Claire Floreli P. Fuerte. II AB Communications. COM124A.

Advocacy Video for 1-UTAK

Group mates: Pia Inserto, Felicia “Fe...
After choosing 1-UTAK, we gathered together to think of what we should start
             on for the project. Of course, i...
off pretty well.

                  Sir Rabbi was there with Ms. Claire Mendoza (Executive Director 1-TEAM) and
I did not send this to sir Vigor yet because I still had to talk to my group mates
             about the conclusion. But ...
There was no reply from sir Vigor, which was very worrisome. We only had a
             few days before we start on pre-pr...

                 E-mail number 2

                       I informed sir Rabbi of the e-mail I sent ma’am Claire an...
replied once and that’s to ask where she would be meeting with Joanne. She did
             not reply to me for the rest o...
actually a lapel mic, with a wire that is attached to a battery powered speaker.

                  Sure, it did amplify t...
then asked his receptionist to keep in touch with me to discuss our schedule for
             the interview.

could set up our equipment at that time so that we could go straight to the

     I got there on time, around 6...
each scene per question. Normally, the one handling the camera would not move
             the camera in fear of inconsist...
the president of FASCOJODA. It was a enlightening interview because we did not
             know that these leaders of par...
stay for the interview, which is what we explained to ma’am.


Date (’10)        Output

January 24     ...
others (some of them at least) were stepping up.

January 26      Meet up with the client: Philam homes.

1. Editing the interview videos

         2. Picking pictures and videos for fillers

         3. Placing the appropriate ...
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Major Project Production Journal


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Major Project Production Journal

