOPLE’S MARCH Nov. 2009
  5. 5. regressive policies at home and immediately pulled down. CPN-UML surrenders on the movement? How are aggressive policies abroad is the same withdrew support to the Prachanda-led you dealing with problems arising out trash put forth by the Bush government upon the advice of of old age and illnesses? administration—the so-called ‘global American imperialists and Indian A (Smiles…) This type of war on terror’, based on outright lies expansionists. We disagreed with the propaganda is being carried out and slander. Worse still, the policies line of peaceful transition pursued by continuously, particularly by the have become even more aggressive the UCPN(M) in the name of tactics. Special Intelligence Branch (SIB) of under Obama with his planned We decided to send an open letter to Andhra Pradesh. It is a part of the expansion of the US-led war of the UCPN(M). It was released in July psychological war waged by aggression in Afghanistan into the 2009. intelligence officials and top police territory of Pakistan. The hands of this We made our party’s stand clear in brass aimed at confusing and new killer-in-chief of the pack of the letter. We pointed out that the demoralizing supporters of the Maoist imperialist wolves are already stained UCPN(M) chose to reform the existing movement. It is a fact that some of the with the blood of hundreds of women State through an elected constituent party leaders at the central and state and children who are cruelly murdered assembly and a bourgeois democratic level could be described as senior in relentless missile attacks from republic instead of adhering to the citizens according to criteria used by Predator drones in Afghanistan and Marxist-Leninist understanding on the the government, that is, those who have Pakistan. And, within the US itself, bail- imperative to smash the old State and crossed the threshold of 60 years. You outs for the tiny corporate elite and establish a proletarian State. This would can start calling me too a senior citizen attacks on democratic and human rights have been the first step towards the goal in a few months (smiles). But old age of US citizens continue without any of achieving socialism through the and ill-health have never been a serious change. radical transformation of society and all problem in our party until now. You can The oppressed people and nations oppressive class relations. It is indeed see the ‘senior citizens’ in our party of the world are now confronting an a great tragedy that the UCPN(M) has working for 16-18 hours a day and even more formidable and dangerous chosen to abandon the path of covering long distances on foot. As for enemy in the form of an African- protracted people’s war and pursue a surrenders, it is a big lie to say that old American president of the most parliamentary path in spite of having age and ill-health have been a reason powerful military machine and world de facto power in most of the for some of the surrenders. gendarme. The world people should countryside. When Lanka Papi Reddy, a former unite to wage a more relentless, more It is heartening to hear that a section member of our central committee, militant and more consistent struggle of the leadership of the UCPN(M) has surrendered in the beginning of last against the American marauders led by begun to struggle against the revisionist year, the media propagated that more Barack Obama and pledge to defeat positions taken by Comrade Prachanda surrenders of our party leaders will them to usher in a world of peace, and others. Given the great follow due to ill-health. The fact is that stability and genuine democracy. revolutionary traditions of the Papi Reddy surrendered due to his loss Q How do you look at the current UCPN(M), we hope that the inner-party of political conviction and his petty- developments in Nepal? struggle will repudiate the right bourgeois false prestige and ego. Hence A As soon as the Communist Party opportunist line pursued by its he was not prepared to face the party of Nepal (Maoist) [CPN(M)] came to leadership, give up revisionist stands after he was demoted by the central power in alliance with the comprador- and practices, and apply minds committee for his anarchic behavior feudal parties through the parliamentary creatively to the concrete conditions of with a woman comrade. route in Nepal, we had pointed out the Nepal. Some senior leaders of our party, grave danger of imperialist and Indian Q Of late, the party has suffered like comrades Sushil Roy and Narayan expansionist intervention in Nepal and serious losses of party leadership at the Sanyal, had become a nightmare for the how they would leave no stone central and state level. Besides, it is ruling classes even when they were in unturned to overthrow the government widely believed that some of the senior- their mid 60s. Hence they were arrested, led by CPN(M). As long as Prachanda most Maoist leaders, including you, tortured and imprisoned despite their did not defy the directives of the Indian have become quite old and suffer from old age and ill-health. The Government Government, it was allowed to serious illnesses, which is also cited as is doing everything possible to prevent continue, but when it began to go one of the reasons for the surrenders. them from getting bail. Even if against Indian hegemony, it was What is the effect of the losses and someone in our party is old, he/she PEOPLE’S MARCH Nov. 2009 7
