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Corasworks Short Presentation 4 2009


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A short presentation on CorasWorks.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Corasworks Short Presentation 4 2009

  1. 1. CorasWorks Overview April 2009 Presented By: Gary Voight President & CEO CorasWorks Corporation The Leader in Workplace Software for SharePoint®
  2. 2. Agenda • Quick summary on what we do • Our customers • Value to Microsoft The Leader in Workplace Software for SharePoint®
  3. 3. CorasWorks Began in 2003 Leading provider of Broad and rapid modular application adoption • Gen 1 of Workplace Suite shipped December 2003 development system • 1,000+ customers (mid to • Gen 4 (V10) shipped for integrated work enterprise) April 2009 environments on • 1,000,000+ deployed • Toolset shipped in SharePoint users October 2007 Recently named as a “Gartner Cool Vendor” The Leader in Workplace Software for SharePoint®
  4. 4. CorasWorks Product Line Up Integrated Modular Application Development System Workplace Suite Data Integration Toolset • V10, 4th generation • V1.4 • For End-Users, Builders and SP • For Developers and IT/Database Administrators Administrators • Breadth - Distributed collaborative work • Depth - n-Tier, reach into external data environments sources • Working with SharePoint data • Work with SharePoint and any external • For Task, Collaborative, Project, Portfolio applications/data sources applications and business processes • For Composite applications, mash-ups, • Management & Administration LOB database applications, front end to enterprise SOA The Leader in Workplace Software for SharePoint®
  5. 5. Flexible Licensing Options • Server Based Licensing Model • Unlimited Users • Products Bundled into Two Families – WorkPlace Suite – Data Integration Toolset The Leader in Workplace Software for SharePoint®
  6. 6. Customers Putting CorasWorks to Work Business Services Federal Government • ATT (Enterprise Shared Application Services –”eSAS”) • US Marines Corps (Business Processes) • Ken Blanchard (Composite Business Processes) • US Army (more than 80 installations) • BAE Systems (eSAS) • Defense Agency (Proj. Mgmt, Announcements) • SI International (Proposal Management; Corporate • FAA (Enterprise Shared Application Services) Workplace) • Weston Solutions (Scorecard Review Process) State and Local Government Manufacturing • South Washington Schools (Data Publication) • Sketchers (Composite Business Processes) • Rockdale Schools (School & Teacher Portals) • Nautilus (Composite Business Processes) • Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (Case • AMD (Business Processes) Management) • Corning (Quality Management Community) • Pfizer (eSAS, Collaborative Communities, and apps) Non-Profit & Healthcare • Leedo Cabinetry (Operations Department Workplace) • AARP (Membership Application Portal) • Ford Foundation (Grant Management) Energy • Delta Dental (Business Processes) • New York Presbyterian Hospital (Alerts; IT Project • El Paso Corporation (HR Help Desk; Proj. Mgmt ) Management; Regulation Review) • Con Edison (Task and Document Mgmt) • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan (Mgmt • British Petroleum (News Mgmt and Publication) Dashboards) The Leader in Workplace Software for SharePoint®
  7. 7. Why Organizations Use CorasWorks 200000 180000 160000 140000 Project costs 120000 100000 Custom Dev 80000 CorasWorks 60000 40000 20000 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Our primary competition is custom development The Leader in Workplace Software for SharePoint®
  8. 8. What customers are saying…… Corasworks Workplace Suite - great toolset I have used CorasWorks components at a few clients including one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. There is really no other product out there that allows you to increase the value of collaboration on top of SharePoint like CorasWorks. One of their best components that I really like is their ability to create new roll up web parts on the fly without writing a single line of code. You can roll up data from multiple lists across multiple sites (not just out of the box SharePoint Source: lists and libraries, but customized lists too) and present it on a single page with different grouping and sorting options. You can also very easily color code your data. They have a lot of useful site templates too. One of my favorites is the help desk template that allows me to implement a support site in a matter of minutes. Using the WorkplaceSuite as a replacement for MOSS I love this product. I wouldn't know what to do if I moved to a new environment that didn't include CorasWorks. The Leader in Workplace Software for SharePoint®
  9. 9. No-code, point and click “Application” Evolution application development and management. Vendor Work Order Approval Process Integrate Vendor Create Supporting Base Work Order Distribute Create Vendor Lookups from SQL Vendor Approval App Functionality Self-Service Portal Server Management App Workplace Suite Workplace Suite Workplace Suite & Data Integration Data Integration Data Integration Toolset Toolset Toolset •Self-contained •Distribute •Add external data •Supporting App •Vendor extranet to • Centrally configured approver/reviewer providers •Add, Edit, view and self-manage their • Local data functionality •Add Lookup fields Delete vendor data in profile and their •Across the work •Modify forms SQL Server contacts environment •Forms connected to vendor info in SQL The Leader in Workplace Software for SharePoint®
  10. 10. Value without risk CorasWorks CorasWorks MOSS Workplace Suite Data Integration Toolset Enterprise CAL Business Business Intelligence Process MOSS Business Data Workflow Standard CAL Catalogue Designer Dashboards and Document Report Center Information Content Panel WSS Portal Management Search Excel Services InfoPath Forms Enterprise Portal Workflow Repositories Server Collaboration Template Document Files Project Management Site Directory Management People Outlook Integration My Sites Web Content Management Calendars Records Tasks/Documents Management Wikis/Blogs E-mail The Leader in Workplace Software for SharePoint®
  11. 11. Services • Product Centric Cross Training/Education – Workplace Builder and Architecture – Data Integration Toolset – Builder Services Training delivered at CorasWorks in Reston, VA, on-site or via Distance Learning • Platform Level Professional Services – Architecture Review – Product Jump Start Bundles – Technology Health Check The Leader in Workplace Software for SharePoint®
  12. 12. Accomplish More! • Design Better – Design high-performing, stable, and sustainable solutions leveraging our proven design tools • Build Faster – Build rich Internet solutions with mouse clicks—not code—using our “Builder” Wizards • Manage Easier – Centrally manage and maintain your environment and solutions with the CorasWorks One-Touch Management System The Leader in Workplace Software for SharePoint®
  13. 13. Thank You! Questions? The Leader in Workplace Software for SharePoint®
  14. 14. Modular System Runtime Display Types Display Wizard • Navigation Integrated Composition Web Parts Applications Environments • Grids Environment • Calendar • Charts • Custom Reusable Views Local or Centrally Configured Reusable Components •SharePoint – cross data types, lists, sites, site collections, web apps Builder Wizards •External – data sources, back-end services, apps, and web services ALM & System Data •Connect, aggregate mash-up Governance •Read-Write View Wizard Central •Native Data Entry Forms (New, Edit, view) Configuration & Action Wizard Forms •Custom Action Forms – runtime – update, process Lock Down •Custom Forms with Custom Fields (composite) List Activation Central Views & (Events) •End user Triggered Distribution End User •Email Notifications; update with for without runtime forms Scheduled Activities Application Actions •Copy, move, publish •Chained actions Configuration & Master Page Wizard Global Links • Event Triggered •Schedule Triggered Component Global Links Activities • Conditional logic Manager • Uses actions from Action framework upon activation Management The Leader in Workplace Software for SharePoint®