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Personality Paper

  1. 1. Taylor Kaine F/CE A1 Family: My family consists of my mom, Dawn, my dad, Kevin, and my sister, Sydney. Another member of my family is my one year old Goldendoodle, Reagan. I placed, on my presentation, a picture of my immediate family and a picture of my cousins and I with my grandpa. This image represents my family’s tradition of going to my grandparent’s house every year for Christmas Eve. The picture of my family, along with another family, is of us at the Dells. Every year, during mid-winter break the Kapitan family and my family go the Wilderness Resort in the Dells for three days. Inherited Features: Of my inherited features, the one that is most noticeable is my brown hair, which I inherited from my dad. On the other hand, I get my height from my mom and her side of the family. I am currently 5’ 5.5” but am supposed to grow to be 5’ 8”. I also inherited my mom’s eye color of brown. Surprisingly, I do not look a lot like my parents and my younger sister doesn’t really look like any of them either. Outer Appearance: I have many favorite stores and brands of clothes, but my favorites are American Eagle and Hollister. Although my outer appearance is important to me, I also like to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts – no matter what type of clothes I wear, I always like to be comfortable. The brand of shampoo that I use is Herbal Essence and the type I use is “Self Targeting.” MY Chi Straightner is probably the most significant tool that I use to get ready; I could not live without it. Inherited Traits: On my slideshow, I have a picture of glasses and contacts; the glasses are to show that I am near- sighted. I inherited my bad eyesight from my dad because my mom has almost perfect eyesight. I chose to put a red slash through a picture of allergies because I am not allergic to anything. Both my parents and I are right handed which is why I chose to place an image of a right hand on my presentation. Social Behavior: I enjoy many things, but the pictures that are on my slideshow represent my favorites. The sleeping bag is meant to show that I love having sleepovers with my friends. As a kid, my favorite board game was Life ; I used to play it a ton with my friends and family. Occasionally I play it now, but usually I am busy
  2. 2. with sports and that is why I used an image of my soccer club logo. I play for the Pewaukee Select team and have been playing soccer for a long time. Talents, Skills & Abilities: Music is a big part of my life and that is why I used a picture of music notes. I played piano for four years, then quit, but I still love listening to all styles of music. The image of paper represents my love for writing. I am in the Advanced Language Arts class and really enjoy writing poetry and stories. The last picture I have on this slide is a soccer ball. I have been playing soccer since I was six which means this year is going to be my seventh year! My favorite sport, by far, is soccer and that is why I chose to put that picture on. Future Plans: The future is not that far away and as difficult as it is to think about, real life and reality is just around the corner. When I began to think about what to put on this slide, the first thing I thought of was what college I wanted to go to. I placed a picture of the Minnesota logo on this slide because it is a really good school for architecture and design, which is what I want to pursue in. For this reason, I put an image of an architect on this slide as well. The picture of the wedding ring represents that I hope to get married. I do not have a picture of kids because I am not ready to think that far ahead. Although I have an idea of what I want, I am more worried about finishing eighth grade. Eating Habits: This slide has the most pictures on it because I absolutely love all types of food. Whether it be Mexican, Chinese or American I love it all. Of all the different kinds of foods, my favorite is probably Mexican and that is why I placed a picture of tacos on this slide. Moe’s is ultimately my favorite fast food restaurant because – like I said earlier – I really enjoy Mexican food. I also placed on this page a picture of strawberries and pears because those are my two favorite fruits. Unlike a lot of people, I really despise ketchup and that is why I have a picture of a red slash going through it. The taste of ketchup disgusts me and I would rather use honey mustard to dip my food in. Fears and Pet Peeves: Some may say that a lot of things worry me but the things that stress me out most are tests. Any type of exam, test or quiz makes me worry and unless I know for a fact it is going to be easy, I always study a ton. That is why I placed a picture of a test on the slide. The next image I placed on my “fears and pet peeves” slide is a tornado. These natural disasters give me nightmares and I am always afraid that one
  3. 3. will come to my home and destroy everything in sight. One of my pet peeves is when people tie back their t-shirts in the back; it makes them look like they have a tail. For some odd reason, this bugs me and that is why I used a picture of someone with their shirt tied back. Favorites: I enjoy many things, but here are some of my favorites. My favorite number is six – since I was born on the 6th – and I have been number six on my soccer team my whole life. My favorite band is Owl City; I almost have every song of theirs on my iPod. Christmas is my favorite holidays because I get to celebrate it with family and friends and my favorite season is fall because of the weather, the colorful leaves and my birthday. For the reasons stated above, I placed a picture of the number six, one of Owl’s City’s CDs an autumn scene and a Christmas scene on this slide. Emotions and Feelings: On this slide I placed three pictures of my friends. I did this because my friends are such a big part of my life; they make me laugh and they bring me up when I am down. Together, we make amazing memories and have so much fun, which is why I chose to place them on this slide. Another emotion we were supposed to show on this slide was sadness, annoyance and anger. Occasionally, like most teenage friends, you may get in fights but because we are so tight, we almost always get over it. Although I love my sister to death and we also create amazing memories, she can be really annoying so I thought I would put her on this slide too. Life Experiences: My life has been a rollercoaster and luckily most of the events have been up hill; I have been blessed with an amazing family and incredible friends. Throughout my life, I have been on so many unforgettable trips – two of them being Walt Disney World and our own nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. I have been to Disney three times before and recently went to Washington D.C for the first time. The picture of Wisconsin is used to show that I have lived in Wisconsin my whole life and, despite the cold weather, I absolutely love it here. One of my newer life experiences is that my family decided to get a puppy. His name is Reagan and he has been an amazing addition to our family. I can’t imagine my life without him. Conclusion: This project was super fun and I really enjoyed it. Looking at pictures of my friends and thinking about what things I like and don’t like, is interesting. Having the chance to share these fun facts with your
  4. 4. friends is also really awesome. Throughout this project, I found out a lot about myself because I came upon slides that I could not answer right away. What am I truly afraid of? What really makes me angry? What do I want to do with my life when I finish school? The idea that we had the freedom to choose what kind of project we created was also helpful. Many more projects will be unique and they will better express the person’s style that made it. Are they a person who enjoys technology? Or, do they prefer to be traditional and do things old school?