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Careras Bueno

  1. 1. Colegio San Patricio<br />Montserrat Siller Luna<br />10 A #29<br />Choosing a Career<br />Computer Class<br />Mrs. Rossanna Gonzalez<br />
  2. 2. Mecatronic<br />Study Plan:<br />2nd Semester:<br />Física II <br />Perspectiva humanística <br />Dibujo computarizado <br />Estática <br />Matemáticas para ingeniería II <br />Informática industrial <br />Laboratorio de química <br />1st Semester:<br /> Biología <br />Física I <br />Lengua extranjera <br />Taller de análisis y expresión verbal <br />Matemáticas para ingeniería I <br />Introducción a la ingeniería mecatrónica <br />Química<br />4th Semester:<br />Expresión verbal en el ámbito profesional <br />Mecánica de materiales I <br />Métodos numéricos en ingeniería <br />Automatismos lógicos <br />Laboratorio de automatismos lógicos <br />Circuitos eléctricos II <br />Diseño electrónico I <br />3rd Semester: <br />Electricidad y magnetismo <br />Ética, persona y sociedad <br />Dinámica <br />Ecuaciones diferenciales <br />Matemáticas para ingeniería III <br />Circuitos eléctricos I <br />
  3. 3. 5th Semester: <br />Análisis y simulación de mecanismos Tecnología de materiales <br />Probabilidad y estadística <br />Matemáticas avanzadas<br /> Actuadores Diseño electrónico II <br />6th Semester<br />Perspectiva científica y tecnológica <br />Diseño y análisis de experimentos <br />Análisis y síntesis de máquinas <br />Tecnologías de manufactura <br />Ingeniería de control <br />Laboratorio de instrumentación mecatrónica <br />Laboratorio de diseño electrónico <br />7th Semester<br />Perspectiva sociopolítica <br />Ingeniería de proyectos <br />Transferencia de energía <br />Control computarizado <br />Laboratorio de redes industriales <br />Redes industriales <br />Sistemas embebidos <br />8th Semester<br />Desarrollo de emprendedores <br />Diseño mecatrónico <br />Laboratorio de control automático <br />Laboratorio de mecatrónica <br />Integración de sistemas de manufactura <br />Tópicos I <br />Tópicos II <br />9th Semester:<br />Ética, profesión y ciudadanía <br />Optativa de perspectivas <br />Proyecto de ingeniería mecatrónica <br />Robótica industrial <br />Tópicos III <br />Tópicos IV <br />
  4. 4. Mecatronic career have a duration of 9 Semesters that’s equally to 4 years and a half.<br />A Mechatronic Engineering is a professional with extensive practical knowledge and multidisciplinary. Able to integrate and develop automated systems involving technologies from various fields of engineering. This specialist understands the operation of mechanical components, electrical, electronic and computer industrial processes.<br />
  5. 5. As a Mechatronics Engineer you will be able to: <br />*Design, build and implement mechatronic products and systems to meet emerging needs, under the ethical commitment to their economic, social, environmental and political. <br />*Build solutions based on creativity, innovation and continuous improvement of control systems and automation of industrial processes. <br />*Supporting the competitiveness of enterprises through automating those processes that contribute to increased productivity, improved quality, reduced costs and reliability of these. <br />*Evaluating, selecting and integrating mechatronic devices and machines such as robots, numerical control lathes, programmable logic controllers, industrial computers, among others, to improve industrial processes of manufacturing. *Being a leader in work teams to develop inter-and multidisciplinary projects.<br />
  6. 6. Base salary: 12,000 monthly, depends the company.<br />Career options: systems, robots <br />Opportunities: Depends on the specialty and the knowledge you have and from where you study. <br />institutions or companies in which they can work: in any institution or public and private companies, both nationally and internationally, to provide or use automated production systems. In addition, students can work independently as a consultant or start your own business, developing new products and mechatronic systems, and integrating technologies.<br />Frequent tasks: robots, systems, creation of technology. <br />Work pace: 2 periods of 2 weeks per year and obligatory 8 hours of work.<br />Job market: IP Iniciativa Privada, by it self, Centro de Investigación, in a college, Robots.<br />Requirements: You need to like math, physics, robots, have imagination.<br />
  7. 7. Advantages & Disadvantages of Mecathronic <br />The advantages of mechathronic can be that you will learn and create new technology for the future, you can invent new things, new cures, new robots. <br />The disadvantages of mechathronic can be that you need yo know alot of mathematics, physics, alot of formulas. <br />
