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  1. 2. Wedding
  2. 3. From time to time our love is like a candle and when the candle begins to melt from tack to tack, it’s like a waterfall and when the waterfall roars it’s like a horse;
  3. 4. And if the horse is yours, it has a soft saddle like a warm cushion and when the cushion begins to stiff, it’s like a grief
  4. 5. And when the grief blows, it blows like tornadoes and this, my love, when tornadoes come and go beyond the need of us, is like an engine;
  5. 6. And when the engine begins, it’s like music playing on a tape, which is like a concert;
  6. 7. And when the concert begins, it’s like a wedding which is like love, which is like everything.
  7. 8. by Flavia Fernández