Creating Tribal Ideas for Gen C - By Dan Pankraz for Nokia World '09


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Presented at Nokia World '09 in Stuttgart Germany, this presentation is about creating 'tribal ideas' for youth. Tribal ideas are ideas which spark the rapid mobilisation of youth via social media platforms. This presentation talks about the birth of Gen C via social media and key principals in creating tribal ideas and examples of brands that get it.

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  • Hi there, today I’m going to talk about creating tribal ideas for Gen C. Tribal ideas are ideas that SPARK A RAPID MOBILISATION OF YOUTH VIA SOCIAL MEDIAI’m going to talk about how brands are CREATING MOVEMENTS by inspiring young people to connect with each other and express themselves.I’m going to introduce you to Generation C, a new way to talk about youthTalk about 3 KEY PRINCIPALS brands need to think about when engaging Gen C and trying to develop a tribal following
  • Firstly I’d like to talk about a new way of thinking about youth.Meet Generation C – these teens and 20 somethings have been ‘hatched’ out of social media... What ‘C’ stands for has been widely debated: a few years ago it was about Generation it’s a multitude of things…its about change, co-creation, chameleons, cyborgs, curiosityUnlike Gen Y or Gen Z, they’re NOT an age cohort..they could be 14, they could be 28But a COLLECTIVE of digital creatives whose interests and behaviours are expressed across the technologically progressive backdrop of social media….Facebook,Flickr, Twitter, youtube, friendster, myspaceIf Social Media is about people having conversations, creating and sharing online, Gen C is the perfect embodiment of this behaviour.
  • They can be summed up as ‘The Connected Collective’…This generation more than any other need to BELONG TO A COMMUNITY, it’s a primal need hardwired from birth….HAPPINESS for youth has and always will be a direct function of belonging and expressing themselves within the tribe.This CONSTANT connectivity helps define their self identitiesWeb 2.0 has TURBO CHARGED THESE SOCIAL CONNECTIONS It’s about friending , updating, sharing ,gifting, texting, MMSing..... They want to CONNECT around interesting ideas, cultural objects, causes, movements
  • In the old days, we marketed to the HERDThis is how Gen X and much of Gen Y works, they move INDEPENDENTLY, waiting to be led, they’re typically VERY PASSIVE and SLOWER TO UPTAKE TRENDS
  • Gen C are different.Social media platforms has enabled SWARM BEHAVIOUR….Just like a swarm of bees, they can MOBILISE IN MINUTES Gen C tribes MOVE AS ONE, THEY DON’T FOLLOW A LEADER, THEY’RE ACTIVE, SHARE INTELIGENCE, AND ABOVE ALL THEY’RE FASTIn terms of marketing, the success of an idea often depends on:How STRONG THE LINKS are between the swarmHow FAST the swarm moves towards you, if it loses pace, it disperses
  • The tribe is CONSTANTLY TELLING EACH OTHER what they think about each other and brandsThey are having over 150 CONVERSATIONS about brands per week, 2x as many as older peopleEverything is REVIEWED AND RATED on sites like wiki, digg, delicious In fact 82% of youth rely on peer approval for buying decisionsThis massive peer influence on the social web has made DECISION MAKING A TEAM SPORT..they make decisions together.So today, marketing to the Connected Collective is about the ‘WE’ not ‘Me’..talking to the community not the individual
  • The social web has facilitated CONSTANT CONVERSATIONS, Gen C thrive on this..they’re constantly LIFESTREAMING their lives to the world..There’s NO hello or goodbye, it’s a constant stream of dialogue.. Whether it’s youtube, facebook, twitter or SMS’sCONVERSATIONS NEVER FINISHThis constant stream of info means todays youth are taking in 38HRS OF CONTENT A DAY, living in a state of CONTINUOUS PARTIAL ATTENTIONThe need to display your life every 5 minute is going to lead to an outbreak of OLD – OBSESSIVE LIFESTREAMING DISORDER
  • This constant stream of info is turning Gen C into CYBORGSThere is no difference between ON and OFFLINE.. they are one in the sameThey have a SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP with technologyINTRAVENEOUSLY connected to technology, especially their mobiles, It’s REPLACING THEIR MEMORIES and MAKING THEM MORE EFFICIENTAsk any teenager their best friends mobile number, I bet they cant tell you
  • If Gen C stands for CYBORG, then the mobile phone is their OXYGEN, they cant live without itA few weeks ago I spent a weekend hanging out with kids across Sydney and Melbourne , this is their view on how important the mobile is to them
  • In a world full of structure, university timetables, commitments, Social media tools delivered via mobile phone allow Gen C to be SPONTANEOUS in how they live their livesIt gives them the power to CHANGE THE MOMENT and create new stories to share with the tribe.