  1. 1. Claire Floreli P. Fuerte. II AB Communications. COM124A. Advocacy Video for 1-UTAK Group mates: Pia Inserto, Felicia “Fel” Bernardino, Joanne Lim and Kristina “Yna” Enaje PRE-PRODUCTION Meetings (’10) Outputs January 7 Meet up with group mates When I first chose my group members, my main choice was to have Fel in the team, primarily because I know she has the patience for editing. However, I was hoping for team members who are a little bit more experienced in directing. I observed that during my past works with other groups that there was always like a director figure in our group. Although during the commercial production, I somewhat played the director, it was more like a leadership role so that there would be some sort of order to the group. However, I did know that most of my group mates who joined our group are rather opinionated and a bit thorough. Pia and Joan for example are the type to ask a lot of questions and like to clarify points that we raised during our discussions. The downside of our group is that all of us are generally friends; and I have experienced (numerous times) that when people are all friends in a group, work tends to be delayed a bit. Although I wanted to work with other people, there is also my shyness that is the downfall to the choice to approach others. Now that we can choose our own group mates, there is a tendency to choose friends over preferred co-workers, simply because we would tolerate and work with each other better that way. Choosing 1-UTAK As we heard of the list of potential clients, my initial thought was to get an NGO where we can incorporate an entertainment value. Because of that fact, I hoped we would get PETA. However, another group grabbed the opportunity; I suggested that we would get 1-UTAK instead. My reason for suggesting 1-UTAK is due to the idea that we could play a comedic approach to the advocacy video. Although we knew that it would be up to the client to decide what kind of video they wanted, I had this little feeling that some stories of public transportation would appeal to a general audience.
  2. 2. After choosing 1-UTAK, we gathered together to think of what we should start on for the project. Of course, it was to contact the client. However, all of us were too gutless to pick up the phone and call up the NGO. So, I volunteered. And despite nervous chattering and almost forgetting to introduce myself to the client my full name, we were able to set a meeting with sir Rabbi for Monday the next week (January 11). Although we were all eager to start planning for the video, all of us decided that we should just do research on our client before our meeting. We also decided that we would not start on any pre-production planning before the meeting. This is so that when we meet our client, we would not bombard them with ideas that may not fit in with their target audience. Also, so that after we have met up with our client, our judgment during our planning would not be based heavily on pre-thought ideas and no efforts would be lost. However, I still suggested that they would just come up with some ideas (not final plans) for us to probably present on our meeting day. January 11 Meet with the client This day was a little exciting. However, it became a little stressful the moment the group started to gather. One reason was that Yna could not be contacted, for some reason that was yet to be specified. This was very annoying because this was our first meeting with our client where we would get the initial idea of what the client wants. This meeting was very important because the whole group got to know the client. That was also important so that when we. Because of this incident, that night, I started the habit of e-mailing everyone to remind them what we have done for the day. So that when we all meet for the next meeting, no one will be lost as we talk about the production. Anyway, for this day, went to Philam homes to meet with sir Rabbi at his home. On the way there, we were discussing how much we knew about the client. Unfortunately, most of us were not able to search about much. However, Joanne was the one that knew more about our client, so with this, we decided to plan some questions. But as we found out more about the client, we decided that we should ask questions about what the client wants, instead of trying to figure out suggestions on what they might want. I thought that this was a good idea so that we won’t bombard the client with ideas that may not fit their advocacy. We did all this until we go to the venue. The moment we arrived, sir Rabbi was very welcoming and it was like we hit it
  3. 3. off pretty well. Sir Rabbi was there with Ms. Claire Mendoza (Executive Director 1-TEAM) and we were soon joined by Cong. Vigor Mendoza (Chairman of 1-UTAK party-list). They soon explained to us more about what 1-UTAK does to help us understand the entire organization. They talked about creating communities and helping out a community of drivers. They also talked about future plans for the country if their plans would be executed. It was very fascinating because this was the first time I heard of such an organization. At the end of the explanations, they told us about what they hope to get from our video. In all actuality, they really hoped for just a commercial to show the public about 1-UTAK. It was difficult to explain that this advocacy video would be longer than what they had hoped. (Although, they did ask if we could help make a commercial for them, we still aren’t sure if we can finish