  8. 8. Arquitecture<br />Study Plan:<br />1st Semester: <br />Introducción a la arquitectura <br />Geometría descriptiva I <br />Técnicas de representación I <br />Fundamentos del diseño I <br />Modelos y maquetas <br />Taller de análisis y expresión verbal <br />Matemáticas para el diseño <br />2nd Semester: <br />Geometría descriptiva II <br />Taller de dibujo arquitectónico Fundamentos del diseño II <br />Métodos de diseño y creatividad <br />Ética, persona y sociedad <br />Identidad y cultura mexicana <br />4th Semester <br />Historia de la arquitectura y de la ciudad II <br />Proyectos arquitectónicos II <br />Sostenibilidad ambiental <br />Tecnologías de la construcción <br />Visualización digital <br />Análisis estructural <br />3rd Semester: <br />Dibujo y modelación digital <br />Historia de la arquitectura y de la ciudad I <br />Proyectos arquitectónicos I <br />Teorías de arquitectura <br />Materiales y procedimientos de construcción I <br />Estática y resistencia de materiales <br />
  9. 9. 6th Semester: <br />Historia de la arquitectura y de la ciudad IV <br />Proyectos arquitectónicos IV <br />Taller de construcción I <br />Estructuras de acero y madera <br />Lengua extranjera <br />5th Semester: <br />Historia de la arquitectura y de la ciudad III <br />Proyectos arquitectónicos III <br />Instalaciones en los edificios <br />Estructuras de concreto <br />Expresión verbal en el ámbito profesional <br />7th Semester: <br />Proyectos arquitectónicos V <br />Taller de construcción II <br />Seminario de teoría e historia <br />Perspectiva sociopolítica <br />Tópicos I <br />8th Semester: <br />Costos y presupuestos <br />Proyectos integradores I <br />Teoría urbana <br />Desarrollo de emprendedores <br />Tópicos II <br />9th Semester: <br />Metodologías de diseño urbano <br />Proyectos integradores II <br />Administración de obras <br />Tópicos III <br />Tópicos IV <br />10th Semester: <br />Promotoría y gestión <br />Proyecto urbano <br />Proyectos integradores III <br />Vinculación profesional <br />Ética, profesión y ciudadanía <br />
  10. 10. Arquitecture career have a duration of 10 Semesters that’s equally to 5 years.<br />The Architect is a professional with a strong technical, artistic and practical plans, designs and oversees construction of architectural and urban spaces that meet the needs of man, considering the implications of environmental, social and economic. Select the building systems, materials and techniques that comply with safety standards and sustainable construction. A promoter of real estate opportunities and staff have acquired a critical stance through their human, and based on different theoretical trends identified in the world of architecture through history.<br />
  11. 11. Architect will be able to: <br />*Designing urban spaces and architectural quality that meet the needs and aspirations of residents and users. Analyze and integrate spatial components, functional, structural and urban designs of varying complexity using computer tools for architectural rendering. <br />*Defining a critical stance based staff in the different theoretical trends identified in the world of architecture through history. <br />*Develop projects in the area of architectural and urban design, taking into account contextual and environmental implications and considering the differences of the materials in their various physical characteristics and constructive.<br />*Develop investment proposals for property development projects in developing economic feasibility. <br />*Planning, budgeting and managing material and financial resources and construction projects, and evaluate the various financial scenarios. *Develop architectural and urban projects applying the principles of environmental design, passive systems and sustainability. Participate in administration and public management and professional legal practice of architecture, construction and urban development.<br />
  12. 12. Base salary: depends like 15,000 monthly up to 100,000.<br />Career options: design<br />Opportunities: Depends on the specialty and the knowledge you have and from where you study. <br />institutions or companies in which they can work: you can create your own architectural and urban design, or you can work in architectural firms, construction, landscaping or interior design, in construction companies, government entities, urban development, real estate companies or universities and research centers.<br />Frequent tasks: design houses, departments, collages, buidlings everything. <br />Work pace: 2 periods of 2 weeks per year and obligatory 8 hours of work.<br />7. Job market: IP Iniciativia Privada, by it self, In a college, Gobierno del Estado in Obras Públicas. <br />8. Requirements: need to like design, math, calculus.<br />