  6. 6. continues to serve the revolution by A Our war is in the stage of strategic attempts to disrupt and smash our doing whatever work possible. For defence. In some regions, we have an movement. The successes we had instance, Comrade Niranjan Bose, who upper hand, while in others the enemy achieved in several tactical counter- died recently at the age of 92, had been has the upper hand. Overall, our forces offensive operations carried out across carrying out revolutionary propaganda have been quite successful in carrying the country in recent days, the militant until his martyrdom. The social fascist out a series of tactical counter-offensive mass movements in several states, rulers were so scared of this operations against the enemy in our particularly against displacement and nonagenarian Maoist revolutionary that guerilla zones in the past few years. other burning issues of the people, they had even arrested him four years It is true that our party has suffered initiatives taken by our revolutionary back. Such is the spirit of Maoist some serious leadership losses, but we people’s governments in various revolutionaries—and power of the are able to inflict serious losses on the spheres—all these have had a great ideology of Marxism-Leninism- enemy too. In fact, in the past three impact on the people, while Maoism which they hold high. When years, the enemy forces suffered more demoralizing enemy forces. There are there are serious illnesses, or physical casualties than we did. The enemy has reports of desertions and disobedience and mental limitations to perform been trying all means at their disposal of orders by the jawans posted in normal work, such comrades are given to weaken, disrupt and crush our party Maoist-dominated areas. Quite a few suitable work. and movement. They have tried covert have refused to undertake training in Q But what about the arrests and agents and informers, poured in huge jungle warfare or take postings in our elimination of some of your senior amounts of money to buy off weak areas, and had to face suspension. This leadership? How do you intend to fill elements in the revolutionary camp, and trend will grow with the further advance up such losses? announced a series of rehabilitation of our people’s war. Overall, our party’s packages and other material incentives influence has grown stronger and it has A Well, it is a fact that we lost some to lure away people from the now come to be recognized as the only senior leaders at the state and central revolutionary camp. Thousands of genuine alternative before the people. level in the past four or five years. Some leaders were secretly arrested and crores of rupees have been sanctioned Q How long will this stage of murdered in the most cowardly manner. for police modernization, training and strategic defence last, with the Centre Many other and state leaders were for raising additional commando ready to go for the jugular? arrested and placed behind bars in the forces; for increasing Central forces; for A The present stage of strategic recent past in Jharkhand, Bihar, training Central and state forces in defence will last for some more time. Chhattisgarh, Orissa, West Bengal, counter-insurgency warfare; and for It is difficult to predict how long it will Maharashtra, Haryana and other states. building roads, communication take to pass this stage and go to the The loss of leadership will have a grave networks and other infrastructure for stage of strategic equilibrium or impact on the party and Indian the rapid movement of their troops in strategic stalemate. It depends on the revolution as a whole. We are reviewing our guerilla zones. The Indian State has transformation of our guerilla zones the reasons for the losses regularly and set up armed vigilante groups and into base areas, creation of more devising ways and means to prevent provided total support to the guerilla zones and red resistance areas further losses. By adopting strictly indescribable atrocities committed by across the country, the development of secret methods of functioning and these armed gangs on the people. our PLGA. With the ever-intensifying foolproof underground mechanisms, by Psychological warfare against Maoists crisis in all spheres due to the anti- enhancing our mass base, vigilance and was taken to unheard of levels. people policies of pro-imperialist, pro- local intelligence, smashing enemy Nevertheless, we continued to make feudal governments, the growing intelligence networks and studying greater advances, consolidated the party frustration and anger of the masses their plans and tactics, we hope to check and the revolutionary people’s resulting from the most rapacious further losses. At the same time, we are committees at various levels, policies of loot and plunder pursued by training and developing new strengthened the PLGA qualitatively the reactionary ruling classes, we are revolutionary leadership at all levels to and quantitatively, smashed the confident that the vast masses of the fill up the losses. enemy’s intelligence network in several country will join the ranks of Q How do you sum up the present areas, effectively countered the dirty revolutionaries and take the Indian stage of war between your forces and psychological-war waged by the revolution to the next stage. those of the Indian State? enemy, and foiled the enemy’s all-out PM 8 PEOPLE’S MARCH Nov. 2009
  7. 7. OPEN LETTER TO UNITED COMMUNIST P ARTY OF NEPAL (MAOIST) FROM THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST) (Downloaded from internet) D ear Comrades, We have been keenly, with great concern, following also some other specific issues raised by your Party in the name of creative leadership of the CPSU and state power in the Soviet Union after the demise of the recent developments taking place application of MLM such as the comrade Stalin. Com Mao and other in your country, Nepal. With the concept of 21st century democracy or genuine revolutionaries had to wage a CPN(Maoist) emerging as the single multi-Party democracy, Prachanda consistent ideological-political struggle largest party in the elections to the Path, fusion theory, and so on, which against revisionism and reformism in Constituent Assembly in April 2008 in our understanding, is a basic the ICM and also within the CPC. and the formation of the new departure from Marxism-Leninism- However, despite the great struggle government consisting of a coalition of Maoism and should be widely and waged by com Mao and other Marxist several Parties, some of which are deeply debated. Leninist revolutionaries all over the known for their anti-people, pro-feudal, It is true that Marxism is not a world against revisionism, it has been pro-imperialist and pro-Indian dogma but a guide to action. Those the revisionists who have temporarily expansionist past, an ideological- won and dominated the ICM in the Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries