F Ireworks2007


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F Ireworks2007

  1. 1. Photos by: James E. Smylie IV July 8, 2007 13 th Birthday
  2. 4. I keep telling you I am a Smylie
  3. 7. Is that all I’m going to get. I’m a growing boy!!
  4. 15. Little Drummer Man
  5. 18. Cheese
  6. 21. I knew I would one day climb to higher heights
  7. 25. Where’s that cookie I hid for later
  8. 29. Go Saints!!!!
  9. 33. I thought cowboys rode horses??
  10. 39. Thank Heaven for Little Boys
  11. 42. Friends may come and go, But Dad remains a constant
  12. 49. All I need is a couple of sisters
  13. 50. Now there are three
  14. 55. Pray without ceasing
  15. 63. Little Buddies Grow to be Big Buddies
  16. 65. Happy Birthday Number One Son
  17. 67. Lean On Me
  18. 70. Reaching for the Stars, I can’t miss. Reaching for the Stars, I can’t miss.
  19. 71. Imagine Me loving wat i see when the mirror looks at me cuz i I imagine me in a place of no insecurities And i'm finally happy cuz I imagine me Letting go of all the ones who hurt me cuz they never deserve me can you imagine me saying no to the thought that try to control me Remembering all you told Lord can you imagine me over what ma mamma said And healed from what my daddy did And i wanna live and not read that page again [Chorus:] Imagine me, being free, trusting you totally finally i can... Imagine me I admit it was hard to see but finally i can... Imagine me being strong and not letting people break me down you won't get that joy this time around can you imagine me In a world where nobody has t o live afraid Becuz of your love fears gone away Lord can you imagine me [Bridge:] Letting of my past And glad to have another chance And my heart will dance Becuz i don't have to read that page again [Vamp:] Gone, gone, it's gone, all gone