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FRONT ARENARETAIL BRokERAgE   Build a better internet brokerage   The online services you offer your retail customers will... content                                                    Do more with lessOur ...
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Front Arena Retail Brokerage Fs


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Front Arena Retail Brokerage Fs

  1. 1. FRONT ARENARETAIL BRokERAgE Build a better internet brokerage The online services you offer your retail customers will stand or fall by easily identifiable qualities. Can you offer a straightforward efficient user experience? Can you be sure of robustness and high performance, even at peak times? Do you have a cost-effective maintenance model? Front Arena gives you the tools to build an internet brokerage that will comfortably pass these tests: • uild websites that deliver rich resources to your customers, with fast access to B execution across multiple markets. • perate on a platform with proven robustness and performance and extensive O market access. • Counter the challenges of regulation and liquidity with controlled maintenance costs. If you are looking to establish an online brokerage or your existing service is creaking under the weight of extensive maintenance costs, Front Arena has the answers. It is the proven environment for building and running effective online services.High-performance validationBy decoupling your order validation from the back office, you can give your customers true real-time trading. Front Arena’s advanced pre-trade risk/validation engine simulates worst-casescenarios for clients’ positions and orders at order entry. This provides cross-asset validation withreal-time margin-requirement calculations for derivatives across multiple currencies. Performance-tuned, the validation engine continues to offer real-time protection, even during peak periods.ProvenFront Arena can handle transactions securelyover the internet, even with very large numbersof users and transactions. Current installationscomfortably service in excess of 200,000 usersand around 10,000 simultaneous logins. Theseare able to process tens of thousands of orderswithin minutes at market open.A client router dispatch mechanism controls userconnection to a cluster of databases, ensuringredundancy, upgradability and scalability. FrontArena’s architecture ensures that you areprepared for future growth.Continuously upgraded to exploit technologicaladvances over the past 10 years, Front Arenabenefits from production maturity. The online Reduce Time to Market – offer your retail customers our out-of-the-box Java™ trading environment.service is powerful, proven and
  2. 2. content Do more with lessOur dynamic toolkit enables you to build Your online orders flow into Front Arena’swebsites that offer your clients rich content Internal Market – the central hub for allfor decision-making and you the ability to incoming orders and real-time market data.go straight to market. The highly flexible Rules Engine has access to all this data. Consequently, you can successfullyOffer direct and indirect market access to automate more of your order flow, with thethe world’s leading exchanges and MTFs. ability to split orders between markets orProvide market prices, charts, news and more between internal and external create an environment that encouragesclient loyalty – a place where they can take Additionally, Front Arena comfortably handlespositions, monitor profit and loss and value your order management across currencies andtheir portfolios. across assets. This gives you the ability to offer markets in OTC instruments or you can createAnd you have total flexibility to apply your your own structured products based on anyown brand guidelines and create a powerful instruments that can be packaged on a Pricevisual style that reinforces your institution’s x Quantity basis.core values. And you can complement your online tradingAt the same time you can have full control with desk-based trading. Because the Internal of limits to ensure that you are protected. Market provides your sales desks with a consolidated view of all markets and incomingRapid time to market orders, your sales desks can manage largePerhaps you need to get up and running orders or view client portfolios and executequickly: with pre-built Java™ components to on those positions.handle all the key brokerage tasks, you can Cost-efficient processing is about morelaunch a robust professional online service than order flow. Easy interfaces ensurein the minimum possible time. you can connect Front Arena to other keyWe’ll give you everything you need – trade applications. This enables you to exchangetickets, order limits, portfolio valuations information seamlessly, automatically passand more. data to payments systems for cash management or pass core transaction details downstream for smooth and efficient confirmations and settlement.© 2009 SunGardSunGard, SunGard Front Arena and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or itssubsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.