who political debate has arisen in the entire contemporary world. The ideological- followed it only in letter and discarded revolutionary camp in India and the political debate over the creative its spirit have failed to understand the world regarding the path, strategy, and application of MLM to the concrete essence of Marxism, failed to tactics pursued by your Party, now the practice of the revolution in Nepal has understand what com Lenin had taught, UCPN(M), in advancing the revolution to be conducted with a correct grasp of that is, ‘concrete analysis of concrete in Nepal. All these make it all the more this international struggle ever since the conditions is the living soul of urgent to conduct a deeper debate on time of com Lenin, and particularly by Marxism’. Such dogmatists failed to the ideological-political line pursued by Mao against Khrushchev revisionism. apply MLM to the concrete practice of the CPN(M), particularly after it came revolution in their countries and hence “Fight against dogmatism” has to power through elections, after a failed to make any real advances in the become a fashionable phrase among decade-long heroic people’s war and revolutions in their respective many Maoist revolutionaries. They talk forming the government with some of countries. Dogmatism, no doubt, has of discarding “outdated” principles of the arch-reactionaries who had earned been a bane of the Marxist Leninist Lenin and Mao and to develop MLM the wrath of the Nepalese masses. in the “new conditions” that are said to movements and hence the struggle have emerged in the world of the 21st Several issues need to be debated by against dogmatism should be an century. Some of them describe their Maoist revolutionaries throughout the inseparable part of the ideological endeavour to “enrich and develop” world in the context of the UCPN(M) struggle of the Communist Party. MLM as a new path or thought, and pursuing a line and policies that, in our However, in the name of the struggle though this is initially described as understanding, are not consistent with against dogmatism, there have been something confined to revolution in the fundamental tenets of MLM and serious deviations in the International their concerned country, it inexorably teachings of our great Marxist Communist Movement (ICM), often assumes a “universal character” or teachers—issues such as proletarian going into an even greater, and more “universal significance” in no time. And internationalism; stages and sub-stages dangerous, abyss of right deviation and in this exercise individual leaders are of revolutions and its practical revisionism. In the name of creative glorified and even deified to the extent applications in semi-colonial semi- application of Marxism, communist that they appear infallible. Such feudal countries; understanding of the parties have fallen into the trap of right glorification does not help in collective Leninist concept of state and opportunism, bourgeois pluralist Euro- functioning of Party committees and revolution; nature of parliamentary Communism, rabid anti-Stalinism, the Party as a whole and questions on democracy in semi-colonial, semi- anarchist post-modernism and outright line are hardly ever raised as they stem feudal countries of Asia, Africa and revisionism. Right danger or from an infallible individual leader. In Latin America; meaning of firmness of revisionism in the ICM has emerged as such a situation it is extremely difficult strategy and flexibility in tactics; and the greatest danger in the period on the part of the CC, not to speak of such other related questions. There are following th e usurpation of the the cadres, to fight against a serious PEOPLE’S MARCH Nov. 2009 9
  8. 8. deviation in the ideological-political debate was called for on International Sermons are being preached by the line, or in the basic strategy and tactics forums, that our Party had gone into revisionists who had always acted as even when it is quite clear that it goes open ideological-political debates. the strongest advocates of against the interests of revolution. The These open debates were conducted in Parliamentary democracy in India, “cult of the individual” promoted in the a healthy and comradely manner guided opened up their social fascist fangs name of path and thought provides a by the principles of proletarian wherever they had been in power ever certain degree of immunity to the internationalism. since the days of the Naxalbari revolt, deviation in line if it emanates from that Since then our relations developed acted as a safety valve to vent the fury individual leader. even further, but since 2003 we have of the masses into peaceful channels, Our two Parties, CPI(Maoist) and marked the serious turn in your and played the notorious role of CPN(Maoist), have a considerably long ideological-political line regarding the diffusing militant movements and period of fraternal relationship, a period Nepalese revolution and the world depoliticizing and demobilizing the going back to the late 1980s (then proletarian revolution as well. After that masses, thereby serving the Indian existing as MCC and PW) when the you have further advanced on this ruling classes and the imperialists most present leadership of your Party was faithfully—all in the name of peaceful political line, so there is a need to still a part of the revisionist Party in path to people’s democracy and conduct a deeper debate and come to Nepal pursuing a parliamentary line. socialism. These revisionists have been an overall assessment regarding the We had been a keen and enthusiastic writing articles claiming that at last the theory and practice pursued by your witness to the ideological struggle Nepali Maoists have come to the Party, synthesise the experiences gained waged by your leadership against correct track and that it should serve as in the course of the people’s war in an eye-opener to the Indian Maoists revisionism, its clean break with the Nepal, and the lessons, both positive who should, at least now, give up their revisionist line and its initiation of and negative, they provide to the Maoist “unrealizable dream of capturing people’s war