  13. 13. Advantages & Disadvantages of Arquitecture<br />The advantages of Arquitecture can be that you learn how to create a building, how to design it. <br />The disadvantages of Arquitecture can be that yo need to learn alot of procedures, formulas like math.<br />
  14. 14. Lawyer & Finance<br />Study Plan:<br />2nd Semester: <br />Personas y familia <br />Derecho constitucional <br />Delitos en especial <br />Ética, persona y sociedad <br />Expresión verbal en el ámbito profesional <br />Matemáticas para ingeniería II <br />1st Semester: <br />Introducción al campo del derecho <br />Teoría del derecho <br />Historia del derecho mexicano <br />Teoría general del derecho penal <br />Lengua extranjera <br />Taller de análisis y expresión verbal <br />Matemáticas para ingeniería I <br />4th Semester: <br />Derecho administrativo II <br />Sociedades mercantiles <br />Derecho de las obligaciones I <br />Derecho internacional público <br />Derecho procesal civil <br />Matemáticas financieras <br />3rd Semester: <br />Información financiera <br />Bienes, derechos reales y sucesiones <br />Teoría general del proceso <br />Derecho administrativo I <br />Derecho procesal penal <br />Perspectiva humanística <br />
  15. 15. 5th Semester: <br />Derecho financiero <br />Derecho de las obligaciones II <br />Títulos de crédito <br />Entorno económico y financiero <br />Administración financiera <br />Perspectiva científica y tecnológica <br />6th Semester: <br />Derechos fundamentales <br />Contratos mercantiles <br />Derecho fiscal <br />Contratos civiles <br />Derecho internacional privado <br />Tópicos I <br />8th Semester: <br />Derecho informático <br />Derecho colectivo del trabajo <br />Juicio de amparo directo <br />Clínica fiscal y administrativa <br />Desarrollo de emprendedores <br />Mercado de dinero y capitales <br />7th Semester: <br />Derecho individual del trabajo <br />Derecho procesal mercantil <br />Derecho procesal fiscal <br />Juicio de amparo indirecto <br />Evaluación de proyectos y valuación de empresas <br />Tópicos II <br />9th Semester: <br />Derecho procesal del trabajo <br />Clínica de procesos constitucionales <br />Finanzas públicas <br />Ética, profesión y ciudadanía <br />Tópicos III <br />Tópicos IV <br />
  16. 16. Law & finance career have a duration of 9 Semesters that’s equally to 4 years and a half.<br />The Bachelor of Law and Finance is a professional competitive, efficient, ethical and trustworthy, with a comprehensive theoretical and practical training that enables you to participate in the different areas of law. In the course of his business is working with responsible leadership in making decisions and is an agent of participatory and proactive change. His training with an emphasis in finance allows research, plan, predict and offer legal alternatives to the problems related to financial matters both corporate and public.<br />
  17. 17. As a graduate in Law and Finance will be able to: <br />*Discern, know, interpret and apply texts and national and international legal standards. Argument and legal reasoning in simple, complex legal issues in order to promote the development of legal culture. <br />*Being an agent of social change to help in the creation, interpretation and implementation of a fair and transparent legal framework, which allows law enforcement to objectively and effectively. <br />*Propose comprehensive legal solutions with a broad view of the needs of social sectors, public and private sectors. <br />*Engaging positively with social and ethical responsibility in resolving legal disputes of any kind. <br />*Plan and execute strategies for prevention and legal protection. <br />*Propose solutions to problems that arise in combining the practice of law and corporate finance in a highly competitive international environment and globalization. <br />*Provide legal support to the financial decisions of public and private humanistic vision and ethics. <br />*Transfer the knowledge derived from research and applied studies of law and finance to benefit the social, political and economic.<br />
  18. 18. Base salary: 35,000 it vary depending the specialty. <br />Career options: Lawyer buffet, Companies. <br />Opportunities: Depends on the specialty and the knowledge you have and from where you study. <br />institutions or companies in which they can work: your knowledge and skills to interpret, integrate and apply the legal rules allow you to practice law independently candidate or founder or partner of a law firm itself, as well as advise and participate in resolving legal disputes in the areas of public private and social.<br />Frequent tasks: solve conflict cases it can be politic, economic etc. <br />Work pace:2 periods of 2 weeks per year and obligatory 8 hours of work.<br /> Job market: IP Iniciativa Privada, By it self, Direccion Juridica, Buffet de Abogados. <br />Requirements: you need to like debate, learn all the laws.<br />