  • Gen C are CONTROLLING your brand more than never before.Whether you like it or not, they see themselves as CO-OWNERS OF YOUR BRAND They can build you up in a second, but also pull your down via twitter and influential trend setter blogs.Information is DIFFUSED AMAZINGLY FAST, so there’s no such thing as the ‘long tail’ effect where trends take ages to hit mainstream.The TWITTER EFFECT hit bruno in the USA, film dropped 14% after opening day thanks partly due to youth calling out their views on twitter and facebook
  • The social web has brought out their CREATIVE side….we’re certainly seeing the DEMOCRATISATION OF CREATIVITYGen C love CO-CREATING on social media platforms....they’re film makers, authors, djs, photographers, artists, advocates, political commentators...They love PLAYING with ideas, remixing, mashing songs, ads, trailers, images, whatever they can get their hands on,They no longer CONSUME ideas, they actively PARTICIPATEMarketers now need to think about CONTENT THEY DON’T CREATE as being an integral part of their brand ecosystem
  • Facebook has brought out Gen C’s COMPETITIVE side, making them MORE EXTROVERTED than ever.For Gen C there is a COMPETITIVE PRESSURE to constantly be in the know They call it ‘SNOOPING’…Gen C spend loads of time looking at who’s with who, who’s been invitedHERE’S A VIDEO I PUT TOGETHER ON WHY GEN C ARE ON FACEBOOK
  • Social media has created the CHAMELEONThey have SPLINTERED PERSONAS, changing their personality and belonging to many different tribes ALL AT ONCEAt any one time they could be part of the indie tribe, surfie, PC gamer, skater, muso tribe, emo festivalThey MOVE FLUIDLY through these tribes and HATE to be seen as ONE DIMENSIONALThe exciting thing is that the tribes are constantly Gen C need to be chameleon like to stay on trendThey’re carefully CRAFTING THEIR PERSONAL BRANDS ONLINE..their online image gives them validation within the tribe
  • Gen C are CURIOUS by nature so want ideas they can DISCOVERThey want to be TAKEN ON A JOURNEY across social mediascapeThe Dark Knight ARG was a perfect example of this, which provided clues for them across real and digital world in the lead up to the release of The Dark Knight.
  • Gen C are the CHANGE GENERATIONEvery young person with access to the web or smartphone has a VOICEThey are AGENTS OF CHANGEThey’re now EMPOWERED to make the world a better place and change the status quoThe tribe search for things to REBEL AGAINST, its in the nature. Mobile phones play a powerful role in sparking this TRIBAL BEHAVIOURIranian youth to STARTED A MOVEMENT against the government as they marched across facebook, skype and twitter BRANDING EVERYTHING GREEN to show their upset with the results of the election.
  • Youth have and will always be OBSESSED BY CELEBRITYSocial media allows brands to bring fans CLOSER to their heroes VIA REAL TIME AGGREGATION OF CONTENTAdidas see themselves as a content provider, getting youth up close and personal with their athletes During the All Star basketball weekend, you could follow NBA STARS DWIGHT HOWARDS every move as he documented his weekend via social media channels
  • So now you’ve got a bit of an insight into how social media has shaped the MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS of Gen CGoing to talk about the 3 C’s of creating TRIBAL IDEASIDEAS that inspire the tribe or ‘connected collective’ to mobilise at a rapid pace
  • The no.1 thing a brand must do to create a tribal idea is to have CONVICTION.You have to STAND FOR SOMETHING UNIQUE GIVE THEM A REASON TO MOBILISE AND CONNECT WITH EACH OTHERInspire them, give them something to believe in, have a fresh point of viewIf you DON’T DEFINE YOURSELF, they’ll do it for you, and that can be bad
  • The Best Job in the World has been one of the best tribal idea ever created…Am sure you’ve heard about itA job as a caretaker of the GBR for 6 months , $150k to report that experience to the worldAchieving GLOBAL MEDIA COVERAGE WITHIN HOURS OF ITS LAUNCHIt was successful because it was TAPPED INTO PEOPLE’S DREAMS,
  • The social web has empowered Gen C to make real positive changes. A key part of creating tribal ideas is giving them a PLATFORM to MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND SHARE THEIR VIEWSOne Young World is like a UN conference for youth, created to give the FUTURE LEADERS OF THE WORLD a VOICE to share views on GLOBAL ISSUES.They’re using Facebook and youtube to recruit 1,500 Under 25yr olds delegates from around the world to attend a summit in FebIt’s all about inspiring 25yr olds and giving them the platform to voice their opinion and change the world.
  • Have a clear view in your mind as to WHY THE TRIBE WILL FOLLOW YOU..if you don’t have a good answer, then go back to the drawing board
  • The era of One way messages is long goneTo be successful with Gen C, brands must COLLABORATE with youth letting them PARTICIPATE ON MANY LEVELS INVOLVE THEM, OPEN UP A LITTLE, LET DOWN THE BARRIERS if you want any type of meaningful relationship with them It’s about COLLABORATIVE CREATIVITY…...inspiring youth to create stuff together and mobilise around ideas, issues..