in February 1996. revolutionaries in the contemporary political power through the bullet” and, While extending support to the world. instead, try to achieve it through the revolution in Nepal, we both (then We are sending this Open Letter to ballot as their counterparts in Nepal are erstwhile MCC and PW) had also your Party so as to conduct a polemical doing today. pointed out from time to time some of debate both within your Party and the We earnestly hope that the CC and the mistakes we had identified in the Maoist revolutionary camp worldwide. all the Party members of UCPN(M) will understanding and practice of the This step has become necessary evince keen interest in this ideological- CPN(M), and also the possible because of the very serious political debate and take the correct deviations that might arise due to its developments that have taken place in revolutionary positions based on our wrong assessments and concepts. the course of development of the guiding theory of MLM and the lessons However, we never interfered with revolution in Nepal that have a bearing provided by the rich experiences of the political-organisational matters on our understanding of imperialism world revolution. We also hope that concerning the internal affairs and and proletarian revolution as well as the Maoist revolutionaries worldwide will inner-Party struggles within your Party. strategy-tactics to be pursued by Maoist participate in this debate and enrich the But whenever called upon, or, when we revolutionaries in the contemporary experiences of the world proletariat in felt there is danger of a serious world; there is also serious deviation advancing the world proletarian deviation ideologically and politically, from the ideology of MLM. Hence revolution. we gave our suggestions as a fraternal these are no more the internal matters In this context, we also regret to say revolutionary Party during the several concerning your Party alone. that you have not cared to respond to bilateral meetings between our Moreover, such a debate is the our proposal to have a bilateral respective high-level delegations or urgent need of the hour in the backdrop exchange of views with your CC after through letters to your CC. It was only of vicious propaganda by the the April 2008 elections. Until when some of the ideological-political revisionists as well as the reactionary December 2008 there was not even a positions stated by your Party publicly ruling classes in India that the Indian reply from your CC to the letter we had had deviated from MLM, or when open Maoists should learn from the Nepali sent on May 1st in this regard. Nor was comments were made by your Maoists who were supposed to have there any response from your side to Chairman Prachanda on various realized at last “the futility of achieving our proposal to hold the meeting of occasions regarding our Party’s line and their cherished goal of socialism and CCOMPOSA in order to continue the practice, or when open polemical communism through armed struggle”. united struggle of the Maoist forces and 10 PEOPLE’S MARCH Nov. 2009
  9. 9. anti-imperialist forces of South Asia the supervision of the United Nations, Now we take up the serious issues against Indian expansionism and and on the question of integration of and deviations that have come to the imperialism, particularly American the two armies, demobilization of the fore in the course of the development imperialism. YCL, abandoning the base areas and of the Nepalese revolution. At last we received a letter from the great revolutionary achievements of Interestingly, some of these deviations your International department in the decade-long people’s war, policy of from the basic tenets of MLM had been December 2008 and a meeting of our appeasement adopted towards Indian theorised by your Party as an two delegations materialized soon after. expansionism, and so on. However, enrichment and development of MLM Basing on the discussions we held with there was no serious debate on these and summed up as Prachanda Path. your delegation and the material that issues from your side. Hence it has been On 21st Century was available to us regarding the an encouraging sign to see the inner- Democracy current developments in your Party and Party struggle within your Party on some of these issues at last. Your Party had claimed that its the stands you had taken on various “decision on multi-party democracy is issues our CC held detailed discussions After the dangerous journey that a strategically, theoretically developed and drew conclusions based on MLM, your Party had traversed in the past position” and that it is applicable even the experiences of world revolution, three years we earnestly hope that your to conditions obtaining in India.{From and the actual situation prevailing in Party rank and file will review the Prachanda’s Interview in Hindu} You Nepal and the contemporary world. dangerous right opportunist positions attributed universal significance to it and the disastrous consequences that Firstly, we are glad that a serious and claimed that it is an attempt to these have given rise to, and also inner-Party struggle has broken out in further develop MLM. Hence there is reconsider and rectify the wrong line your Party on crucial issues related to a need for every proletarian Party to pursued by your Party leadership advancing the revolution in Nepal. take a clear-cut stand on this so-called headed by com Prachanda. Such a free Such a struggle within the Party has “enrichment of MLM”. and frank, thoroughgoing review of the been the need of the hour since long, at ideological-political line pursued by the The conceptual problem of least from the time your Party Party leadership and the serious democracy in the leadership of leadership, in our opinion, had begun deviations from the fundamental tenets UCPN(M) had begun at least by 2003. to pursue a disastrous course of of MLM that had taken place in the The 2003 CC Plenum of your Party had “hunting with the hound and running name of creative application of MLM, passed the paper on the development with the hare”, i.e., striking alliances will help in establishing the correct line of democracy