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H U G E List Of F R E E V I D E O D V D P R O G R A M S


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H U G E List Of F R E E V I D E O D V D P R O G R A M S

  1. 1. HUGE list of FREE + good Video/DVD editing etc SOFTWARE from Doom9’s forum: Below you can find a lot of useful software split into the following sections: • Audio Tools: All you need to process audio. From AC3 extraction, over AC3 decoder to mp3 compressors and synchronizing tools • Avi Editing Tools: Everything you need to edit AIVIs, cut, join, add audio tracks, etc. • Calculators: Calculation programs that will calculate almost anything for you • Codecs: All you need to play back MPEG-4 movies. • Descrambling / Ripping tools: All the good DVD Ripping programs to get your VOBs from the DVD disc to your harddisk • Decoders: Programs that can decode a DVD stream (encoders then encode that data to MPEG-1/2/4). • Digital TV: All the tools you need to process captured digital TV content (DVB, HDTV) • DivX / MPEG-4 encoders: programs that will encode DVDs to DivX and other MPEG-4 formats • Filters: various filters to play DVDs, AC3 audio and filters for VirtualDub and Avisynth • Launchers: Autorun programs to play your AVIs upon insertion of the CD. • Media Players: Media Player replacements and a Hollywood Plus player. • MPEG1/2 Encoders: programs that encode your DVDs to MPEG-1/2 • Region free Tools: 2 tools to make your Hollywood Plus & Software DVD Player region free • Source codes: source codes for all the open source tools you can find on this page • Subtitles: All tools needed to extract and process subtitles. Including various subtitle format converters • Support Utils: useful goodies for all kinds of stuff • S/VCD Tools: tools to convert, edit and burn VCD and SVCDs • VOB Tools: stream extractors, merger and splitter. Complements to the Rippers Audio Tools (show all audio tools) BeSweet 1.5 - Advanced audio transcoding tool. offers one-pass & two-pass Normalization, DRC, Equalization, Sample-Rate-Conversion, Delay Assertion & more. BeLight 0.22 - probably the best GUI for BeSweet HeadAC3he 0.23a - smart & fast AC3 -> WAV/MP3/OGG/AC3-WAV transcoding utility, includes SSE dlls (MMX/SSE2 dlls can be downloaded here). Lame 3.95.1 - best and free MP3 encoder AVI Editing tools (show all AVI editing tools)
  2. 2. AviDefreezer - fixes frozen frames Avifrate1.10 - framerate changer for Avis DivX Fix 1.1 - to fix broken DivX downloads and crashed ripping sessions. NOT for frozen frames! Ogg Cutter - utility to cut Ogg Media streams OggMux - ogg media stream multiplexing utility VirtualDub 1.6.12 - latest official release without any AC3 or VBR MP3 support. Website VirtualDubMod - VirtualDub plus Nandub audio + OGM/MPEG-2/AviSynth support. Website Calculators (show all calculators) Bearson's Bitrate Calculator - Bitrate calculator, what else? Codecs (show all codecs) DivX 3.11 alpha - it appears to me that some people don't know what CTRL-F is... so learn!!! DivX 6.0 - lastest DivX codec by DivXNetworks. The successor of DivX4. DivX 6.0 Pro - free version with extra features. Trial version - runs out after 6 month. Website XviD 1.1 - imho the best MPEG-4 codec out there. Website - Binary download site Descrambling / Ripping tools (show all ripping tools) DVD43 3.9.0 - an on-the-fly decryption layer for Windows DVD Decrypter - the most versatile ripper out there DVDFab Decrypter - simple ripper that's always updated to handle copy protection by disc corruption mechanisms. Website vStrip 0.8f_css - outdated, old-style (brute force) ripper, has many features and is the