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The Consolidated Consortium General


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The CONSOLIDATED CONSORTIUM is the Advanced STRATEGIC PARTNER to a total package solution for today & tomorrow problems in Properties & Real Estate Construction, Development & Management.

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The Consolidated Consortium General

  1. 1. The Consolidated Consortium <br />Total Package Solution for Property & Real Estate Development<br />Concept Project under Establishment<br />Halim HANI.P.o.Box: 43944 - Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates <br />Mobile Phone: + 971 50 44 171 29 Tel: + 971 2 6456 856Fax: + 971 2 6457 567 <br />Email 1: 2: <br /> <br /> <br />Dear <br />We are not investors or financier but we are DEALMAKERS at MARKET of DEALS new concept under establishment proposing “”The Consolidated Consortium Total Package Solution for Property & Real Estate Development “”<br />With the world international finance crisis the real estate finance difficulties was not limited to financiers & investors but reached all lifestyle sections etc.<br />According to international finance reports, this finance crisis will last for remarkable times counted from 5 to 10 years… With the decreasing & increasing in oil price and the stock market value of giant enterprises will contribute a stop in real estate developing projects which include millions of m2 of planned space, industrial & retail space with the addition of millions of new apartments & homes. <br />Nerveless the opportunities are there & ready to be worked out in many countries that possesses huge real assets and remarkable infrastructure<br />As the type of opportunity will be selective and the scale is massive, the investment opportunities at this time of crisis is converted to be more real and was not concluded that even 8 or 10 years ago in worldwide master plans when The world start being redeveloped & was expected to create continuous huge investment opportunities. It is one of the biggest regeneration projects in the world with the world stretching along<br />But developers don’t know anymore how to complete the existing projects, or how to start new project or how to expand their activities in to different international markets <br />Decreasing property prices and quantities is not anymore a main concern to buy or invest in properties but confidence and trust in how to MANAGE the financial crises shall make life less hard not only for those who want to buy a home, or to those who like to invest in pre-launch opportunity or to those Contractors, but to the Developer Himself who’s facing major unbalanced price fluctuation in the construction cost <br />The major loans and the Sub-prime loans will aim at those who have a poor credit rating, an unexpected number of repossessions among these types of borrowers, who will spark a global financial crisis over the near future.<br />Therefore new plans must be setup <br />The CONSOLIDATED CONSORTIUM is the Advanced STRATEGIC PARTNER to a total package solution for today & tomorrow problems in Properties & Real Estate Construction, Development & Management.<br />We shall establish & tailor The CONSOLIDATED CONSORTIUM as an individual Entity for your Project, a unique advance approach to Merge Virtually a combination of professionals companies related to the Engineering, Construction, Finance, Insurance, Promotion, Marketing, Management, Services and Maintenance, creating solid organization with a mission to Develop, Finance, Build, Insure & Operate for long term strong businesses that create & sustain different positive advantage to the new community in your project based on COST + 40 % on invoice (unless otherwise agreed).<br />We shall establish The CONSOLIDATED CONSORTIUM Leading Management at place as per the local rules and procedures to lead the development and the construction of this project:<br />Financially supported by Insurance companies, Banks, Finance houses <br />Technically supported by professional construction companies in advanced Construction Engineering. <br />Marketing and Management supported by professional companies having open vision to the future, monitoring and targeting the End-Users attention, securing his investment in adding advantage choices of opportunities in Business and Jobs, Retailing and Shopping, leisure and entertainment, Education and Medication, enjoying a new life style in the your project community <br />The international surveys shows that Local & international companies declare officially their interest to participate & join The Consolidated Consortium. <br />Therefore we shall invite all our investor friends and business connections to explore the development of your project to a significant and attractive Real Estate project while we receive an acceptance on an exclusive development privilege, we shall be ready to expand our approach and open a positive negotiating in order to close-up the DEAL <br />We shall be glad to hear your comments <br />With My Best Regards <br />Halim Hani <br />Halim Hani <br />P.o.Box: 43944 - Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates <br />Mobile Phone: + 971 50 44 171 29 Tel: + 971 2 6456 856Fax: + 971 2 6457 567 <br />Email 1: alsalamahae@eim.aeEmail 2: <br />Overview<br />The Consolidated Consortium Total Solution for property & Real Estate Development is A Grouping of Professional Companies from many discipline activities, as; <br />Architects, Consultants, Civil, Steel Structure, Commercial, Industrial, Project Management Interior design, Landscaping, General Contractors, MEP, Infrastructure, Sewage, Water, Cooling, Energy, Manufacturing, Trading, Equipment , Materials, Advocates law, Auditing, Marketing, sales, Promotion, Advertising, Hotels, Travel, Tourism, Shopping Centers, leisure Real Estate Developers, Environmental, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Finance, Banking, Credit Cards, Insurance, E-commerce, Security, IT & Telecommunication, Bridges, Floating Transportation, Cruising, Railway, Seaport, Airport, Auto, Marine, Aviation, Etc.. <br />The Group is not limited to the existing companies, shall welcome more professional companies willing to participate and join the Consolidated Consortium Strategic Partner.<br />Companies interested to participate and to join the Consolidated Consortium shall have an active existing presence and legal registration as per the rules of the country through their own offices or through active agent and representative. <br />Leading Management <br /> An independent entity shall be founded and established by choice of Professional Leader Managers in Construction, Finance, Insurance, Promotion, Marketing, Management, and Maintenance.<br />To Develop, Finance, Build, Insure and Operate:<br />Developing scenarios that integrate trends and uncertainties into alternate possibilities for a <br />Best Project. <br />Controlling Finance Process, Coaching, Counseling, Disciplining, Evaluating, Terminating<br />Directing, Teambuilding, Consensus-Building, Selecting, Training, Leading, Motivating<br />Applying Strategic Insurance frameworks to determine core competencies and key success factors for each project.<br />Planning Process, Operating Guidelines, Objective Setting, Action Plans, Problem Solving<br />Organizing Process, Power and Authority, Delegating, Communicating, Managing Time<br />Coordinating the projects objects between the Participants and the owner of the project. <br />Analyzing the project and the opportunities to identify the END-USERS choice and to satisfy the OWNER DEVELOPER best income.<br />Operating by the influence of Leading Management to generate new ideas for innovation during the maintenance period scheduled, using both informal and formal mathematical methods for optimizing decision making.<br />Targets <br />To meet the challenge of Engineering and Finance, and to create solutions for the successful execution of any turnkey project. <br />To Design and Construct the new buildings, and ensure the wellbeing of the environment <br />To Design the systems to make the living and working space comfortable and desirable. <br />To look to the future for renovation and retrofitting of older building, for tomorrow’s need. <br />Focus <br />Is primarily on the Risk and Solution work as described in following different Phases; <br />These naturally lead on to Engineering and Finance, Risk transfer and insurance requirements. The Consolidated Consortium facilities will provide a fully comprehensive solution for engineering and financial aspects.<br />Vision & Activity<br />Shall been founded to create a merge of Engineering, Finance, Insurance, Marketing, Management, Maintenance under one Group, in order to construct and manage large “Multi-Used “ turnkey projects in the Gulf area and particularly UAE based on (Cost + 40 %) with the objective to develop and deliver the complete package, providing work quality, cost accountability, efficiency and profit; as follows : <br />Mapping <br />Surveying<br />Land Development <br />Designing<br />Computer Aided Design & Drafting<br />Due Diligence Study <br />Cost Estimate<br />Building Code Consultations<br />Project Processing<br />Insuring <br />Financing <br />Banking <br />Constructing <br />Civil engineering <br />Infrastructure<br />Communications engineering<br />Promoting <br />Marketing <br />Selling<br />Managing <br />Maintaining<br />The CONSOLIDATED CONSORTIUM Total Solution for Property & Real Estate development is your permanent Strategic Partner. <br />We set out below a detailed description of the works Plans to undertake; <br />This is divided into different distinct Sections:<br />Sections<br />A - PRE-CONSTRUCTION TECHNICAL ENGINEERING & FINANCIAL <br />B - RISK TRANSFER & INSURANCE PLACEMENT<br />C - PROJECT MONITORING DURING CONSTRUCTIOIN<br />D - PROMOTION AND MARKETING (END-USER) <br />E - MAINTENANCE & MANAGEMENT<br />F - INHERENT DEFECTS INSURANCE & SPECIAL INSURANCE<br />G - The Comprehensive DueDiligenceDEAL For Properties & Lands<br />A - PRE-CONSTRUCTION TECHNICAL ENGINEERING & FINANCIAL <br />Identify, analyze and where possible, quantify the Engineering and Finance risks and solution of the project.