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Drink With Me - Media Kit 2009


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Branding Advertising in hands multiple times everyday!!

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Drink With Me - Media Kit 2009

  1. 1. Drink With Me, LLC Your target customers are out spending money and having fun with drinks in their hands! Advertising Media Kit 2009
  2. 2. Get Noticed With Drinking Glass Advertising ABOUT US DRINKING GLASS ADVERTISING ADVANTAGES Drink With Me, LLC produces and distributes drinking glass Long impression times. Your ad gets 20-30 minutes in the advertising targeting socially and physically active adults with hands (literally) of your target audience, per impression! disposable income. We negotiate agreements with popular Exceptional read-through. 95% of patrons read the restaurants, pubs, sports bars and golf courses to supply them advertising on the glass, with near perfect recall. with high-quality drinkware imprinted with their identity along Exclusive ads. Only one business specialty is allowed per set with local business advertisements. of glasses, with first rights for all renewals. High frequency. Up to 6 months of highly repetitive WHY IT WORKS exposure across multiple popular venues in a target market. Eating, drinking and social interaction are basic human needs. Precision targeting. Advertising packages are strategically Most socially and physically active adults with disposable grouped and clustered for pinpoint demographic control. income patronize restaurants and bars to fulfill these needs. Low cost. Rates are a tiny fraction of what you pay for print, The “drink” is the most intimate non-human connection a radio, billboards and mailers. person makes in an eating and drinking establishment. It is the first item ordered and the last thing set down. It is carefully pondered and meticulously selected. When served, it refreshes, relaxes and satisfies. The drink is handled, nursed Our high-quality, attractive and protected throughout the visit. glasses are used to serve beer, water, tea, soda and mixed drinks. Given the unique prominence of the drink, the outside of the drinking glass presents a highly visible and desirable space on which to place an ad inviting people to your business. You are able to catch your potential customer’s attention in a relaxed atmosphere for an extended period of time while they are in a good mood—free of distractions from work, traffic and competing content. Your target customers are in a comfortable position where they are most receptive to advertising and have adequate time to think about your ad, revisit it, write down your information, enter a number in their cell phone or snap a photo of the glass to redeem your special offer.
  3. 3. Drink With Me, LLC ADVANTAGE - LONG IMPRESSION TIMES ADVANTAGE - HIGH FREQUENCY Compared to all other forms of media, Drink With Me glasses Patrons see your ad multiple times as they visit their favorite engage your target customer for the longest period of time. establishments over and over throughout the program period. For 20-30 minutes, the premium Drink With Me glass interacts Your ad is also reinforced when patrons visit other with your target consumers. establishments included in your selected advertising packages. When the glass is served among groups of friends or family, A glass has a life expectancy of about 40 drinks before it your brand message is exposed to many more people than breaks or “walks away.” If a glass grows legs, it ends up in just the drinker. The novelty of the glass often sparks someone’s home for an indefinite period of time, extending your advertising reach. conversations about the advertisers. With these unusually long impression times, you can quickly educate the local population about your products or services. Average Time Consumers Engage With Advertising Media Drink With Me Television Internet Radio A typical advertising package delivers a truckload of 72 cases (1728 glasses)—enough for 69,120 impressions! Print ADVANTAGE - PRECISION TARGETING Billboards 50 150 250 100 200 300 You select from advertising packages that include popular and Time in Seconds trendy establishments in your primary target area catering to a specific demographic. Up front, you know exactly which ADVANTAGE - EXCEPTIONAL READ-THROUGH establishments will feature your ad, allowing you to target Studies of drink advertising show 95% of patrons recall one or your demographic with laser precision. more ads. You have a captive audience who can’t help but read the glass like a cereal box. ADVANTAGE - LOW COST Ads are typically viewed several times and are conveniently available to pass the time when, for instance, a partner gets For a minimal investment, Drink With Me provides huge up to go to the restroom or someone is looking for a exposure for about $2 per day in each establishment—or just conversation starter. a few pennies per 20-30 minute impression. Advertising dollars are not wasted. Because drinking glass advertising delivers long impressions to your exact ADVANTAGE - EXCLUSIVE ADS demographic for an extended period of time in a concentrated We limit advertising space to only one business specialty per area, you spend substantially less money and hit a much set of glasses. With multiple package buys, you can prevent higher percentage of your desired target market. competitors from advertising in your target area. Once we You save money by minimizing media waste associated with have eight advertising tiles committed for a package, we are broadcasting to the masses via radio, TV, print, billboards and SOLD OUT! zip mailers. To lock-in your exclusive advertising spots today, call 713-592-6643
  4. 4. Drink With Me, LLC AD SPECIFICATIONS AD CONTENT GUIDELINES Unlike other media, Drink With Me pricing is inclusive of all Please keep in mind that children and families will view your artwork design, materials and print. However, if you prefer to ad. We will only accept venue appropriate ads. We will contact produce your own artwork, our designers will assist you with you for changes if we, or one of the restaurants or bars in the tricky artwork set-up for silk screening on a tapered glass. your packages, have any issues. When you provide files to us, we accept Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Provide all support files in *.psd, *.tif, *.ai, *.eps SPECIAL PROGRAMS and/or *.pdf. Include all necessary fonts. Metro-wide programs. We will accept a limited number of Artwork should be submitted in pure black and white to fit advertisers seeking exclusive city- or territory-wide advertising your ad space with a 1/16” clear border within the maximum coverage with our glasses. size. Fonts should be sans serif (Arial bold or Arial Black Double tile advertising. We permit two double tile ads per preferred) and not smaller than 8 pt. Only vector line art or set of glasses. 300 dpi black and white raster images are permitted for graphics. Screens, gradients and half-tones are not allowed. Multiple package buys. We offer discounts for multiple Keep all line weights and gaps throughout graphics and fonts package buys. greater than 1 pt. to prevent bleeding and fills. Future package buys. For a small deposit, we will hold exclusive ad space open for you for packages or territories containing establishments for which we have not yet secured agreements. Wrap is screen printed and fired at 1100°F for a permanent imprint. Ad sizes This section reserved for restaurant/bar identity Advertiser Double Tile Advertiser Single Tile 3-5/8” x 1-1/8” 1-3/4” x 1-1/8” (only 2 double tiles permitted per glass) Drink With Me, LLC • P.O. Box 27103 • Houston, TX 77227 713-592-6643 (main) • 713-592-6646 (fax) •