  • Collaboration requires a SHIFT IN MINDSET for marketersIt’s about doing stuff WITH and for Gen C ..NOT AT THEM
  • NEVER EVER treat Gen C as a DESTINATION point for your messages....Everyone here today has to BAN the WORD TARGET AUDIENCE and CONSUMERS from your vocab, that assumes they are waiting to be targetted
  • They are your PARTNERS IN PRODUCTION AND MODULATION OF IDEAS MAKE THEM AN INTEGRAL PART OF YOUR BRANDS STORY, if they’re not, they lose interest quicklyJust like a photo, if they’re not in it, they’re bored.
  • Brands need to think of themselves as SOCIAL ACCELERATORS.You’ve got to find new and interesting ways to ACCELERATE THEIR SOCIAL LIVESProvide them with content, tools and ideas to HELP THEM STAND OUT WITHIN THEIR TRIBEGive them something to talk about Or a way to EXPRESS THEMSELVES
  • In order to get youth connecting with each other around your brand, brands have to learn to be more SOCIALIt’s not just the niche brands doing it, to launch the 2010 Ford Fiesta, Ford has created the ‘FIESTA MOVEMENT’ – giving 100 young agents cars for 6 months and a series of tasksThese agents then share their experiences with their followers.Very non traditional way to launch a car, but one which has STARTED LOTS OF CONVERSATIONS before the launch
  • IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE BIG, INTIMATE GESTURES go a long wayFor Blink 182’s comeback tour they let fans VOTE for the playlists and even towns they are going to play in...Fans are part of the story
  • Fuelling DISCOVERY is essential if you want to use social mediaThey love being given CHALLENGES and tasks which make them WORK WITH OTHER MEMBERS OF THE TRIBEBritish rock band Muse recently released one of their new tracks, ‘United States of Eurasia’ by planting 30 USB sticksall ACROSS THE WORLD containing 5 second bits of the track People then had to go out and physically find them, work together to upload them onto the web and PIECE IT TOGETHER TO CREATE THE FINAL TRACK
  • Let them RE-IMAGINE THE REAL WORLD, don’t confine them just to the computerThey want to be out there EXPERIENCING REAL LIFE By taking pics of REAL LIFE IMAGES, Youth can now design their own shoes via their mobile phone on Nike ID
  • The IMMEDIATE NATURE of web 2.0 means that now more than ever brands have to CREATE ONGOING NARRATIVES. THE TIME OF QUARTERLY OF HALF YEARLY CAMPAIGNS IS OVERIt’s all STIMULATING CONTINUOUS CONVERSATIONS that are ongoingThink about CREATING YOUR BRAND ECOSYSTEMS and populating it with stories Gen C can contribute to
  • Ideas have to have a REAL TIME LIVE component that EVOLVE TO THE NEEDS OF THE TRIBEGen C want to INFLUENCE the outcome of the story AS IT HAPPENSAirline V Australia recently created a social media idea to promote their new Sydney to LA route.4320LA was a Twitter idea where 3 20yr old guys flew to LA for a 72 hour adventure Their task was to TWEET EVERY MINUTE FOR 4320 MINUTESCreating a DYNAMIC EVOLVING campaign that changed based on the reactions of the collective.
  • The best brands in the world are using social media tools to CREATE GROUNDSWELLS MOVEMENTSThey’re ORGANIC and MOTIVATE A CLOSE KNIT TRIBE, turning them into MESSAGE CARRIERSThe most interesting part of Obamas victory was the Great Schlep idea.The ‘SCHLEPPER TRIBE’ WAS ORGANICALLY CREATED as part of the The Great Schlep idea which got 23,000 young American Jews to convince their Jewish grandparents in Florida to vote for Obama.
  • You’ve got to LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR BRAND FANS ARE SAYING ABOUT YOU…so you can then be PRO ACTIVE and create content they wantCREATE PROFILES ON on Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Bebo, GoogleSEARCH FOR CONVERSATIONS relating to your brandMAKE SENSE OF WHAT CONSUMERS ARE SAYING about you
  • Building tribal ideas is about DELIVERING BRAND UTILITY AND CREATING VALUE IN THEIR SOCIAL SYSTEMS.You’ve got to create CULTURAL CAPITAL...FRESH stuff for them to talk about which gives them status within the tribe.In the world of social media, if it’s not worth talking about, it’s not worth doing.