<br />Survey<br />Land survey and Soil investigation<br />Logistic system <br />Traffic survey and Transportation survey<br />Infrastructure survey<br />End-Users<br />Concept design <br />Finance survey<br />Insurance survey<br />Marketing & Promotion survey<br />Analyzing the proposed arrangements for finance and construction, finding the best and most cost effective solution where possible, by mitigation of construction risk either using general insurance or through allocation of insurances risks between the parties.<br />Analyze and Review to the term of engineering and finance with the total input for the quality of existing studies on the project. <br />Justify the project costs, and ensure that the completion date, output and time schedule appear realistic. <br />Consider what other work might be needed<br />Advice on the political risks associated with the country, and the extent to which these can be insured for the interests of sponsors, equity holders and other financial investors and participants.<br />Consider the implications of the Project Finance and the Financiers’ likely requirements in relation to risk sharing and insurance placements. Ensure that these are duly incorporated into the risk and solution management, insurance strategy and the project budget to avoid unnecessary and, possibly, costly changes at a later date.<br />Evolve a logical, consistent and cost-effective budgeting and risk management strategy for the construction phase, the commissioning phase and the subsequent operating phase, identifying the options available and risks which may be difficult, costly or impossible to provide.<br />Assess premium cost estimates for budget purposes for the construction and commissioning phases and the operating phase of the project.<br />Prepare the local insurance market in compliance with legislation affecting insurance in the country.<br />Prepare local insurers and/or re insurers and the choice of suitable companies for engineering, material supplies and construction .This will include an analysis of the market to ensure financial stability and flexibility towards outward reinsurance to the international markets.<br />Discuss the proposed insurance arrangements with investors, contractors and others and/or their insurance advisers and satisfy their respective concerns.<br />B - RISK TRANSFER & INSURANCE PLACEMENT<br />Review proposed contractual arrangements with particular reference to engineering including allocation, mitigation management and transfer of technology.<br />Analyze engineering and financial project risk and solution controls, participate in all necessary discussions or negotiations with contractual parties on finance for construction and refinance for end-user<br />Consider the risk and risk solution provisions in the various proposed contractual agreements. Assist in ensuring that the risk mitigation strategy is consistently reflected in each agreement.<br />Ensure the most appropriate allocation of responsibilities between the parties and the alternative options strategies available.<br />Assemble all relevant project data and information for presentation to Third Parties, and prepare a Project Risk Assessment document<br />Prepare a superior presentation of the project for the insurance and finance markets.<br />Assess exact cover requirements, limits and deductible levels for the various covers reflecting the needs of all parties. Agree draft policy wordings.<br />Agree quoting insurers/reinsures to be approached. Examine scope for combining certain covers e.g. marine cargo / construction and / or construction / operational.<br />Submit presentation to the agreed markets.<br />Secure best possible quotations from the agreed markets through competitive negotiation<br />Fully place all required insurances with acceptable insurers and reinsurers.<br />Finalize contracts wordings, terms and conditions, local insurance terms and cut-through or reinsurance assignment provisions.<br />Liaise throughout the above process, as appropriate, with all parties including lenders, materials suppliers, services provider, contractors and their advisers and local insurers in different countries to ensure their acceptance of the final placements.<br />Issue in the Country, the necessary evidence of insurance and finance cover.<br />C - PROJECT MONITORING DURING CONSTRUCTIOIN<br />Monitor the construction of the project to verify continuing compliance with the original assumptions of the risk management plan and to identify any pre-emptive corrective action that might need to be taken. This is of particular significance in relation to any potential delay in start-up or cost overrun issues. <br />Engineering Design<br />Architecture & Decoration engineering<br />Consultancy <br />Structure & Special engineering<br />Civil engineering<br />Steel engineering<br />Landscaping & Parks engineering <br />Electro Mechanical Engineering & HVAC<br />Infrastructure Engineering and utilities <br />IT and Telecommunication, E-commerce<br />Roads and Bridges & Parking engineering<br />Environmental engineering<br />Black and grey water (Waste and Sewage),Fresh Water, Energy <br />Garbage plant ( Advanced sucking system ) <br />Vertical plantation & Agriculture<br />Equipment and handling engineering<br />Security system <br />Civil Management<br />Project Management<br />Project Coordination<br />Quantity Surveyor<br />Quality control<br />Traffic control<br />AMP (Automation Movable people)<br />Logistic Systems<br />Finance Control<br />Insurance control<br />Risk Management control<br />Supply of Materials<br />Using the best available technology, <br />Ensure all arrangements are in place for recording.