in the 21st century. In that with the reactionary feudal, comprador that can advance the revolution to its paper you proposed that there should political Parties with the sole aim of final victory in Nepal. We are confident be “peaceful competition between all overthrowing the King and the that the correct revolutionary line will political parties against feudalism and monarchy while at the same time be re-established through such a foreign imperialist forces”. You said speaking of advancing the revolution serious, thorough-going ideological- that “within a certain constitutional in Nepal through a “final assault” or political struggle within your Party. In provision multi-party competition insurrection. Even prior to this, your this context we also wish to express our should exist as long as it’s against Party’s concept of multi-Party strong disagreement on the so-called feudalism, against foreign imperialistic democracy or 21st century democracy, unity between your Party and the break- interference”. You said during our its non-proletarian stands on the away group of Mohan Bikram Singh’s bilateral meetings too that the peaceful question of assessment of Stalin, fusion Mashal. We think such a unity with a competition that you are talking of was theory etc were subjects of serious proven Rightist group will not help in in the post-revolutionary period and not polemical debate. Our Party dealt with furthering the cause of the revolution before. But later on you began to be these issues through articles in our in Nepal but will take the Party further evasive and vague on whether this magazines and interviews by our down the path of revisionism and multi-Party competition was also spokespersons right from 2002, and reformism. This unity based on the feasible before the seizure of power by particularly from 2006. We had also principle of ‘two combining into one’ the working class. Then, with the pointed out the non-Marxist positions will further strengthen the hands of the conclusion of the 12-point agreement that you had taken on the question of reformists and right opportunists within with the SPA you made an about-turn state and revolution, on the question of the UCPN(M), or the UCPN/Maoism- and asserted that your Party was ready disarming and demobilizing of the PLA Mao Thought as it is presently being to compete with other comprador- by confining it to the barracks under called. feudal parties! What democracy you PEOPLE’S MARCH Nov. 2009 11
  10. 10. aspire to develop through peaceful of politics. That is to say, in the last a military coup, its armed forces might competition with such Parties is beyond analysis, it serves the economic base. be massacred by those of the one’s comprehension. The same is true of freedom. Both reactionaries, its leaders and Party In his interview to The Hindu in democracy and freedom are relative, cadres might be eliminated. ….. And if 2006, com Prachanda said: “And we are not absolute, and they come into being it wants to be part of the parliamentary telling the parliamentary parties that we and develop in specific historical game it has to abide by its rules and are ready to have peaceful competition conditions.” (Ibid) cannot carry out its anti-feudal, anti- with you all.” Genuine democracy is achieved imperialist policies freely. Even the through a consistent and uncompro- independence of the judiciary has to be Here there is no bungling of words. mising struggle against imperialism and recognised as part of the game of The UCPN(M) leader has directly feudalism—both in the sphere of the parliament and can cause obstruction assured the comprador bourgeois- base and superstructure—and to every reform which the Maoist party feudal parliamentary parties that his accomplishing the tasks of the New tries to initiate after coming to power Party is ready to have peaceful Democratic Revolution. Freedom, at through elections. competition with all of them. And by the individual level, as Marx said, is the “Then there will be several describing this decision on multiparty recognition of necessity; at the political independent institutions like the democracy as a strategically, theore- level, it entails smashing the chains that judiciary, the election commission, the tically developed position comrade bind us to the imperialist system. human rights commission sponsored by Prachanda has brought a dangerous Your Party says it has synthesised the imperialists, the media, various thesis to the fore—the thesis of peaceful the experiences of 20th century artistic, cultural and even religious coexistence with the ruling class parties revolutions by taking lessons from the bodies, non-government organisations, instead of overthrowing them through positive and the negative experiences and so on. If one declares one’s revolution; peaceful competition with commitment to multiparty democracy, all other parliamentary parties, of the 20th Century; from revolutions and counter-revolutions of the 20th one cannot escape from upholding these including the ruling class parties that so-called independent institutions. Century. But what lessons has it taken, are stooges of imperialism or foreign Many of these can work for counter- and Maoists should take, from the reaction, in so-called parliamentary revolution in diverse subtle ways. One experiences of Communist parti- elections; abandoning the objective of cannot forget the subtle manner in cipation in so-called Parliamentary building socialism for an indefinite which the western agencies infiltrated democracy in countries like Indonesia, period; and opening the doors wide for and subverted the societies in East Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador and the feudal-comprador reactionaries to European countries and even in the others? Would your Party have pursued come to power by utilizing the former Soviet Union.” the same path as above if it had backwardness of the masses and the Your Party had correctly explained correctly synthesized and taken lessons massive backing from domestic and in the document on 21st century from 20th century revolutions? Is there foreign reactionaries or the bourgeois democracy, released in June 2003, the anything