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Corporate Overview for 24-7 INtouch Contact Center.

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24-7 INtouch Corporate Overview

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. COMPANY INFORMATION...........................................................................3 i. MANAGEMENT PROFILE ii. OUR APPROACH iii. FACILITIES II. SERVICE FEATURES……............................................................................9 i. HIRING PRACTICES ii. QUALITY ASSURANCE iii. WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT iv. DISASTER RECOVERY v. REPORTING III. TECHNOLOGY......................................................................................14 IV. 24-7 INTOUCH TOP TEN........................................................................15 V. APPENDICES.......................................................................................16 i. APPENDIX 1: SAMPLE REPORTS ii. APPENDIX 2: TESTIMONIALS © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 2 of 18
  3. 3. COMPANY INFORMATION COMPANY PROFILE 24-7 INtouch is an award winning contact center outsourcer. The company is privately owned and centrally based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Leveraging the benefits of its Canadian locations, 24-7 INtouch has over 40 years of experience in providing flexible contact center solutions to a wide variety of clients – small, medium, large – 94% of which are based in the United States. 24-7 INtouch has evolved into a multi-channel contact center to meet the growing demands and expectations of today’s consumers. We offer 24/7 voice, chat, and email support to businesses seeking a consistent and convenient method of contact to their customers. 24-7 INtouch’s primary offering includes inbound contact center services such as customer acquisition and telesales, customer care and retention, as well as web based customer support solutions such as live web chat and email response. Our communication solutions have increased revenue, improved efficiencies, and reduced support costs for thousands of small, midsize, and enterprise-level clients. Quick Company Facts ▪ 40 years of experience in the call center industry ▪ Contact centers ideally located in smaller cities, with multi-lingual and career-orientated labor pool ▪ Over 600 clients including many Fortune 1000 brands ▪ Industry leading Nortel Networks contact center technology at each of our locations ▪ Nearshore cultural affinity and political stability - 94% of our clients U.S. based ▪ Reputation as an award winning contact center outsourcer ▪ Ranked as one of “Canada’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies” by Profit Magazine two years in a row Ranked as one of the Top 50 Teleservices companies in the world by Customer Inter@action Solutions ▪ Magazine for Global Aggregate Inbound & Outbound, Domestic & International category © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 3 of 18
  4. 4. EXECUTIVE PROFILE Greg Fettes | President and Chief Executive Officer As President and CEO of 24-7 INtouch, Greg is the driving force behind the company’s consistent growth and success. With his entrepreneurial vision and commitment to his employees, he has taken the company to new heights and expanded markets. Greg has been involved in all aspects of the business, and is primarily responsible for developing strategic growth initiatives and directing the overall operation of the business. Greg attended Bentley College and the University of Western Ontario, and holds a BA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Jeff Fettes | Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer As Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Jeff oversees the technological structure of 24-7 INtouch and the delivery of all professional services to our clients, including custom IT development, account management, and graphic design. Jeff’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to offering flexible solutions to our clients, has created a competitive reputation for 24-7 INtouch as a leading provider of innovative technology and quality service in the call center industry. Jeff attended Babson College and University of Southern Florida, and has attained several university degrees focusing in the areas of Marketing and Information Technology. Jeff brings 10 years of experience in IT and Design to 24-7 INtouch. Dominic Poissant | Vice President, Finance As Vice President of Finance, Dominic is responsible for the direction and execution of the company’s financial plan, budgeting, and cost controls. Dominic comes from a broad background in accounting and has been involved in management accounting for over 17 years. Dominic is a designated CMA from the Canadian Institute of Management Accounting. © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 4 of 18
  5. 5. Patricia Fraser | Vice President, Operations Patricia joined 24-7 INtouch in 2005, bringing over 15 years of experience in the outsourced contact center industry. Patricia is responsible for the overall operations of the business including the inbound call center, outbound center, human resources, training, workforce management and quality control. Before 24-7 INtouch, Patricia was the Director of Operations for Minacs Worldwide Inc., a 600-seat call center operation in Belleville, Ontario. Throughout her career, she has worked as an executive at many of the largest call center outsourcers in Canada including Telespectrum, Stream International, Ark E-tail Services, and Minacs Worldwide. Patricia holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto. Mike Warren | Vice President, Technology As Vice President of Technology, Mike is responsible for the day-to-day management of IT, including all programming and networking. Mike has successfully managed central technical projects