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The Ring


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The Ring

  1. 1. 228600-768985<br />The Ring uses many different film techniques to convey the idea of a psychological thriller. It uses the following:<br />Titling: Unlike other films, The Ring doesn’t start with any titles, or credits, such as the producer, the actors or the director. It only shows the name of the company that produces it. Which is DreamWorks. <br />The company’s name is shown for 21 seconds at the start of the film, which could show that the <br />Director/producers of the film would find it more important to set the scene rather than show the credits. It also builds on the story line and creates tension, which makes the audience more interested in the film. The fact that the company’s name is shown for 21 seconds shows the importance of it. DreamWorks it self is a million dollar Hollywood company that finances and produces many films every year. <br />Camera Movements/Angles/shots: The camera shot used in the first scene of the movie, is a Long Shot. This shot allows the audience to see where the scene is being set of the movie; the house conveys the idea of a thriller. The camera then zooms in <br />-91440018288002971800-228600to the house slowly, which shows the importance of it and builds on the idea of a thriller. This idea is shown through Dolly zoom. It is shown for 8 seconds, showing that the house may hold some significance, or also it may be something that the audience need to remember. <br />Straight after the 8 seconds shot of the house, we are introduced to our main characters, both female. The use of Medium shot and again Dolly zoom is used to show them as the main characters of the film. As the camera slowly zooms into the characters, it shows their importance in the film. <br />2514600215265<br />Furthermore, The use of a High angle allows the audience to clearly see that the girl plays the role of a victim in the film, as the high angle shows her to be in a less powerful position, this idea is also shown through the position of the camera, as the audience look down to the ‘victim’, making it seem as if the ‘villain’ is looking down at her.<br />4057650317500-1014095295910 Additionally, the use of mise-en-scene allows the audiences to see what character plays what role in the film. The female, young girls are shown to be the victim through the way they are presented. The use of their costume shows this, as the colours of their shirts are white, it could represent them as being the good characters, or the victims. This idea is further shown through the props and lighting used. The lighting used is bright (light bulbs) as opposed to dark, which shows that these characters play the hero in the film however the characters are distant from the lamp’s light, which could foreshadow that something bad is going to happen to them. Also the colour of the walls and the objects around them such as the bed, lamp and the desk are all white which again helps with idea of them being the victims. <br />Editing directories: there are many editing techniques is used in the opening of The Ring, such as the use of the Fade in technique, to show the start of the film and set the scene. There is also a reverse shot used to show the characters talking, and lastly, the use of Match cut is used to show the victim heading towards the phone from the stairs. (3.46-3.48) Timing for when the match cut is used.<br />Sound techniques: there are many different sound techniques used in the opening of The Ring, such as: in the beginning of the opening of the film there is dialogue used which is continued through out the first 2.00 minutes of the film but then there is compete silence which is combined with selective sound which helps to build the idea of what their talking about. (Which in this case is about the killer), However it is further changed to digetic sound, where the girl can hear and see the drops of water being dripped on to the puddle floor. <br /> <br /> <br />Actor’s positioning and movement: The positioning of the actor’s is also used to help higlight what roles they have in the film. For example, the girl is standing on the bottom of the stairs where the use of high angle is used, but her body language is quite cautious, which shows her role of a victim. Furthermore, the female characters are also presented as care free due to the way they are shown on the bed, ie. Lying down. <br />