<br />Monitor progress of works throughout construction and commissioning of the project.<br />Ensure correct issue of all policy documentation.<br />Follow up any assignment or other issues required by financiers and investors.<br />D - PROMOTION AND MARKETING <br />End-User Target <br />The impact Economy of the End-User Target reflect on our choice to attract certain type of people and companies with more positive perception toward their business future in UAE, with confirming evidence and made a positive contribution to existing knowledge about how economic environment affect their life style , providing remarkable facilities in selling them affordable ownership apartments or units paid within 20-25 years, free family medication, free program education, life and accident insurance policy.<br />Those theories developed in multiple disciplines regarding to the positive relationship between economic conditions and End-User Target performance. <br />The intention of our Marketing Model based on those theories linking the economic environment of the owners' perceptions, and their business decisions together.<br />The End-Users are the Main Target to occupy the communities. <br />Research and Monitor the End-User reactions to different attractive choices of life style facilities, leisure and entertainment. proposed by the new community<br />Research and Monitor the End-User to the new community with respect to business and Job opportunities.<br />Monitor the End-User to the new community with respect to safety and security <br />Research and Monitor the End-User reactions to family life to include healthy and educated children... (Covered with insurance paid by the Principal)<br />Research and Monitor the End-user reactions to being able to secure his investment through Inherent defects insurance. and a risk finance insurance <br />Monitor relevant market changes or developments that occur during the execution of the project<br />Processing and monitoring settlement of payment, claims and maintaining vigilance on pending issues and Comply with any agreed investors requirements regarding payments, updating of information, etc., <br />Give comfort to investors by advising insures of any changes and negotiate any amendments , increase or extensions to the insurances and ensuring all insurances are maintained in full effect until cessation of risk or to dovetail with inception of subsequent operational <br />Receive proposals from Loss Adjusters. Agree appointment and procedure for claims handling and Assist in connection with any major, complex or disputed claims<br /> Issue an insurance manual and claims procedure guide for use by all insured. <br />E - MAINTENANCE & MANAGEMENT<br />Our Building engineers system acquire knowledge in the planning, design, construction, operation, renovation and Maintenance of buildings, together with an understanding of impacts on the surrounding environment. Our Building engineers system will explore all phases in the life cycle of a building. They identify problems and find appropriate solutions to improve the quality of living within the built environment.<br />Our Building engineers system will help to renovate and will prepare the proposals for operation and maintenance of the property facility, the responsibilities of the parties and ensure that the cost of provisions made are adequate.<br /> <br />5 years free maintenance and 5 years free management by the Consolidated Consortium group after commissioning and handing over the project to the End-Users occupation.<br /> <br />Provide assistance in expenses evaluation and solution for Utilities (electricity, water, garbage collection, etc.)<br /> <br />Provide efficient Management solution with affordable Cost for the End-User after the maintenance free period <br /> <br />Provide efficient Maintenance with affordable Cost for the End-User after the free period. <br />Future consideration for Renovation and retrofitting of older buildings for tomorrow’s needs.<br />Control and maintain the good performance of logistic & transportation system <br />Control and maintain the good performance for the utilities and infrastructure <br />Provide assistance in cost evaluation against yearly inflation <br />Provide management facilities to the End-Users in respect of his investment.<br />Provide management communication to the End-Users with the Principal Owner.<br />Provide investment projection for the next coming years to the End-Users<br />Provide expenses Finance projection for next coming years to the Principal Owner.<br />Provide management engineering facilities in respect to the life time for the accommodation investment to the End-Users as well to the Principal Owner.