of 24-7 INtouch, including new technology implementation, software development, and network engineering. Prior to 24-7 INtouch, Mike was involved in leading-edge software development for several years. He performed research and development for Saskatchewan Telecommunications and helped conceptualize breakthrough web products for a start-up in Saskatchewan, Shop.com. Mike holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and one in Computer Science. He achieved both at the University of Saskatchewan. Maya Kotecha | Director, Marketing & Corporate Strategy As Director of Marketing and Corporate Strategy, Maya plays a lead role in ensuring 24-7 INtouch remains focused on achieving its growth objectives. She directs and oversees the company’s marketing initiatives and SMB sales division, leads departmental strategy and business planning processes, and supports the CEO in development and implementation of acquisitions and other non-organic growth strategies. Maya holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Finance from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, and a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Manitoba. © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 5 of 18
  6. 6. OUR APPROACH We’re in the business of people. At 24-7 INtouch we value our employees above anything else. Our employees are highly dedicated individuals that work extremely hard to meet their goals, the goals of our clients, and the goals of the company at large. Our work environment is composed of a diverse, friendly, and passionate group of people who will go to great measures to meet the needs of our clients, day in and day out. Our people have a shared desire to excel in their careers. Thus, we actively encourage our employees to develop their skills, knowledge, and experience through continuous learning and career advancement opportunities. Investing in our employees is a top priority, and we do what we can to promote job satisfaction and upward career mobility. 24-7 INtouch is based on a “Boutique Contact Center” business model, which is unique to the industry. Our approach enables us to attract and retain the highest quality personnel, including all of our agents, trainers, and managers. Three key principles drive our Boutique Contact Center Model: LOCATION: Our contact centers are located in Regina and Winnipeg, both of which consist of a large supply of quality, bilingual, and career-oriented people. Many local residents identify working in the call center industry as a viable career option and are therefore more committed to their job. At 24-7 INtouch, we create a career path for all our agents, with a focus on continual education and opportunity for advancement. SIZE: Our employees value a small and intimate working environment. As a result, our call centers will never contain more than 200 seats, despite how large our company grows. A boutique style call center allows us to reinforce a family-like culture while maintaining enhanced quality assurance practices. Through experience, we have learned that boutique style call centers deliver higher employee retention and quality service than large “super” centers with thousands of seats. 24-7 INtouch does not strive to be the biggest, just to be the best. CULTURE: With approval, our contact center floor is heavily branded for our client. Our dedicated team managers’ focus heavily on creating a team culture that is closely aligned with our clients' so that each agent feels dedicated to your brand and communicates with your customers in a way that is consistent with your corporate culture and values. 24-7 INtouch treats every client like a partner. We understand that outsourcing your sales and customer care needs is a significant change and requires trust. We work closely with our clients on each phase of building their contact center program to ensure we are always on the right track. We invite our clients to be as involved as they feel comfortable, and encourage direct interaction between our clients and team managers. © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 6 of 18
  7. 7. FACILITIES 24-7 INtouch is headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, with additional facilities located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Toronto, Ontario. All three locations are set in close proximity to our clients, conveniently just north of the US border, providing a nearshore alternative to outsourcing. REGINA CONTACT CENTER The Regina center is a newly renovated 14,000 square-foot building, which includes a 6,500 square-foot contact center floor with 158 agent seats. The building also contains our in-house training center with 12 active workstations designed into a classroom setting. Regina is known as a contact center hub in Canada with its many dynamic centers, thus creating an abundant pool of qualified and experienced employees. WINNIPEG CONTACT CENTER Located in Winnipeg’s west side, our newly renovated 18,000 square-foot building includes a 7,500 square- foot contact center floor with 175 agent seats. The building also contains our in-house training center with 20 active workstations designed into a classroom setting, a fitness facility for staff use and a day care facility. Winnipeg is also known as a ‘call center town’ with an abundant pool of English, Spanish and French speaking agents. Both facilities have the following features: ▪ Brand new facilities with bright, modern interior design ▪ Natural gas generator capable of powering the entire contact center ▪ 24-hour security with video surveillance and key card access Many additional employee benefits such free parking, large lunchroom with cable TV, and in close ▪ proximity to public transport. ▪ Ideally located in Central Canada resulting in minimal risk of natural disasters ▪ Industry leading technology including best of breed contact center products from Nortel, Aspect, NICE Keeping with our nearshore approach to outsourcing, we plan to open a third facility in the Caribbean in 2010. * 24-7 INtouch is currently in site selection phase to open it first US based center at the end of 2008/early 2009. YOU’RE INVITED… We encourage all of our prospective clients to come and visit our center to see our facilities first hand and meet some of our amazing staff. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity please talk to me directly and I can schedule a mutually beneficial time for a site visit. © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 7 of 18
