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Hamnavoe Market


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Hamnavoe Market

  1. 1. Hamnavoe Market
  2. 2. They drove to the Market with valuable green notes Forster found a girl Who soaked him on his face and throat Small and diagonal, warm rounded wounds Johnston stood beside the barre. All day he stood there He woke in a ditch, as if he were in a carrousel
  3. 3. Grieve bought a balloon and a goldfish He flew forward and backwards He fired shotguns, rolled pennies, ate pieces of sweet clouds from a stick Heddle was at the Market also I know nothing of his activities He is and always was a quiet man Garson went three rounds with a Negro boxer And received thirty shillings Much applause, and a blue eye
  4. 4. Where did they find Flett? They found him in a brazen circle between Heaven and Hell a new Salvationist A gypsy saw in the hand of Halcro Great strolling herds, harvests, a proud woman He was after autumn till spring in the poorhouse
  5. 5. They drove home from the Market by the Moon Except for Johnston Who lay in a ditch, still thinking to be in the carrousel
  6. 6. by Flavia Fernández