<br />Provide life management system and solution for The End-Users<br />F - INHERENT DEFECTS INSURANCE<br />It is intended that the building to be retained with the owner or sold on as individual units.<br />The Insurance covering the total property construction for 50 years (25 years + 25 years)<br />Premises to be insured<br />Total estimated building value <br />Breakdown of the total estimated contract value at the end of construction <br />Structural works <br />All internal and external load-bearing structures essential to the stability or strength of the Premises including but not limited to foundations, columns, walls, floors, beams,<br />All other works forming part of external walls and roofing but excluding moveable elements of external windows, doors, skylights and the Non Structural Works, Equipment, Fixtures and Fittings described below. <br />Other related, Etc<br /> Non structural Works equipment, Fixture and Fittings <br />All non load bearing parts of the premises other than those works described in above as Structural Works including but not limited to electrical wiring and connections, equipment and fixtures for the collection and distribution of gas, water, heating and ventilation, partitions, internal windows, plaster, tiling, floor coverings, doors, surface finishing, drains all fixtures and fittings and all permanent mechanical and electrical apparatus including boilers and similar plant as included in the Building<br />Contract irrespective of whether such non-load bearing parts, equipment, fixtures and fittings are fixed to or incorporated in any part of the Structural Works. <br />Other related, Etc….<br /> External Works<br />All external works non-structural works owned by the Insured and subject to the Building Contract, including but not limited to pavements, cross-over, paved areas, pedestrian and vehicular landscaping and all external drains, sewers, pipes, cables wires and other service media<br />Individual and Retail Insurance <br />Life and accident insurance <br />Medication and Education insurance <br />Risk Finance Credit Insurance <br />Property, pecuniary and liability insurances<br />Technical Inspection Service <br />An audit of design plans and work on site is an integral part of this insurance policy. <br />A Technical consultant part of the consortium will undertake such work.<br />G - The Comprehensive DueDiligenceDEAL<br />The MARKET of DEALS introduces The Comprehensive DueDiligenceDEAL as the process of discovery and confirmation of the financial and physical attributes of the investment property. This important process is, in all too many cases, rushed or, worse yet, skipped entirely, in the sheer excitement that accompanies the probable purchase and selling of a Property. But think about it; Hundreds of Thousands or Millions of Dollars shall be invested in this transaction to close up a Deal. <br />Therefore at the MARKET of DEALS the Comprehensive DueDiligenceDEAL in the sale of a Property may seem to inherently focus on the needs of The BuyerClient to be sure He is getting what He pays for. And to take a moment to logically consider the process carefully draft a sales agreement, review the documentation, conduct a site visit, consult, evaluate…Etc.<br />After all, part of The Comprehensive DueDiligenceDEAL, as the SellerClient must open his books to the BuyerClient for close examination, as at the MARKET of DEALS The Comprehensive DueDiligenceDEAL will also protect The SellerClient’s interests and strategic to help him justifies the value of his property and strengthen the attractive offer.<br />It gives the BuyerClient access not only to financial disclosures but to human resources, tax, fees, environmental and legal information. The BuyerCLIENT and SellerCLIENT may have competing interests; for example, The BuyerCLIENT wants as much information as possible while The SellerCLIENT may want to safeguard competitive information but both can benefit from a Comprehensive due diligence process. <br />As BuyerClient, The Comprehensive DueDiligenceDEAL provides the opportunity to confirm the accuracy of the SellerCLIENT's disclosures. It also helps the BuyerClient identify any potential concerns to address in the definitive purchase agreement. Examples of such concerns include the assumption of non competing obligations, questionable receivables and pending government approvals. The process may also help the BuyerClient plan to integrate the business into other operations. <br />As SellerClient, The Comprehensive DueDiligenceDEAL helps determine any obstacles that could delay reaching a definitive purchase agreement and timely closing. For example, the process may turn up additional information the SellerClient must disclose. The Comprehensive DueDiligenceDEAL can also help SellerClient strengthen its negotiating position by establishing an appropriate value and prepare the business for ownership transition.<br />No two Comprehensive DueDiligenceDEAL efforts are alike, and for the practitioner each transaction presents novel issues.