that project.) Eventually, we tried to meet our demands in the middle. We thought of making the video entertaining enough for viewers to watch it and informative enough for them to be educated about the organization. After the meeting, the group decided to meet the next day in order to thoroughly make a proper pre-production plan. January 12 Production planning We met up in the afternoon in order for us to think of ways to show what we should do for the video. At first, while planning, there seemed to be a dry-spell of ideas. With the information we got from our client, we based our idea from the suggestions given to us: to use skits and make it as entertaining as possible. However, during our planning process, we had to end the meeting because it seemed like we were getting nowhere. Minutes became hours of staring at a laptop, trying to squeeze out whatever idea we can come up with. At least, for this meeting, we had our introduction (a skit showing the problems of our transportation system) a body (solutions to the transportation problems: 1-UTAK’s on-going and future plans) but no conclusion. That night, I tried typing out an email to sir Vigor our progress of the video production. While doing this I typed out an outline of what our group had so far despite the lack of a conclusion. However, while typing I suddenly thought of the idea of making this conclusion: “What can the public do to help solve these problems?”
  4. 4. I did not send this to sir Vigor yet because I still had to talk to my group mates about the conclusion. But I did send it to ma’am Claire to show to sir Rabbi to ask for more potential interviewees. However, I thought that this ending was pretty fitting considering that we based our video on a magazine format. That ending kind of ties the whole purpose of making an advocacy video. I thought that not only should we passively show the message to our viewers and think that the viewers would understand our message, but they should be directly addressed that the message is directed to them. January 13 Production planning When we met up, I showed my group mates the conclusion and the production plan that I typed up. They generally liked it, so I did not add much to the production plan. I just wish that they could have added more to it. But I was generally happy with what we made. Emailing the client I only mailed the client when I got home, because I came from a busy day. Although it seemed like it was terribly late, I still hoped that when I would receive a reply. I sent the e-mail to sir Vigor, hoping there would be an instant from him. However, it was also very unlikely since he is a congressman and all. January 14 Production plan presentation Before the presentation we did not think that we had to add anything. However, when we saw the other groups’ presentations, our seemed average in comparison. Other groups actually had drafts of their scripts and even a story board to go with every scene. Meanwhile, ours was still a general idea of the flow for the video. Although we did not receive bad feedback, there was definite concern regarding our project: How to transition our video from comedic to serious and end with a lighthearted message. Indeed, it seemed that the rhythm of the video would be very off. But I did not see it as a challenge at the time. After the presentation, we decided to meet in order to set agendas. Although all our production plans were still subject to change due to the client’s schedule, it did not harm for us to plan our production while waiting for their response. However, we decided to leave that for the next meeting. Response from the client
  5. 5. There was no reply from sir Vigor, which was very worrisome. We only had a few days before we start on pre-production. Because of this, I tried to create a final output of our pre-production to show to my group mates the next day. This would be e-mailed to ma’am Claire and I would inform sir Rabbi that I would have sent it to her (since he did not give me his own e-mail). January 15 Unexpected visit Before I met up with my group mates, my mother had asked a cinematographer friend of hers to help us with equipment troubles. I told him about the problem of the audio for interviews and where we could find cheap equipment —specifically lapels. He told us to go to Quiapo as well as gave me suggestions of programs to use for recording and video editing. He also gave me techniques on how to synchronize sound and video, which I hope would pay off. Meeting We did not accomplish much on this day. The basic agenda was to meet in order for the group to approve the more-detailed pre-production. It was a success because at least we were able to come up with some questions for our potential interviewees and we thought of which materials were needed for the interview. Anyway, I also informed my group mates about the surprise visit I had, and informed them about the equipment, as we tried to finish our planned agenda for the coming days. For the weekend, Pia and Joanne were in charge of the script, Yna was to take shots for the “filler videos” (those shots to use as the interviewee is talking), and since I informed my group about the surprise visit, Fel and I decided to check Quiapo out for cheap lapels. However, I also suggested that Joanne would go around with Yna to look for possible shots as well. I thought that it would be convenient since Yna would need the company since her camera would give her a lot of attention to herself. Script writing We placed Joanne with script writing because we felt that she was the best for the job; she spoke Filipino more fluently and casually than the rest of us. However, she was not there during the meeting, so we tried our best to start one. We failed. We didn’t know what to write because we basically did not have much content for the video (which is what I now realize). This was troublesome because it did not seem that our pre-production was not exactly fruitful (for lack of a better
