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<ul><li>Choose one of the reading skills and strategies discussed in      class that you found most useful.
         The strategies that I choose was summarize .The thing that I liked most was that I liked to do the notes so then ...
Choose one main idea, or a character view point, or a theme, or the author’s purpose and trace its development throughout ...
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Final Assessment


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Final Assessment

  1. 1. <ul><li>Choose one of the reading skills and strategies discussed in class that you found most useful.
  2. 2. Summarizing:
  3. 3. The strategies that I choose was summarize .The thing that I liked most was that I liked to do the notes so then I understand something and ask questions on the notes. Sometimes when I don’t understand something I would write down what it was. It made me know what was happing in the novel using the notes it helped me a lot. In class we would draw how Set looks like and we did a drama play of the ceremony of the dead. When we did the drama it was fun and I understand what they were doing for the ceremony. Doing the summarizing notes I got good with it and whenever I saw something I didn’t understand or an amazing thing that I thought was really cool and share it with the class. I think that I used more notes in the beginning then in the end. Next time I should do more notes in the beginning and at the end. I want to do more predicting because I didn’t do that many predictions and I want to do more, it well maybe help me think of what would happen next, want to read more to see what happens.
  4. 4. Choose one main idea, or a character view point, or a theme, or the author’s purpose and trace its development throughout the novel.
  5. 5.
  6. 6. April
  7. 7. At the beginning April does not like anyone she is very independent. She acts very badly with her friends and her grandma because she’s always had to survive on her own as her mother is an actress has no time for her. April doesn’t like to make friends and doesn’t get along with no one. April loves to show off her Hollywood act with every one because she is from Hollywood and her mother is an actress and making a bad expression in school, likes to wear nice fancy cloths, with a big bag (on page 24 April meets Melanie). She doesn’t get along with her grandma very well because she has never seen her before and doesn’t know her very well. April likes to call her grandma by her first name.
  8. 8. April is now starting to know that she needs to start to be kind to everyone. When she went to Melanie’s house April saw that she reads a lot of books and likes to paper people. When Melanie and April started to play the Egypt game April is ok but when they start to play it more people are coming and April is now being much kinder with her friend and is letting everyone have turns being in charge. She now loves to play with her friends and Melanie really changed April to be a kinder person. April is now trusting Toby and likes to play with the boy’s and has a nice time playing the Egypt game (on page 146 & 147 April is letting Toby take over). She is now being much kinder to her grandma and loving her more, now is calling her grandma not by her first name any more but she is calling her now grandma. April sometimes well be mean sometimes but April is being very kind now than before. (On page 12 April calls her grandma by her first name and doesn’t act very kind.)
  9. 9. April has changed a lot from her the begging and now does more things, loves to make friends, getting along with her grandma more and not being so meant. She likes to give in more, she trust more and likes to be very nice.
  10. 10.
  11. 11. The things that bring changes from April are that people are starting to like her more and want to play with her more. This good because so now everyone well like her and she won’t have such a bad life, this is good for April I think because so now she can play in games her mom well maybe want to spend some time with her and April well have a great life.
  12. 12. Choose one simile, one example of personification, and one metaphor.
  13. 13. Simile:
  14. 14. He had s strange skimpy-looking little beard and his eyes were deep set and as blank as an empty well.(page 19-20)
  15. 15. It means that the professor’s eyes are very dark like a black pen and you can’t tell of what he thinks like you can on others.
  16. 16. Metaphor:
  17. 17. b) April and Marshall froze into a shocked silence. (Page 182)
  18. 18. It means that April and Marshall saw something amazing or scary and just
  19. 19. Froze like a fish frozen in ice that can’t move at all.
  20. 20. Personification:
  21. 21. c) The two girls busily pulling the tall dry weeds that choked the yard. (Page 8)
  22. 22. It means that the two girls where pulling the weeds out but they were so stuck to the
  23. 23. ground that it was so hard to pull out.
  24. 24. Essential Questions.
  25. 25. I think that makes a good friendship is that to be kind, have a lot that they are interested in, be honest to each other, and to be there for each other. All the things above I think are very important to have a strong friendship.
  26. 26.
  27. 27. When I was 5 years old my parents looked after me a lot and spoiled me, get me lots of toys, Play with me, take me to fun places, help me with things. It is very fun to be five so then u do a lot with your family and have lots of fun.
  28. 28. When I turn 15 I well do more things by myself. They might not influence u as much when you were five, they won’t get you that many toys, spend a lot of time. I well maybe think of different things then my mom and she might think of different things then me, when she buys you something and u don’t like it your mom well tell you that you have to wear it if u like it or not. When you want to wear something and your mom say’s no you might start to fight and start to not agree on the things of what u want to do or what you want to wear.
  29. 29. After 15 when I turn 25 I well maybe have a family and do the same things like my mom did to me, maybe start to think of what to do for a job. Make my own planes o my own things. When I see my mom I well maybe say that I’m sorry for what I did and know how it is to be a parent.
  30. 30. As I turned 45 I well take care of my parents. Visit them more often and spend time cooking for them, maybe cleaning the house some times.
  31. 31.