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Money Guide

  1. 1. Nank's Guide to RuneScape Moneymaking<br />centercenter <br />This guide was made by Nank, and it is only available for sale by contacting the e-mail address:<br />According to the purchase, if this guide was sold by the authentic creator, you should have paid in PayPal to<br />Introduction<br />Hey. I'm Nank. I've been playing RuneScape since 2004, and recently made a new main last year.<br />Since I began playing, I developed my moneymaking skills, making loads of money in many characters. Unfortunately, many of my characters were banned, and others were hacked.<br />So, last year, I created a new main, and started everything from the beginning.<br />I usually only make money when I need to, and with my techniques, I can have anything I want.<br />For example, on the first week of playing, I needed 7M to train fletching. I made it in 2 days, of simply playing!<br />So, I'm here to show you some of my moneymaking methods.<br />Note: The first methods should be use to make money for the fourth one.<br />18669005343525<br />The Methods<br />1 - Rune/Pure Essence<br />Essence mining is a good way to start out making some mills. You can start by mining in Varrock, or even better, if you can enter the Magic Guild, you can mine in Yanille.<br />centercenterThe only thing you need for this is 1 mining, and the quest Rune Mysteries done.<br />From 1 to 30 mining, you will always get Rune Essence, that currently sells for around 65 gp.<br />From 30 mining up, you will always get Pure Essence, that sells for around 165 gp.<br />By mining pure essence, you'll be making around 150-200K profit per hour.<br />Not bad for beginners!<br />I will now show you the two best paths you have to mine essence.<br />From Varrock:<br />This path is the best one for people who don't have access to the Magic Guild.<br />Estimated 150K per hour here.<br />From Yanille: <br />This path is the best one if you have access to the Magic Guild.<br />Estimated 200K per hour.<br />IMPORTANT<br />If you want to maximize your profit, use the Essence for RuneCrafting.<br />RuneCrafting will be explained in a detailed way further in this guide.<br />2 - Green Dragons<br />Notice<br />It is good that you have at least 60 strength or range to use this method. Also, it is important to have a high defence, of at least 50, and a good equipment.<br />Also, be careful while using this method, as you may die by a Revenant attack or by not controlling what you eat.<br />Okay, so Green Dragons comes now! I'm not a big fan of this method, but I've made a couple of mils with it.<br />Start by choosing a good melee or range equipment. Don't take something very expensive, because you can die.<br />Remember to always take this magical item: the anti-dragon shield <br />This shield protects you from the dragon's fire, and keeps you safe from the 30's they hit with it.<br />If you're ranging, use a crossbow.<br />The most efficient way to kill dragons is by buying some Games Necklaces, teleporting to Clan Wars, walk to the dragon spot, kill, fill inventory, teleport to Wilderness Volcano, bank, and teleport to Clan Wars again.<br />When killing green dragons, make sure you pick up the Dragon Bones and the Dragon Hides. Also, pick up the Clue Scrolls, because they're level 3.<br />You'll need food to do this, anything from Tuna upwards is good. Make sure you bring like 12 pieces of food or so, and eat them all in the end, so you can fill your inventory.<br />Here's the path to Green Dragons:<br />By using this, you'll be making average 300K per hour. Not bad, and not so hard requirements too! But the next Green Dragon method is even better.<br />There is a better spot for killing Green Dragons, it is in the Chaos Tunnels.<br />You get to it by teleporting to Wilderness Volcano, and following this path:<br />Enter on the tunnels, and you'll be in a room with cave bugs and portals<br />You should use the northern portal to get to the dragons:<br />Now, you get to a room with Baby Black Dragons and Green Dragons.<br />Kill only the Green Drags, but if Baby Black Dragons annoy you, kill them, and use protect from melee if necessary.<br />With this method, you'll make 400K, tops 500K per hour.<br />It's a very good method, in my opinion.<br />3 - Metal Dragons<br />This is a method that really depends on your luck about drops.<br />In one day, I've gotten 2 Dragon Platelegs and 2 Dragon Plateskirts, that was my record.<br />Expect to get at least one Dragon drop from this per day. Also, if you're lucky enough to get a Draconic Visage drop, you'll get around 20M right away! <br />Let's get straight to the method now!<br />Okay. So equip some range gear, or mage gear, and go kill metal drags! It's advisable to have at least 70 Range or Magic.<br />Again, you'll need this magical item, the Anti-dragon shield <br />For Range, you should take your regular range gear, using a rune crossbow and an Ava's Accumulator. If you have access to them, use Broad Bolts. If not, use regular adamant or mithril bolts.<br />For Mage, you'll want to use Fire bolt while wearing Chaos Gauntlets. This way, you'll hit 15 with those! And they're cheap spells!<br />You need the Family Crest quest to get Chaos Gauntlets.