wrong if one concludes and petty bourgeois forces to hijack the role played by the proletarian Party from,both your concept of 21st Century entire course of development of society after assuming state power in the Democracy and multiparty competition from the socialist direction to following terms: and the practice of abandoning people’s capitalism in the name of democracy “Experience has proved that after war, that you are following the same and nationalism. Overall, com. assuming state power, when various path treaded by the revisionist parties Prachanda’s conclusions regarding leaders and cadres of the Party are in the above-mentioned countries? multiparty democracy creates illusions involved in running the state affairs, among the people regarding bourgeois In an article in our theoretical organ then there is strong chance that physical democracy and their constitution. People’s War in 2006, we had pointed environment may swiftly reduce the Com Mao had pointed out: “Those out the futility of participating in Party into a bureaucratic, careerist and who demand freedom and democracy elections and how it would ultimately luxurious class. With intensification of in the abstract regard democracy as an help the reactionary ruling classes. We this danger the Party will become more end and not as a means. Democracy as pointed out: formal and alienated from the masses, such sometimes seems to be an end, but “And even if a Maoist Party comes in the same proportion. This process it is in fact only a means. Marxism to power through elections, and merges when it reaches to certain level of its teaches us that democracy is part of the its own armed forces with those of the own development, it is bound to be superstructure and belongs to the realm old state, it can be overthrown through transformed into counter-revolution. In 12 PEOPLE’S MARCH Nov. 2009
  11. 11. order to prevent such danger as counter- “The synthesis of all the specificities the world situation after the eighties of revolution to happen, it is important to clearly shows that it is impossible for the 20th century do not provide any develop further organizational the armed struggle in Nepal to make a new basis to “fuse” the two mechanism and system so that Party is quick leap into an insurrection and qualitatively different strategies into a constantly under the vigilance, control defeat the enemy. However, it is fully “new” amalgamated strategy, for the and service of the proletariat and possible to finally crush the enemy simple reason that no changes of a working masses according to the through systematic development of the qualitative nature have occurred in the theory of two-line struggle and armed struggle in Nepal. It can be socio-economic systems of countries continuous revolution. For this it is very clearly derived from this that the armed like India and Nepal. In all backward important that there should be a struggle in Nepal must necessarily countries like Nepal and India, the mechanism to guarantee overall adopt a protracted People’s War Maoist strategy of PPW has never people’s participation in two line strategy of surrounding the city from rejected the usage of the tactics of struggle and that one section the countryside.” uprisings in the cities during the course comprising of capable and established of the revolution. This was also seen But in its second national conference leaders and cadres should be constantly during the Chinese revolution. In fact, held in 2001, after synthesizing the involved in mass work and another the importance of usage of these tactics experiences of people’s war in Nepal, section should be involved in running has grown in the context of the changes it brought forth the theory of fusion of the state machinery and that after that have occurred after WW II, certain interval of period there should two different kinds of strategies that are applicable to countries with different particularly due to the tremendous be re-division of work thereby growth of urban populations and the strengthening the relationship between characteristics. high concentration of the working class. the whole Party and the general Just after the Second National The Maoist forces operating in these masses.” Conference of the CPN(M), the press countries should certainly give added The above-mentioned role is quite communiqué issued in the name of importance to this question and prepare impossible in the present situation when comrade Prachanda, stated in for uprisings in cities as part of the your Party is sharing power with the unequivocal terms that: Maoist strategy of PPW. However, this representatives of the old feudal, “The rapid development of science does not mean that the two strategies comprador class and has a servile and technology, especially in the area should be “fused” into one by labeling relationship with imperialism. So it was of electronic field has brought about PPW as an “old” and “conventional” not surprising to see most of the completely new model in regard to model. established leaders taking up the role forwarding revolution in each country of administering a state that remains an The 2005 CC Plenum “resolved that and in the world in the form of fusion instrument of oppression of the masses the very strategy of protracted PW of the strategies of protracted people’s and in no way represents the aspirations needs to be further developed to cater war and general armed insurrection of the masses. to the necessities of the 21st century. based on the above analysis.” In particular, several decades on it is On the Path of Revolution While making clear that now “no seen that the protracted PWs launched in semi-colonial semi- model based on past proletarian in different countries have faced feudal countries: revolution can be applied as in the past obstacles or got liquidated after Fusion Theory due to changes in the world”, it has reaching the state of strategic offensive, brought forth the concrete methodology as imperialism has attempted to refine This has been a much-debated issue of fusion of general insurrection into its interventionist counter-insurgency ever since the time of the victorious the strategy of PPW in Nepal. war strategy as a ‘long war.’ In this revolution in China. During the Great Debate between the CPSU and CPC in Though the CPN(M) claimed in context, if the revolutionaries do the early 1960s, the path of revolution 2001 that this conclusion was drawn mechanistically cling to the ‘protracted’ in the countries of Asia, Africa and from a synthesis of the experiences of aspect of the PW at any cost, it would Latin America was firmly established five years of people’s war in Nepal, in essence play into the hands of by the CPC. there was no experience to prove this imperialism and reaction. Hence the assertion. On the contrary, the successes latest proposition of ‘Prachanda Path’ The document adopted by the CC achieved in the five years of people’s that the proletarian military also needs of the CPN(M) in 1995 had correctly war had only vindicated the correctness to be further developed is quite serious formulated the strategy of protracted of the strategy of PPW. and of long-term significance. It may people’s war after analyzing the specificities of Nepal: The changes that have occurred in be noted that this proposition is firmly PEOPLE’S MARCH Nov. 2009 13
  12. 12. based on the concrete experiences of guerrilla warfare in the countryside, i.e. protracted people’s war. It is obvious the successfully advancing PW now at political and military offensives, that no revolution can be the exact the stage of strategic offensive and is simultaneously, while making the latter replica of another. However, basic aimed at further advancing and as principal. Everyone can notice ever similarities in the objective conditions defending it.” (The Worker#10: Page since the initiation, which was in the can make a particular model more 58) form of a kind of rebellion, our party relevant for a particular country. No Thus the question of path of has been incorporating some of the revolutionary would claim that every revolution has once again come onto insurrectionary tactics all through the country should inevitably follow this the agenda for discussion after the course of protracted people’s war. That or that model in toto mechanically. CPN(M) proposed its “fusion” theory is why the course of revolution we are There are bound to be variations in the in 2001. The question had assumed traversing resembles neither fully with strategy and tactics in different significance for the revolutionaries what Mao did in China nor with what countries depending on the concrete everywhere not only in the context of Lenin did in Russia. We believe one of conditions. But the general principle, the people’s war in Nepal but also the reasons behind the development of of course, is common to all revolutions because the CPN(M) had tried to give people’s war in such a short span of as explained so clearly by comrade its fusion theory a universal character. time in our country was our success to Mao: It theorized: keep ourselves away from the “The seizure of power by armed constraint of any model. In short, our force, the settlement of the issue by war, “Today, the fusion of the strategies position is no revolution can be is the central task and highest form of of armed insurrection and protracted repeated but developed. revolution. But while the principle People’s War into one another has been essential. Without doing so, a genuine “Almost after five years of the remains the same (for all countries), its revolution seems impossible in any initiation of people’s war in Nepal application by the Party of the country.” (The Great Leap Forward …, summing up its experiences in the proletariat finds expression in various p. 20). Second National conference, 2001, our ways according to the varying party developed a politico-military conditions.” It had also argued that “On the strategy stressing the need to have The politico-military strategy is not theoretical concept of revolutionary fusion of some aspects of the anything new as you claim. No war, this new theory of fusion of two insurrectionary tactics with those of revolutionary party would think that it strategies has universal significance.” protracted people’s war from the very can achieve victory in the revolution “The theory developed by fusion of beginning. Again, while coming at through military strategy alone. protracted People’s War and Kami Danda meeting, 2006, summing Political strategy and tactics are an insurrection has special significance up entire experiences of the ten years important part of the overall Strategy and it has become universal.” of people’s war our party further & Tactics pursued by a Maoist Party. In the paper submitted by the developed it and synthesized that Com Mao had always given importance CPN(M) at the International seminar on politico-military strategy with a to this aspect, and not just to the military Imperialism and Proletarian Revolution balanced sequence of the people’s war, aspect, in spite of the huge strength of in the 21st century held on December strong mass movement, negotiations the PLA. Isolating the main enemies, 26, 2006, it repeated the 2003 thesis but and diplomatic maneuvering only can building the united front with all anti- with a very important change. It wrote: lead the new democratic revolution in imperialist and anti-feudal forces, “.....we came to a conclusion that Nepal to victory. We think, this organising the working class and other sticking to a particular model, and the synthesis of a revolutionary detachment toiling masses in the urban areas and tactic based on it, would not address of international proletarian army, the plain areas, have been an indispensable the new contradictions created by the CPN (Maoist), could be useful to others part of the agenda of the CPC under aforesaid changes in the society and as well.” Mao and several Maoist parties today. confining the path of revolution within Every country has its own The documents of these Parties prove the framework of a certain modality specificities and the revolutionaries this beyond any doubt. would hold down our hand to resolve take these into account while drawing The problem, therefore, does not lie them. up their strategy and tactics. The world in not realizing the importance of the “Taking all these ideological and has seen two models of successful work in the urban areas or in the lack political factors into account, our party revolutions during the 20th century— of political strategy but in the nature of from the very beginning tried to take the Russian model of armed the politico-military strategy that is up mass mobilization in the cities and insurrection and the Chinese model of being implemented and the order of 14 PEOPLE’S MARCH Nov. 2009
