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Polymer Ppt


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Daniel Rozen Sports Polymer PPT

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Polymer Ppt

  1. 1. Sports Polymer PPT • Daniel Rozen • Mrs Sipiera Period 1/2 ILS 1
  2. 2. What Types Of Equipment are Used in Soccer Shoes -Cleats are used on grass fields. Soccer shoes without spikes are used on turf fields. Text Fields -Turf, grass and astro turf are used. Uniform -Shorts, shirts and cleats, socks and shin guards Goals -Netted goals are used for scoring Ball -Made of rubber or plastic +ball&aq=f&oq=&aqi=&start=0
  3. 3. What Equipment is Used For • Cleats are used to kick the soccer ball. The spikes on the bottom of the shoe are used to create better friction when running on grass or turf. Spikes also are either made of metal or plastic. • A goal in soccer is used for a scoring system and that everytime a ball passes the line of the goal it is one point. • +shoes&btnG=Search+images
  4. 4. Cleats Through The Years • Soccer cleats have been around since the 1900’s. They have changed since than by the cleats used to be made out of rubber or plastic and the spikes were too. But know cleats are made of of metal or plastic and some shoes have led inside of the bottom of the shoes so that the cleat is more heavy and will have a stronger kick. The shoes have become very advance and many different kinda are created. • • Cleats)-The-History&id=558103+ball&aq=f&oqqstart=0
  5. 5. Improving Cleats • Cleats have been improving by polymers because they have been formed to fit right on the foot. Cleats have also improved by the spikes on the bottom have been shaped so that they can not stick into the surface of the ground, but only go in the ground a little so that when the ball is kicked, you can kick it high and get under it. •
  6. 6. Goals Through The Years • Goals for soccer have changed by the posts and crossbar used to be wooden, but now they are plastic. The goal is made of white netting and before the 1940’s there was no netting. • historyofsoccer.aspx 6
  7. 7. Construction of Fields • Turf is made from polyethylene and all track fields are made out of rubber. Grass fields are obviously made or grass fields • 7
  8. 8. • All pictures are form 8