  8. 8. CALL CENTER LOCATIONS [1] Regina, Saskatchewan – Head Office & Contact Center Facility [2] Winnipeg, Manitoba – Satellite Office & Contact Center Facility [3] Toronto, Ontario – Sales & Marketing Office [4] Caribbean – Future Contact Center Facility (2010) © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 8 of 18
  9. 9. SERVICE FEATURES HIRING PRACTICES 24-7 INtouch consists of hardworking employees that make every effort to ensure customers and clients are content with their services. When our frontline staff feels confident and happy in their work environment, it translates into better customer service for your callers. 24-7 INtouch uses extensive hiring and training processes to ensure the best people are brought onto each project. 24-7 INtouch employs a rigorous selection process for all employees. The first interview round is a phone interview where applicants are initially judged on communication skills, phone presence, and if he or she meets the basic requirements for the outlined job. If successful, the applicant will be asked to come in for a face-to-face interview. Face-to-face Interview Process ▪ Vocal and written grammar skills ▪ Sales and customer service skills ▪ Internet proficiency and basic computer skills ▪ Keyboarding and spelling ▪ Interpersonal skills and personality traits such as friendliness and professionalism Applicants are also assessed on behavioral tendencies within various situations. For example, candidates may be measured by: their ability to work on a team and/or individually; how well they can deal with problems or issues; how well they can manage emotions during stressful periods, and; their ability to take initiative during busy times. If an applicant is successful in all interview stages, reference checks are made before a position is ever offered. © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 9 of 18
  10. 10. QUALITY ASSURANCE 24-7 INtouch invest considerable time and energy into ensuring the highest level of quality for all customer interactions. 24-7 INtouch monitors every incoming and outgoing interaction in our contact center allowing our Quality Assurance Department, using custom built monitoring tools, to proactively monitor our contact center agents and create accountability amongst our employees. In addition, we make all recorded calls available to you allowing you to validate our findings and provide insight into the quality of our services. 24- 7 INtouch provides your organization an expert fusion of technology and operational know-how. Based on leading technology for QA tracking and evaluation, this robust tool provides our center with: Standard monitoring technology across sites Scheduled, random, and on-demand recording Post-call monitoring Greater number of agent evaluations than manual monitoring Shorter cycle time for agent evaluations Visibility across the organization to quality performance of all agents Custom evaluation forms Scheduled calibration sessions with your company and across sites Flexible reporting options To maintain our award winning quality status we include this QA service in the overall cost of our solution, saving your company time and expense of managing this process internally. © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 10 of 18
  11. 11. WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT Workforce management (WFM) is a constant balancing act in the contact center industry. Workforce managers must balance work required with resources available. Expected workload must be accurately forecasted first, and then resources can be allocated accordingly on a day-to-day and even minute-by- minute basis. If a contact center cannot anticipate call volume to a specific level then over and under staffing will occur. This results in either additional cost to the company due to extra staff, or inferior service due to understaffing translating into customer dissatisfaction. Thus, when choosing an outsourcing partner you must ensure your contact center can manage scheduling to a specific level of detail, while simultaneously balancing your support costs and your customers’ experience. 24-7 INtouch understands the sensitive nature of contact center scheduling and employs advanced WFM technologies and industry best practice methodologies to ensure required agent occupancy rates and consistent levels of customer service, while simultaneously controlling costs. Our sophisticated WFM technologies allow us to: ▪ Accurately forecast staffing requirements ▪ Adjust schedules to meet specified call volumes ▪ Track daily performance ▪ Provide management and agent productivity reports ▪ Monitor agent activity in real-time to identify training and coaching needs and support agent Promote retention and agent morale through consistency in ▪ scheduling practices ▪ Provide agents with up-to-date, readily accessible performance data and feedback Perform “what-if” scenarios to optimize the allocation of resources and proactively identify key areas of ▪ opportunity 24-7 INtouch employs detailed WFM practices to ensure costs are controlled and call quality is high. Our full- time WFM team is experienced at utilizing the proper tools to forecast volumes and is able to in handle unexpected fluctuating volumes ensuring