  13. 13. priority of the rural and urban areas in As mentioned in the seminar paper: The leadership and the entire Party semi-colonial, semi-feudal countries. If “The fundamental character of ranks of UCPN(M) should at least now the chief task of smashing the state imperialism hasn’t been changed in realize the reformist and right machinery, particularly the Army and essence but as said in our party opportunist danger inherent in the other armed forces, is relegated to the document the imperialism in its course incorrect eclectic formulation of background in the name of political of development has been acquiring new comrade Prachanda regarding the path strategy and tactics, if concessions are forms and shapes. The initial colonial of revolution in Nepal. To put forth such given to the enemy at the cost of the form of imperialism changed its form an eclectic fusion theory in an class interests of the proletariat and into neo-colonialism. Now the neo- extremely backward semi-feudal semi- oppressed people for the sake of colonial form is taking its shape in the colonial country, where almost 90% of maintaining the united front somehow form of a globalised state. Naturally this the people reside in rural areas shackled or other, then the actual problem comes by semi-feudal social relations, is really change in form of imperialism should to the fore. The CPN(M) had achieved tragic. It makes a mockery of the Maoist be taken into account while developing rapid gains in the decade-long people’s concept of PPW and negates the basic path of revolution.” war and claimed to have control over teachings of comrade Mao. Prachanda’s 80 per cent of the country’s territory by The conclusion regarding globalised fusion theory is a serious deviation from 2005. But even this fact does not alter state goes against dialectics as it MLM, has created only confusion and or dilute the strategy of PPW and lend relegates inter-imperialist contra- illusion among Party ranks about quick priority to political strategy. dictions to the background and attempts victory instead of preparing the entire The foremost task even after to make imperialism as a whole into a party for a protracted people’s war. assuming control over 80 per cent of homogeneous mass. This formulation On Prachanda Path the territory would be to consolidate the was put forth for the first time by your Party towards the end of December Much has been written about mass base and organs of political Prachanda Path in your documents, power, increase the strength of the PLA 2006 after striking an alliance with the SPA. In fact, we can say that your 12- articles and interviews in the past seven and smash the centres of enemy power years. It has also been a topic of in the midst of our base areas. No doubt, point agreement with the SPA, your decision to become part of the interim discussion during our bilateral meetings the task is quite arduous and requires in the initial years of Initiation of great determination and patience since government sharing power with the comprador-feudal reactionary parties in people’s war in Nepal. there will be an overwhelming expectation of immediate victory Nepal, your participation in the When specifically asked by your among Party ranks and the people at elections to the Constituent Assembly delegation, we had reiterated our stand large. Serious mistakes are likely to take and forming a government under your in our bilateral meetings that building place in the period of strategic offensive leadership once again with the a personality cult will not help the Party if the protracted nature of the people’s reactionary forces, and theorizing on or the revolution in the long run. We war is not understood properly. peaceful competition with these cited our own experiences in India at parties—all these had arisen from the the time of comrade Charu Majumdar The fusion theory of the CPN(M) above assessment of your Party and advised you not to inculcate blind had undergone further deviations in the regarding imperialism and the faith in individuals. Our firm opinion five years since it was first proposed, conclusion that it has assumed the form had always been that isms, paths, and by 2006 it became the theory of of a globalised state. It is only natural thoughts etc get established over a long peaceful competition with the that such an assessment, similar to the process after they are vindicated in reactionary parties and peaceful thesis of ultra-imperialism proposed by practice and have a clear scientific transition to people’s democracy and Karl Kautsky in 1912 and which was basis. We advised you that it was too socialism. From a fusion of people’s laid bare by comrade Lenin, cannot but hasty to speak of a new path or thought war and insurrection Prachanda’s in Nepal just because some significant eclectic theory had assumed the form lead to the conclusion of a peaceful path victories were achieved in the people’s of negotiations and diplomatic and peaceful transition to people’s war. You were not convinced and manouevring. One of the major reasons democracy and socialism. The fusion proceeded with “enriching and for this change was the incorrect theory had ultimately led to the theory developing” MLM in the form of assessment of the contemporary world of peaceful transition! Now there is Prachanda Path and giving it a universal situation and the conclusion that the neither people’s war nor insurrection neo-colonial form of imperialism is character. but peaceful competition with other now taking the form of a globalised Parliamentary parties for achieving While asserting that it is the creative state. power through elections!! application of MLM to the concrete PEOPLE’S MARCH Nov. 2009 15