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2102 Av. T            718-662-9987
Brooklyn, NY 11229
MA School Psychology, Touro College.

                      US Army: Psychiatric Technician training, Landstuhl,
Saved clients and coworkers from physical harm.

        Developed a variety of group programs for mentally ill and
Hoye4 Resume
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Hoye4 Resume


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Hoye4 Resume

  1. 1. 2102 Av. T 718-662-9987 Brooklyn, NY 11229 Facebook profgav Gerald L. (Gavi) Hoye; MASP, ABSS, ABA Professional 7+ years as a School Psychologist. 50 – 60 Psycho-Ed. Experience Evaluations per year. N. Y. Placement. New York State Permanent Certification as a School Psychologist. 4 years experience as a Psychiatric Technician, US Army; ! st Infantry Division, Battalion Field Hospital of 900 personnel. 9 years experience as a college professor. Touro College. Duties and Responsibilitie Teach Psychology, Human Services, Education, Special s Education, Sociology in college; math, science, social studies, English composition, literature for grades 4 – 12; Critical Thinking Skills. Test, evaluate, tutor, mentor, coach, counsel, student about the abilities and needs. Refer students to services as needed, research, write papers, syllabi, and lesson plans. Available via phone, e-mail, fax, face to face. Administrative duties; computer skills, organization, departmental meetings, paperwork, forms, grades, reports to supervisor, workshops, departmental training, student files, data entry, committees. Test, evaluate, write Psychological-Educational Evaluations, write Individual Education Plan pages, plan interventions in conjunction with the clients, students, parents, teachers, administrators, Department of Education, and Best Practices. Conduct individual and group interventions for gambling, substance, addiction, etc. Have performed the above duties and responsibilities with the MR/DD, emotionally disturbed, personality disordered, anxiety disordered, mood disordered, learning disordered, behavior disordered, autistic, probationers, prisoners, dual diagnosed, co-morbid diagnosed, and student populations. Education Handled a caseload of probationers that I reduced from 360 to 140. Eliminated many dead files one of which had actually died. Permanent Certification, School Psychologist, NY State.
  2. 2. MA School Psychology, Touro College. US Army: Psychiatric Technician training, Landstuhl, Germany; Leadership Preparation training, Fort Ord, Additional California; Reserve Officers Training Corps, Eastern Training Washington University. BA Educational Psychology and Child Development, Eastern Washington University. Statistical Program for the Social Sciences (SPSS.) Cognitive and Communication Services (CCS.) Cognitive Rehabilitation Examination, Clinical Associates Rehabilitation and Evaluation (CARE.) Substance Abuse Certification, (NYS-OASAS), 45 credits, as part of a year of advanced Psychological study at Yeshiva University, Einstein Medical School, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. Methodologies courses in math, science, language arts, reading, art, music, as part of a year of study, in the University of Wa. Special Education Program. Behavior Modification Training (OSHA.) Behavior Modification Training (ABA.) Applied Behavior Science Specialist training (ABSS.) Computer Skills Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP.) Accomplishme Schoolhouse Professional Program Child Abuse and nts Maltreatment (USNYS Dpt. of Ed.) Word, Internet, Proprietary Base Research, Peer Review Research, Google, Yahoo. American Service Award, Good Conduct Award, four consecutive perfect Efficiency Reports, Honorable Discharge US Army. Acceptance of Dissertation: “The Effects of Stretching Exercises and Relaxation Techniques on the Attentiveness and Distractibility of First Grade Students in the Classroom.” Gerry-Robics for Kids Only, an exercise based development and education program.
  3. 3. Saved clients and coworkers from physical harm. Developed a variety of group programs for mentally ill and other populations: arts, movies, choir, fitness, hand sewing buttons and socks, shopping. Awarded a Scholarship to study in the Belz Cantorial Institute of Yeshiva University. • Awarded Certificate as a Professional Aerobics and Fitness Instructor by the Seattle, Wa. Department of Parks and Recreation. • Organized and participated in community fundraisers and events. • Four Year College Scholarship. • Chosen for College Select Symphonic Choir to study in the University of Vienna. • Awarded High School Music Letter for Choral Music. • High School Choir Baritone Section Leader. • Awarded Certificate of Excellence for Solo Voice during High School. • Awarded Athletic Letters in Baseball, Football, Basketball, Track. • High School Senior Award.