only open source solution Decoders (show all decoders) DGMPGDec 1.4.8 - latest version of the tool formerly known as DVD2AVI DVDx 2.2 - all in one DVD -> VCD/SVCD encoder. Website Xmpeg 5.03 - latest FlaskMpeg derivate. Website Digital TV (show all Digtal TV tools) Cuttermaran 1.67 - frame accurate MPEG-2 cutting tool. Website MPEG2Schnitt 0.87 - easy to use tool to cut out commercials from MPEG-2 streams. Website ProjectX 0.90 - demuxing tool for DVB streams. Website PVAStrumento - PVA demuxing tool. Website DivX / MPEG-4 Encoders (show all DivX/MPEG-4 encoders) Nandub 1.0RC2 - SBC encoding utility
  3. 3. Filters (show all filters) AC3Filter 1.11 - AC3 playback filter for AVI/AC3 and DVDs ffdshow - general purpose DivX/XviD decoding filter Launchers (show all launchers) Compact Disc Autolauncher 2.0 MicroDVD Autorun 1.85 - DivX autolauncher for Micro DVD Player Mini DivX Launcher - fully automated codec installation and movie launch MovieLauncher Plus 1.11 - the big brother of movie.exe so to speak. Media Players (show all media players) BSPlayer Media Player Classic - just like WMP6.4 except that it has a lot more features The Core Media Player 4.0 RC5 - successor of PowerDivX NextGen Zoom Player 4.0 - WMP replacement, optimized for TV output. Website For DVD players go to the links section. MPEG1/2 Encoders (show all MPEG1/2 encoders) CCE SP - demo version: displays a logo on each encoded file. HC 0.19 - free high quality .AVS to MPEG-1/2 encoder. Website QuEnc 0.71 - free high quality .AVS to MPEG1/2 encoder based on ffmpeg TMPGEnc 2.521 - note: MPEG-2 support expires after 30 days unless you live in the future ;) Region Free Tools (show all region free tools) DVD Genie 4.10 - can set the region for almost any DVD software player Subtitles (show all subtitle tools) Subadjust 1.56 - adjust subs, split subtitle files and convert subtitle files SubRip 1.30 beta 10 - the most uses subtitle ripper. Website VirtualDub subtitle plugin - to add ssa subs to an AVI VobSub 2.23 - another subtitle plugin for VirtualDub & Avisynthand DS filter for subtitle overlay during playback. VobSubStrip 0.11 - strips unwated subtitle streams from VobSub files. Website Support Utils (show all support utils) AviSynth 2.56 - probably the most powerful video editing tool based on scripting AviResetAll - resets all AVI settings for Windows, try that if the above doesn't help BatchCCEWS - automates .avs encoding using CCE. To be used together with DIF4U. Website ForceAspi 1.7 - if you get ASPI errors install this Robot4Rip 0.6 - automates preprocessing of DVD sources for Gordian Knot & other
  4. 4. tools VFAPI - includes VFAPI Reader Codec and VFAPI Converter S/VCD Tools (show all S/VCD tools) TSCV 0.84b2 - GUI for VCDImager 0.77+ including menu and chapter capabilities. Website VCDEasy 1.1.5 - advanced VCDImager GUI, allows easy chaptering of VCDs and SVCDs including burning via CDRDAO. Website VOB Tools (show all VOB tools) bbTools 1.9 - good demuxer and mpeg2 analyzer DoItFast4U 1.4.0 - re-authoring made easy. Website (currently offline) DVD Shrink 3.2 - one click DVD transcoding tool. Website DVD Rebuilder 0.98 - one click DVD transcoding tool using CCE/Rejig/QuEnc for video encoding. Full installer IfoEdit 0.97 - edit IFO files, create IFO files, stream processing for DVDs, DVD image and burning capabilities included. IfoUpdate 0.78 - merges PGC/Cell structures between .ifo files ImgBurn - Continues DVD Decrypter's burning engine ReAuthorist 1.0.0 - putting DoItFast4U & DoCCE4U output together to a fully working Scenarist project ready for compilation. This document was last updated on November 6, 2006