  6. 6. term). E-mail number 2 I informed sir Rabbi of the e-mail I sent ma’am Claire and when he replied unfortunately had yet to read it and asked me to send it to his e-mail instead. He then gave me a landline number for me to contact him when I would have free time. Although I could have called him already, it was a little late at night when sir replied so I decided to call him some other time to give him the chance to review the e-mail that I had sent. Again, I was very worried because time was running very short. And knowing that other groups would have already started shooting by the next day made me worry more. This set back meant that we would have lesser chances to edit our video properly. Not only that, it would rob us of the time set for “just in case kulang yung shots” moments. PRODUCTION DAY + Semi-pre-prod + Semi-post-prod Meetings (’10) Output January 16 Canvassing for equipment Although I was supposed to go with Fel to Quiapo, she informed me that she already had gone looking for equipment the day before. Before you react that we may be spending too much for this production, ma’am, Fel reasoned out that she “will need the lapels for future projects anyway”. It may be unnecessary, but Fel thinks that it would be totally necessary (sorry, that’s a pun from a show in Disney channel. Forgive the dry humour). Since Fel went solo to look for equipment, I then extended my help to Yna and Joanne to look for shots. Shoot “filter videos” Unfortunately, I learned from Joanne that Yna preferred to go solo. This was okay for Joanne, because she felt that she needed the time to work on the script, and I don’t blame her. However, I was unhappy with the decision because Yna was working alone. I think that it is sometimes best for inexperienced people to go take shots with other people so that there would be a collaborative decision on how to make the shots. So, I did my best to contact Yna. I left her numerous text messages and miss called her many times to inform her that I was available to assist her. She only
  7. 7. replied once and that’s to ask where she would be meeting with Joanne. She did not reply to me for the rest of the day. Frankly, I do not like it when people don’t reply. If she had reasons like she has no load or something, she could have informed me through YM or e-mail, or something. Although this day felt like nothing productive happened, I prayed to God that she took good shots so that I would not worry so much for the next week. January 17 Sir Rabbi replies The day before I did not receive any feedback from sir Rabbi. So, what I did was to text him again, asking when we could talk about our production plans. He asked for us to talk on the phone that night. This made me very excited, because (finally!) we would be going somewhere with our production. However, that night, a Ms. Cristina called me instead. It appeared that she needed a more detailed than our more-detailed final pre-prod that we sent sir Rabbi. We had to e-mail them the exact flow of the video (what the content of each scene would contain), the interviewees need for the video, materials (if needed), questions to our potential interviewees and our free schedules. It still didn’t seem like we were moving forward with our production. Ma’am Cristina said that the latest we would hear from her would be on Wednesday that week. And, I prayed that the latest would be the next day instead (Monday) because I could not take the anticipation. January 18 Script Two days after giving the script assignment to Joanne, I found out that she was not able to start with the script. Although it would have been a big comfort for me to know that it was finished, I told her that it was okay because we still did not have the material to make a proper script anyway. This was partially true because from our last discussion about the script, we had no idea what to place. We were thinking that it was harder for us to base our video on a script rather than making a script based on the video. Again, I was worried about the decision because I was not sure when we would have time for the voice-overs considering that the time to shoot with the interviewees was still uncertain. Equipment Fel showed me the equipment she bought and it kind of ticked me off. When she said she was going to buy a lapel mic, knowing that it could be used for future purposes, I didn’t know that her “wireless” lapel mic needed a speaker: It was