<br />One way or another, you'll be using the same type of inventory. This one:<br />(If you're maging, swap some antifires for the runes)<br />Now, to get to the dragons!<br />Teleport to Karamja using a Glory, and follow this path:<br />Once in the spot, pay the guy and enter the dungeon:<br />Once inside the dungeon, follow this path to metal drags:<br />IMPORTANT<br />When you are reaching the Black Demons area, drink an Antifire potion!<br />Now, the trick is this, you can't get close to the dragons. You have to be over 2 blocks away from them. Mage them or range them from there. Also, make sure you're using your antifires fine. If you're successfully using them, you should get this message:<br />Sometimes, you'll need to drink another potion. It is advisable you do it when this message comes up:<br />And that's Metal Dragons for you! There isn't a per hour profit you'll make on this one, but you can make from 400k to 20M a day! Really depends on luck.<br />4 - RuneCrafting<br />4.1 - Introduction<br />Alright, so this is probably going to be the most detailed part in this guide. RuneCrafting is my favorite skill. I've been training it on and off pretty much since I created my new main. It's gotten me one of the best profits this game has to offer. So, I hope you enjoy this part of the guide.<br />4.2 - The Training<br />Ok, so as RuneCrafting is my " master" skill (Not 99 on it, though), I want to teach you how to train it right.<br />First off, you should get your pouches. You can get them by killing monsters in the abyss, or by using the Fairy Ring code ALR to get to a secret abyssal area, where you can kill the abyss guys and get pouches. This second area is better, as it isn't multi combat area, and the other one is.<br />Ok, so we start by crafting airs. You'll need to craft those until you get 14 RuneCrafting. The method is pretty simple. Get 450 Rune Essence, and craft them. You'll get 14 RuneCrafting.<br />Use this path to craft airs:<br />Just keep going from the bank to the altar to craft your runes, until you finish.<br />IMPORTANT<br />Learn how to use your pouches. They are very useful. I'll explain a good technique further in this guide.<br />Now, from 14 to 44, we should craft fire runes.<br />Get some Rings of Duelling:<br />Teleport to Castle Wars:<br />Get your essence from bank, and teleport to Duel Arena:<br />Follow this path to Fire Altar:<br />Craft your Runes:<br />Go back to Castle Wars and repeat.<br />You'll need around 7.7K Rune Essence to get to 44 RuneCrafting. <br />4.3 - The Money<br />Now, at 44 RuneCrafting, the good money comes... With the new RuneCrafting update, sometimes you'll get double nats BEFORE 91 RuneCrafting!<br />So just do 44-99 in nats! You'll make a lot!<br />Here's the best method for nats. You'll need 57 summoning for it. But it's worth getting. Don't use the other methods, like the abyss, because they are much slower.<br />IMPORTANT<br />If your pouches degraded, you'll need to fix them at the abyss, by talking to the mage in the center, and ask him to repair them. It is advisable you keep some Amulets of Glory in the Bank so that you can teleport to Edgeville and go to the abyss when your pouches break. Usually, when I RC, I buy like 25 Glories. It is also advisable that you have the Heroes' Quest done, so that you can charge your glories.<br />So, begin by buying Spirit Graahk Pouches. They last for about 45 Minutes, they are expensive, but don't worry, you'll make loads of money from this.<br />You should also buy Rings of Duelling, because CW is going to be your main source of banking.<br />So get your ass in CW!<br />Summon your Graahk:<br />Set up your Graahk, so you can Left-Click call him. This is a great method to not mix your Graahk with the others when you bank.<br />First, right click the Summoning Symbol, and click Left-Click option:<br />Then, select Call follower, and click Confirm.<br />You're now set up. Let's craft now. Begin by loading your inventory with essence. Use your best pouches until 75 RuneCrafting, and then start only using the medium, the large and the giant pouch. This will get your trips quicker, and more nats per hour crafted:<br />Position your pouches on the 6th line in the inventory. This is good, because when you right click your pouch, you'll get to empty straight away. It's faster to unload your pouches with this.<br />Start by clicking on your Graahk, and clicking Teleport:<br />You'll be in Karamja. Follow this path to the Nature altar:<br />Craft your Essence, unload your pouches, and craft again:<br />Teleport back to CW:<br />Go bank. To not mix your Graahk with the others, click on the bank chest, then click on the Summoning Symbol, so it calls your familiar, then click on the bank again. This will make your Graahk appear behind you, and make teleporting much easier.<br />From 44-91, you'll get 600-800K with this method per hour, because of the new update. 91-99, BIG, BIG MONEY! You'll make over 1M per hour with this method!<br />USEFUL TECHNIQUE<br />Fill your bank while holding your pouches in the inventory. This way, when you click the " Bank All" button, you'll bank your essence faster!<br />Credits<br />So, we've reached the end! Four methods, the fourth is the best one! You should use the first three to get money for the fourth one!<br />I hope you enjoyed my guide, have fun making your mills!<br />