  • Nike are the kings of culture creation. They know that to get the TRIBE MOTIVATED they need to tap into their competitive side and ‘MAKE THEM BETTER ATHLETES.Nike created Nike Bootcamp last year for the European Cup, it was a cross platform digital training program with 480 instructional videos helping them ‘Take it to the next level’ and train like a pro, allowing them to share stats around the world and compare on their mobiles.
  • I had the pleasure of working on Lynx globally and they’re now giving guys the edge in the ‘mating game’ via social media.Lynx created great UTILITY as part of their first foray into the world of social media and mobile marketing earlier this yearThe GET IN THERE idea sparked plenty of conversations..check it out
  • The best brands are SUBVERSIVE AND DISRUPT THE STATUS QUO– they ‘jam culture’ and CREATE NEW BEHAVIOURSTo launch the Angry Whopper, Burger King ‘culture jammed’ the facebook codes, this application was called ‘whopper sacrifice’ and was about de-listing 10 friends from your facebook account, to get a free angry whopper. RESULTS:Global media coverage, 234,000 friendships terminated, Facebook causing a stir
  • We’ve talked about the 3 C’s of Creating tribal ideas
  • Want to leave you with one key thought about creating tribal ideas and leveraging social media..ITS NOT WHAT YOU SAY THAT MATTERS, ITS WHAT YOU DO.Getting the mobilise rapidly is about: Inspiring the tribe, Letting them participate and Create their own fresh stories
  • Creating Tribal Ideas for Gen C - By Dan Pankraz for Nokia World '09

    1. 1. CREATING TRIBAL IDEASFOR GENERATION CNOKIA WORLD 200948° 47’ N9° 12’ E<br />Dan Pankraz<br />
    2. 2. Dan Pankraz<br />Youth Planning Specialist<br />DDB Sydney<br /><br /><br /><br />
    3. 3. Thursday, March 12, 2009<br />Tribal ideas<br />SPARK A RAPID MOBILISATION OF YOUTH VIA SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS. <br />They inspire members of youth tribes to connect with each other and PARTICIPATE in a brands story, helping craft the outcome<br />McDonalds Australia – Youth & social media presentation © DDB All rights reserved<br />
    6. 6. HERD = GEN X<br />
    7. 7. GEN C = SWARM BEHAVIOUR<br />
    8. 8. ‘WE’ NOT ‘ME’<br />
    9. 9. CONSTANT CONVERSATIONS<br />38 HOUR DAY<br />iphone<br />Google<br />DV cam<br />Widgets<br />UGC<br />Wiki<br />HD<br />iPod<br />Blogs<br />PSP<br />Chat rooms<br />CGI<br />Facebook<br />Sidekick / Hiptop<br />Apps<br />USB<br />MySpace<br />Music<br />iTunes<br />Online profiles<br />Avatars<br />Wii<br />Torrent<br />IM<br />MMORPGs<br />AV remixes<br />Camera phones<br />MP3<br />YouTube<br />Skype<br />iMovie<br />WiFi<br />VOIP<br />Mash-ups<br />Flickr<br />Twitter<br />L8R ;-) <br />Xbox<br />Facebook<br />File sharing<br />
    10. 10. CYBORG<br />
    11. 11. SOCIAL OXYGEN<br />
    13. 13. CONTROL<br />
    14. 14. CO-CREATION<br />
    15. 15. COMPETITIVE<br /> Who is with who?<br />What’s going on this weekend ?<br />Who is/isn’t invited?<br />What’s on next?<br />What’s she wearing in that pic?<br />
    16. 16. CHAMELEONS<br />
    17. 17. CURIOUS<br />
    18. 18. AGENTS OF CHANGE<br />
    19. 19. CELEBRITY<br />
    20. 20. THE 3 C’S OF<br />CREATING TRIBAL IDEAS<br />
    21. 21. 1. CONVICTION<br />
    22. 22. TAP INTO DREAMS<br />
    23. 23. MAKE A DIFFERENCE<br />
    24. 24. GIVE THEM A VOICE<br />
    25. 25. Ken Block<br />Chief Brand Officer/<br />Co-Founder<br />BE AUTHENTIC AT ALL COSTS<br />
    26. 26. WHY WILL THEY FOLLOW <br />
    27. 27. 2. COLLABORATION<br />
    29. 29.
    30. 30. PARTNERS<br />IN<br />PRODUCTION<br />
    31. 31.
    32. 32. MAKE IT SOCIAL<br />
    33. 33. INTIMATE GESTURES<br />
    35. 35. DISCOVERY<br />
    36. 36. RE-IMAGINE<br />
    38. 38. REAL TIME INFLUENCE<br />
    39. 39. GROUNDSWELLS<br />
    40. 40. LISTEN TO YOUR BRAND FANS<br />
    41. 41. 3. CULTURE CREATION<br />
    44. 44. CULTURE JAMMING<br />
    47. 47.<br />danpankraz@gmail.comTwitter: danpankraz<br />