  8. 8. actually a lapel mic, with a wire that is attached to a battery powered speaker. Sure, it did amplify the sounds of the one speaking, but there were many complications with the lapel. One, the mic needs to be as close as possible to the speaker’s mouth. Two, the mic itself was too big to hide and could have been seen on camera. And three, it did not do any good for our problem with sound because the sound projected by the speaker was mic-ish. However, I did not know what to do with it at the time, because it was not like I could tell her that we won’t totally use it. Final production E-mail Met up with Fel and Pia to finalize the e-mail (again); to be sent to ma’am Crisitina. However, during this meeting, we still could not finish the e-mail because none of us knew how to properly translate our English questions to Filipino. So, instead of finishing the e-mail, we decided since we may not be interviewing anyone for the next day we may meet up at my house to practice our equipment set-up. This is so that we knew which equipment or programs we would use so that during the actual interview, our set up process would not take as much time. However, not finishing the e-mail set us back to hours behind schedule because I did not want to send the e-mail so late in the day (which is what happened). I feared that by sending it late, we might end up getting a surprise call the next day for some kind of interview (guess what happened next…). January 19 Surprise call Since I did not receive any message from our client, the day before, I told the group that we would push through with the set-up practice. However, that morning I received a text from ma’am Cristina if we were ready to interview Atty. Vigor that afternoon (2pm). In panic, I asked her where would we be meeting with sir and if sir could meet us at a later time because it was just too sudden. Then, she gave me sir Vigor’s number to fix our schedule with him. In the mean time, I contacted all my group mates, as well, asking if we were ready to shoot. Yna contacted me pretty late and said that she’d meet us at 1pm to lend us her camera, and she did not even plan on going with us. (She had class at 1pm, so it’s a pretty valid excuse.) While waiting for everyone else’s response, I tried calling sir Vigor asking about the venue and the change of time. Apparently he was in a meeting, so I had to wait for him to call back (this was already around 12pm and we were nervous if we would still be able to meet with him). He called us back around 1:15pm and asked if we could reschedule, because we would not be able to make it to the suggested destination by 2pm. Sir Vigor
  9. 9. then asked his receptionist to keep in touch with me to discuss our schedule for the interview. Set up practice: My house, Cubao QC. 1-4pm Since we could not waste time, all we had to do was practice our set-up. Again, I was worried about the sound. So, I suggested what if we attach Fel’s mic to a laptop and record through that. Unfortunately, the mic was very weak at picking up sound to the laptop. So, I suggested if we could use a mic from a headphone set (that I already owned), and surprisingly, the mic from the headset sounded much better than the mic (and the headset is significantly cheaper compared to the mic). We also tried practicing the 3-point-light system with Fel’s spot light and a reflector (though it seemed more like a 2-point light system). The problem with this is was that our make-shift reflector (illustration board) could not bounce the light to the subject enough to be its filler. We then had to think of other ways to bounce of the light. Semi-post-prod After we were done with set-up, we still had time on our hands so we decided to review Yna’s shots from the previous weekend. Out of a bundle of the shots she took, we only got 4. We were very disappointed with Yna’s shots. Parang di siya nag-take ng photography class. There was no subject, there was a lack of good composition, lack of perspective… there was a lot to criticize in her shots. I mean, for some of her shots, she was riding inside a jeepney. It would have been cool, and could have passed off like an independent film kind of style; but like I said, it lacked subject. I really wished that I could have gone with her… if only she replied to me that day! Then we would have been done for that portion of the assignment. Anyway, that night, I was still paranoid about how we should fix the sound for the video. So, I frantically looked for programs that would allow us to record while listening, but to no avail. Instead, I just downloaded a trial of Magix—a recording program—at least I was familiar with it and did not need to learn how to manipulate a new one. January 20 Interview: Atty. Vigor Mendoza. 8am, Regina building, Xavierville. The previous day, the receptionist and I settled to meet up with sir Vigor 8am on Jan 20. I hurriedly told everyone in my group the exciting news (exciting for me, because we were already going to do actual production work). We were set to meet at McDonald’s Katipunan before 7, because I asked the receptionist if we
  10. 10. could set up our equipment at that time so that we could go straight to the interview. I got there on time, around 6:50, but I made the big mistake of leaving my tripod home. I was very lucky that I just live in Cubao and it would not take long to set-up the camera, anyway. However, we still had to wait for Yna, who was not replying to any of our messages. 