your calls get answered. ASPECT® EWORKFORCE MANAGEMENT™ 24-7 INtouch has partnered with leading technology provider Aspect Software, the world’s largest company solely focused on the contact center, in selecting their Aspect® eWorkforce Management™ tool. Aspect eWorkforce Management™ is the most powerful, comprehensive solution on the market for automating the complex tasks of forecasting, scheduling, and tracking contact center work load. By implementing this market-leading solution, 24-7 INtouch is able to fine-tune agent performance to increase productivity, empower agents to reduce turnover, and simplify operations to reduce costs. Through this partnership, 24-7 INtouch can better gain insight into overall performance to realize greater business goal alignment all translating back to more consistent service for our client and their customers. © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 11 of 18
  12. 12. DISASTER RECOVERY Services provided by contact centers are mission critical to many companies. 24-7 INtouch understands that any extended outage or downtime would inflict a direct and measurable impact on your business. Accordingly, 24-7 INtouch has established thorough contingency plans to ensure best practices are undertaken during a critical situation or unforeseen disaster. Our Strategy As a first line of defense, 24-7 INtouch strategically places all call centers in locations that have low probabilities of natural disasters. Located in central Canada there is little to no risk of hurricanes, earthquakes, or floods, as oppose to our southern and offshore competitors. Our strategic locations immediately reduce the chance that a severe disaster would affect our center and render us inoperative. However, there are still possibilities of other disasters that every call center must prepare for. 24-7 INtouch has a detailed Facility Management Program, including a Disaster Recovery Plan and SLIP (Service Level Interruption Plan). Precautions such as a natural gas generator, uninterrupted power supplies, and in-house systems technicians are outlined in this plan to prevent interruption of service. Some of the highlights of our strategy include: Series of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) battery back-ups for a first line defense mechanism in the ▪ case of lost power For extended power outages, a natural gas powered generator with the capability of powering the center ▪ indefinitely if necessary. Separate battery backup system within our Nortel Succession 1000 M PBX that provides uninterrupted ▪ power to the switch for up to 24 hours. Daily backups of client data and crucial company data enabling transport of all data to a call center ▪ partner who will handle all calls for a short period of time ▪ Concrete and brick fire-proof server room Three separate active Internet Sources enabling us to access the Internet via one of our secondary ▪ connections in the event of loosing primary T1s. ▪ 24 hour, on-call, in-house systems technician © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 12 of 18
  13. 13. REPORTING We offer all clients a comprehensive online reporting solution, delivering up-to-the-second insight into your calls. Access critical customer call data off a secure website, at any hour of the day, to ensure your account is running smoothly and to help you make the right business decisions. Our proprietary Online Reporting Tool makes it easy for you to check in on your account’s progress: ▪ Access call data in real time, on a 24/7 basis ▪ Monitor monthly call activity and call statistics ▪ View your call information in animated chats and graphs for easy trend analysis ▪ Interactively compare date ranges over custom defined 30 day periods ▪ Compare call arrivals from different area codes or from different marketing campaigns ▪ Upgrade your package to create custom reports specifically relevant to your business Whether your outsourcing goal is market growth, quality control, product improvement, or enhanced customer service, our Online Reporting Solution provides a detailed understanding your customer support environment. Our reporting package services as a direct measurement for how we perform and how well we have met our clients’ expectations. ONLINE REPORTING DEMO SCREEN SHOT © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 13 of 18
  14. 14. TECHNOLOGY The technology used by your contact center greatly impacts the quality of every call – from the way your calls are handled at the very first ring, to the way your data is collected. At 24-7 INtouch, we strongly believe in the benefits of advanced technology and have made extensive investments to ensure our capabilities remain ahead of the curve and our clients have access to the highest quality and most reliable technology available in the market. NORTEL NETWORKS SYMPOSIUM CONTACT CENTER SERVER 24-7 INtouch employs the premier Nortel Networks Symposium Contact Center Server with the Succession 1000M PBX Switch. The server’s architecture is based on a client-server configuration that efficiently distributes call routing and management capabilities for the optimal use of our centers’ resources. Our technological capabilities include: ▪ Advanced computer telephony integration (CTI) abilities and HTML scripting components Web-based workstations allowing access to the Internet so agents can quickly collect important ▪ information during calls Real-time and historical agent performance tracking with Interactive Voice Response technology to record ▪ and store successful calls Enterprise level reporting including real-time online access to standard reporting and critical marketing ▪ information Database driven call routing allowing for complex call scripting and skill-based routing ensuring only your ▪ dedicated agents take your calls ▪ A robust system with multiple redundancies allowing for a stable environment with over 99.99% uptime 24/7 on-call IT support to handle technical issues promptly and ensure all systems are consistently ▪ running smoothly Thousands of calls, chats, and emails run through our call centers on a daily basis. Managing these is an important task and crucial to maintaining high levels of quality. Any company can buy the best technology on the market, but it is the people behind this technology that can deliver the results you are looking for. The 24-7 INtouch IT staff is made up of a various professionals, all experts in the telecommunications field. This talented team, allows us to provide customized applications to any of our clients requiring more than cookie-cutter type of applications. Our philosophy is if you can dream it, we can build it. © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 14 of 18