  19. 19. Advantages & Disadvantages of Law & Finance<br />The advantages of Law and Finance is that you will learn how to talk in front of a lot of people, debate and help other people.<br />The disadvantages of Law and Finance are that you need to learn all the laws that exist and all the articles.<br />
  20. 20. Careers<br />Professional Practice: In the Tecnológico de Mty. you will start practicing and doing work until you are in the last two semesters. <br />Schedule: It vary can start from 7.30 am and finish like 3 o’clock. You will have free between classes.<br />Requiems:<br />*Have al least 8 of average. <br />*Admision paper, complete and signed.<br />*6 pictures size “infantil”<br />*Copy from you’re birthday paper.<br />*Copy of the certificate of Jr. High School and High School.<br />*Good conduct paper.<br />*Pay the Admision Exam.<br />
  21. 21. Tec de Monterrey<br />Location: It is located in Av. Eugenio Garza Sada and Av. Estado.<br />Cost: The admission exam is around $650.00 and the TOEFL is around $600.00. <br />The semester is around $70,000.00 for the carrer. So in total will be $630,000 for 9 semesters, unless you failed. <br />Vision<br /> In 2015, Tecnológico de Monterrey will be the most recognized educational institution in Latin America for the leadership of its graduates in the private, public and social and technological research and development carried out to boost the economy based on knowledge management models and generate business incubation, contribute to the improvement of public administration and public policy, and create innovative models and systems for sustainable community development.<br />
  22. 22. Mission<br />The mission of Tecnológico de Monterrey be people of integrity, ethical, with a humanistic vision and internationally competitive in their professional field, while citizens are committed to economic, political, social and cultural life of their community and the sustainable use natural resources. <br />Through its educational programs and research and development the way people ITESM and transfers knowledge to: <br />Promote international competitiveness of enterprises based on knowledge, innovation, technological development and development sustainable. Develop business management models to compete in a globalized economy. Create, deploy and transfer incubator models and networks to help generate business. Collaborate in professionalizing public administration, and analyze and propose public policies for development. Contributing to sustainable development of the community with innovative models and systems to improve educationally, socially, economically and politically.<br />
  23. 23. Scholarships<br />Excellence Grant Moreover,<br />Tecnológico de Monterrey considered important for its activity to the level of academic excellence established by its Mission, known for excellence scholarships to the brightest students of preparatory Mexico. This program aims to attract the best students who graduate from high school to pursue his professional studies at the Tecnologico de Monterrey. The scholarship of excellence puts special emphasis on the student&apos;s academic standing, regardless of their economic situation, this program covers 90% of tuition. The scholarship of excellence to provide schools with which it has agreed Tecnológico de Monterrey for this purpose . This type of scholarship only applies to the start of the race of the student.<br />Scholarship-academic credit <br />Are targeted at students who have an outstanding academic performance and financial condition insufficient to fully cover tuition fees. As a scholarship-loan rate, means that when she graduates, fellow students will have the responsibility to give back the Institute the percentage share of educational credit which he enjoyed during his professional studies in order to financially support a portion of another student&apos;s tuition at that time.<br />
  24. 24. Athletic-credit scholarship <br />Tecnológico de Monterrey, grants a limited number of athletic scholarships for vocational studies to students who distinguish themselves by their academic and sporting talent. Those who are creditors to participate in athletic scholarship athletic teams representing the Institute . All fellowship programs for professional sports are-credit scholarships. This means that when she graduates, the scholarship student will be responsible for compensating the Institute&apos;s percentage share of educational credit which he enjoyed during his professional studies in order to financially support a portion of another student&apos;s tuition at that time.<br />