7:03 came and we had to leave. Everyone was annoyed. Yna was the only one with a camera and she was not replying to our messages. We were thinking how irresponsible this was since this interview was the main “meat” of the video. When she finally answered our phone call, she gave us a lame excuse that she was preparing to leave her house while we were calling her. But we started to call her a few minutes after I arrived at Mcdo. She was supposed to be there by that time we started calling, not preparing. Lucky for Yna, the one who was supposed to open the office for us was also late. She arrived at 7:30, which, at first, I thought was a set-back for our set-up. Good thing that the office was brightly lit, so there was no need to experiment on the lights. During our set-up, sir arrived. We were still trying to fix the glare set by the window. The reflectors we brought did not work to balance the lighting, at all. This was very unfortunate, but we just hoped that the shadow on his face was not so obvious. On camera, it wasn’t. I personally hoped it wouldn’t show on the actual screen. For this interview, Yna was (of course) in charge of the camera, Pia was in charge of sound, Fel was in charge of lighting (well, keeping the light from glaring on sir’s face), Joanne was in charge of asking the questions and I acted as the director. On this day, I commend Joanne for her quick thinking. I’m saying this because I totally forgot to print out the final pre-prod script that I sent ma’am Cristina, which had the questions that were translated in Filipino. Joanne had to work with the drafter questions that we came up with the week before. She was also very good with handling our client: like she was the one talking to sir Vigor while the rest of us were finishing our set up. I think that her personality fits well in dealing with clients and interviewees. Sir’s interview went very well. His answers to the questions we sent him seemed very prepared. We were very glad and the interview went very well. However, there were some problems behind the scenes. (Recap Yna was handling the camera.) During the interview, we decided to cut
  11. 11. each scene per question. Normally, the one handling the camera would not move the camera in fear of inconsistency. Unfortunately, for some odd reason, I saw Yna move her camera. I desperately hoped that she knew what she was doing and that it would not look bad on the big screen. But at least, so far, our production seemed to be going smoothly. January 21 Semi-preprod For this day the agenda was for Fel and Pia to do the script while Joanne and I went to get photos from Dra. Cristina. Semi-post-prod Review of Yna’s shots during the interview. Her zooms were unnecessary. Her hands aren’t steady. Although I knew that the zoom would look shaky, I set it up for her in a way where all she needed to do was zoom. But I didn’t see her move the camera before the start of the interview. I don’t know how she could have messed up such an easy instruction: zoom in and don’t move the camera. I was horrified when I saw the shots. I wish I just took over. But I was torn between me taking the camera from her and letting her be. But no. It was her camera and she’s a group mate who has yet to do anything for the production. January 22 Finalizing Script Joanne, Pia and I planned to meet up to finalize the story-board (again), because for the past few days we could not find the correct approach to transition the introduction of our video to its content. We scheduled to meet at 9am. I also wanted to meet up with Yna because I wanted to check if the shots that she took were better than the last time she showed us her shots. However, she told us that we would not meet us because he already had “plans” for that day. So, what she did was just lend us her camera and had me meet her after we were finished with the interview. (ugh.) Anyway, I was glad that by the end of this particular day (if I’m correct) most of the script was done and I just waited for Joanne to send it to me in full. Interview: Meet with Ms. Estela Rojo, to interview drivers. 4pm, Robinsons 1- UTAKTerminal Metro East Marcos high way. We met with ma’am Estela hoping that we were going to interview her. However, she suddenly informed us that we were going to interview sir Herminyo,
  12. 12. the president of FASCOJODA. It was a enlightening interview because we did not know that these leaders of particular associations of drivers were still drivers themselves. Anyway, this was also a hard interview because we requested for an “on-site” interview. However, the area that we filmed in was very noisy and we were afraid that the audio would not be able to record properly. Joanne interviewed sir Herminyo, Pia recorded and I took over the video. (I forgot why Fel could not go.) Anyway, during the interview, we just hoped that the audio will be loud enough to hear during our presentation. January 23 Interview Sir Mar: Ateneo Chess room, Blue Eagle Gym Pia, Fel and Yna went to the Blue Eagle Gym in order to help with the interview rather early. However, sir Mar was scheduled to arrive rather late. While waiting for sir Mar, Pia and Yna had to shoot a scene, which we scrapped in the end because Yna was not able take great shots (what’s new?). We decided to reshoot this again after a few days. Fel and I decided to review all the material we had while waiting for the others. When sir Mar arrived, Pia had left a few minutes before, we had a few troubles with his shots. It seems that even though we sent our questions before hand, he was not prepared for the interview. He thought our questions were personal (though they were not addressed to him). We had to rephrase our questions and explain to him what the purpose of our video was. Also, we had to practice his answers before the shoot because his answers were rather lengthy and non-constructive. I also had to help calm him down, because he looked a bit nervous before the shooting. I talked to him to make sure that what he was saying would make some sense. And, I think it worked because for our last shot, his voice became clear and he seemed more confident. Interview 2: Ma’am Luring We were also supposed to interview another associate. However, she forgot about the meeting. We would have scheduled another meeting, however, we felt that there was no time. We had to explain that to ma’am, who was on her way to meet with us, but at 5pm when we had no choice but to leave. None of us could