  15. 15. 24-7 INTOUCH TOP TEN 1 OUR PEOPLE – Although many business claim they have the best people, at 24-7 INtouch we know our success is 100% due to the quality of our employees. Behind our quality solutions and advanced technology lie the people who make our company work. From our account managers, to our IT team, right to the frontline, our people are what truly make us unique. 2 OUR FLEXIBILITY - At 24-7 INtouch, we understand that each client has unique needs for their contact center program. As a result, we have built our business around being flexible, making our people, process, and technology work for each individual client need. 3 MULTIPLE SITES - By having our multiple sites interconnected, 24-7 INtouch is able to provide increased survivability in case of disaster and multiple efficiency options for sharing calls between our facilities. As such, we can deal more effectively with “call clouds” or spikes in call traffic for all our accounts. 4 BOUTIQUE SIZE - 24-7 INtouch centers are small and intimate, never more than 200 seats. This allows us to closely control our environment, and provide a family like culture on the contact center floor. Our experience has found smaller, “boutique” centers deliver higher quality and retention than “super” contact centers with over a thousand seats. 24-7 INtouch does not strive to be the biggest, just to be the best. 5 DISASTER PREPAREDNESS - 24-7 INtouch has taken the utmost care to ensure maximum availability in the contact center giving our clients the peace of mind their accounts are available 24/7 Each facility is equipped with a natural gas generator and UPS capable of providing uninterrupted power to the contact center indefinitely. Each facility has an in house technician on call 24 hours a day, as well as access to a 24 hour service/support contract with Nortel to aid in a course of action in the case of a disaster. 6 INDUSTRY LEADING TECHNOLOGY – One of our strongest competitive advantages is our ability to provide our clients with the most up to date technologies, ensuring the highest quality and most efficient solutions available in the market. Whereas most outsourcers maximize the useful life of their technologies, 24-7 INtouch is always keeping aware of the changes in market and consistently updating to better serve our clients. 24-7 INtouch strategically chooses partners known for their success in the industry - such as Nortel Networks, Aspect Software, and NICE. 7 QUALITY MANAGEMENT – Known for our award winning quality, 24-7 INtouch invest considerable time and energy into ensuring the highest level of quality for all customer interactions. 24-7 INtouch monitors every incoming and outgoing interaction in our contact center allowing our Quality Assurance team, using custom built monitoring tools, to proactively monitor our contact center agents and create accountability amongst our agents. 8 FORTUNE 500 EXPERIENCE - Your contact center solution is the front line in dealing with your customers and your brand depends on top quality and consistent customer service. 24-7 INtouch has a proven track record in servicing Fortune 500 and high value brand companies. Within the past 5 years, 24-7 INtouch has successfully served clients such as this in the automotive, financial services, and retail sectors. 9 SCALABILITY - 24-7 INtouch continues to provide excellent scalability for the clients we serve. We real time monitor our network facilities to ensure they do not exceed 80% capacity. In addition, we do not allow our overall seat occupancy to exceed 80% of our total seats. 24-7 INtouch has a proven track record for our ability to handle growth and our desire to continue to expand our operations to suit our clients’ needs. This means that as you grow, you know that 24-7 INtouch will be there with you every step of the way. 10 FINANCIAL STABILITY AND GROWTH - Our financial strength in the industry is growing steadfastly, crediting 24-7 INtouch as fast mover and industry innovator. In addition to receiving numerous awards in call center excellence, 24-7 INtouch has been ranked twice (2005, 2006) by PROFIT HOT 50 as one of Canada’s top emerging businesses based on its financial growth. 24-7 INtouch has had 14 consecutive profitable quarters, and continues to improve operating efficiencies and bottom line growth. This give insurance to our clients that have a long-term outsourcing partner that they can depend on. © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 15 of 18
  16. 16. APPENDIX 1: SAMPLE REPORTS The following are sample reports available to our clients. All reports can be accessed online. Upon request, 24-7 INtouch can send out reports via email on a monthly basis. Alternative frequencies available upon request. ONLINE CALL SUMMARY STATS REPORTING © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 16 of 18
  17. 17. ONLINE CALL DISPOSITION STATS REPORTING © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 17 of 18
  18. 18. APPENDIX 2: CLIENT TESTIMONIALS © 2007 24-7 INtouch. All rights reserved. Page 18 of 18