  13. 13. stay for the interview, which is what we explained to ma’am. POST-PRODUCTION Date (’10) Output January 24 Record narrative and synchronizing the video During this day, it was really productive because it seemed that we were surprisingly on schedule. Although, I preferred to be early instead of probably cramming our video. We finished the recording, which I’m not exactly a fan of. It was supposed to be Joanne who would be the narrator, but since she could not make it, I had to step up. I honestly don’t like the recording because my accent on the recording was so obviously “non-true-pinoy”. I wish Joanne could have done it because I am familiar that her Filipino accent is better and that she’s also an “actress” in BlueRep so I assumed that her recording would come off more natural. Fel did the synchronizing of the video to our audio. It was done pretty well. She also went ahead and looked for music for the video. Before I left I had to discuss with Fel what scenes we need for the video before the final editing. So, to replace the shots that I did not like from Yna, I decided to take over the job (because she kept making a lot of excuses and I was fed up with all of them). January 25 Draft We met for this day so we can make sure that there would be an easy transition for the flow of the video. Joanne, edited sir Vigor’s video. Pia helped edit. However, I could not meet up with them at the time that we agreed upon because I was having trouble looking for subjects to shoot. Luckily, I found shots where people would j-walk. I got shots of people crossing EDSA, of all places. I also saw some people call for buses and riding them in the middle of the street. I found people parked in a No Parking zone. I took a lot of traffic shots in random places around Cubao just so that there would be enough “filler videos” to fit at least five minutes. But when I got back, I gave all of them to Fel in order to review. Good thing while I was gone, the others were already editing the interview videos. I was glad with the outcome because they didn’t wait for me to ask for my opinion. I was starting to feel that I had too much on my plate. I was glad that the
  14. 14. others (some of them at least) were stepping up. January 26 Meet up with the client: Philam homes. Before meeting with the client, I suddenly find out from Fel that her final draft is a little less finished than what I had hoped. I was a little nervous because I sort of still had no clue if we had sufficient shots for the entire video. Pia, Joanne and I were there when we showed our video to ma’am Cristina. It was the first time that we actually saw the entire video. As we viewed the video, we found a lot of flaws. The bad thing is, ma’am Cristina noticed some of them, too. One was that for sir Mar’s video, he was wearing a yellow shirt and we had a white background for him. In some angles, unfortunately, his shirt looked white on a white background—uh-oh. Two, sir Mendoza’s glasses had a glare on it and it was a bit frustrating that ma’am Cristina saw that before we did. Last, is one we were glad she didn’t notice. Sir Mar’s video was not off-center, he was on the left, and not only that, part of his sleeve was cut-off in some portions of the video. That last bit really ticked me off. During the interview I asked Yna to make the shot off-center, not to the side. I just hoped that she understood my instructions, when she apparently didn’t. All in all, ma’am’s suggestion was for us to give her a copy of the video with subtitles. Since it was just a draft, I was just hoping that they would like the final draft. Final suggestions After the meeting Joanne, Pia and I decided to review the video again, in my house. We decided to further cut the interviews and get the important ones. We even added some lines to the narrative to transition the sir Herminyo’s interview to sir Mar’s. I trusted Pia and Joanne’s inputs because I know that they can make more sense to the script than I can. I liked this meeting because I didn’t have to worry so much yet. I knew that Joanne and Pia were doing their jobs and that their constant texts about the project acted like their concern for its progress January 27-28 Final editing : Dasmarinas, Makati. Fel’s house. Overnight. This was the most stressful and also calming day. This was because we had a lot to finish:
  15. 15. 1. Editing the interview videos 2. Picking pictures and videos for fillers 3. Placing the appropriate music 4. Adding captions to the pictures etc. I liked working with Fel because she was fun to work with. She knows a lot about editing and I trusted her with everything I got. I also trusted her insight because I bounced ideas from her if the transitioning suited the video. She was also very patient with me even with my (in her words) “slave driving”. (For the presentation, though, we decided not to place the subtitles just yet. Not only did we not have time, but we didn’t feel that it was necessary anymore.) Anyway, despite the stress of this day and from the previous weeks, I can say that the video is as good as it can get. I do admit that it isn’t the greatest work that I have done with a group of people. There could have been more to produce and to add, but our “powers” could not add any more to the video. I really wish that it could have been better.