<br />The Comprehensive DueDiligenceDEAL typically begins when a SellerClient and BuyerClient complete their initial research and sign separately a letter of understanding to purchase and sell a property<br />The essence of any good real estate transaction is a game played between BuyerClient and SellerClient, Lenders and Borrowers that defines the risks in a transaction. BuyerClient and SellerCLIENT alike can benefit from knowing more about the DueDiligenceDEAL process. <br />ADVANTAGES & BENEFITS <br />DEVELOPERS <br />Choice of advanced companies for the construction of the project<br />Advanced technologies <br />Independent review of project risks (which would provide an excellent basis for opening negotiations on financing).<br />Accelerated access to financing and reduced front end costs of financing<br />Control the construction Cost <br />Reduction in overall Contract Price and Cost<br />Clearer contractual framework with the avoidance of later contractual disputes <br />Complete Inherent Defects Insurance on the project extended up to 50 years<br />Construction of the project at scheduled time <br />Selling the project at reduced time <br />High margin profit on available Units for sale <br />Occupation the finished units <br />5 years free maintenance<br />SHARES and STOCK MARKET (INVESTORS)<br />Advantage to increase the shares out put value in a short time at the STOCK MARKET and provide stability in Economic Growth Rate Potential and Control by Leading Economic Indicators which are very are important to investors.<br />END-USERS BENEFITS <br />Mortgage system apply to the End-User<br />Insurance extended up to 50 years on the building ( The Inherent Defects Insurance) while the Investment extended for the same period (The Inherent Defects Insurance)<br />Insurance program for end-user covering: <br />life and accident insurance<br />Investment insurance (Children Education & Family Medication)<br />Risk Finance Credit Insurance during the mortgage period <br />5 years Free Maintenance and Continuous affordable Maintenance<br />5 years Free Management and Continuous affordable Management<br />Future consideration for Renovation and Retrofitting of older buildings for tomorrow’s needs<br />Contractors & Suppliers Benefits <br />Guarantee in profit cost +<br />Guaranty in payment <br />Buildup company strategy in Management and revenue growth <br />Risk cover under the Inherent Defects Insurance<br />Continuous awarding projects <br />PARTICIPATION<br />No financial obligation at this time is required to participate and to join the Consolidated Consortium Groups as in the future a yearly membership fees shall be applicable to each category.<br />Companies interested to participate and to join the Consolidated Consortium shall have an active existing presence and legal registration as per the rules of the country through their own offices or through active agent and representative. <br />The Consolidated Consortium Strategic Partner LEADER MANAGEMENT negotiation terms and conditions for Contract payment are “COST + 40 % on invoice (otherwise agreed).”<br />The Consolidated Consortium Strategic Partner LEADER MANAGEMENT will deduct 15 % of the 40 % profit as per general assignment agreement to cover management charges. The due payment Cost + 25 % will be paid to the Participants and members involved in the construction contract. (Unless otherwise agreed). Term of payment is Cost + 40 % on invoice ( otherwise agreed) <br />The Consolidated Consortium Strategic Partner LEADER MANAGEMENT are in permanent negotiating process with international underwriters, international insurance and re-insurance companies to tailor new insurance policy to fit the property and real estate development concept and to cover any project will be managed under the Consolidated Consortium conditions and rules for a period of 50 years. <br />The Consolidated Consortium Strategic Partner LEADER MANAGEMENT is not in any sort of exclusivity with the companies participated. All companies will maintain their personality and the choice to participate in any of the project the Consolidated Consortium declare. (Unless otherwise agreed )<br />Companies participating to the consortium will be automatically covered by insurance protection and Limited to the project only in regard to the projects awarded by the Consolidated Consortium<br />Companies have the full choice for the non participation in any project under the Consolidated Consortium and they can under any meaning entering in negotiation separately with the same client. At that time companies are not under the insurance protection and they cannot benefit from the Consolidated Consortium conditions (Unless otherwise agreed ) <br />At the time The Consolidated Consortium Strategic Partner LEADER MANAGEMENT may not invite companies to participate in a particular project, therefore companies are not protected with insurance. (Unless otherwise agreed)<br />The Consolidated Consortium Strategic Partner LEADER MANAGEMENT is welcoming more participants with different activities.<br />Some PARTICIPANTS (on request)<br />INSURANCE & FINANCE <br />RISK MANAGEMENT FINANCE ADVISE<br />INHERENT DEFECTS INSURANCE <br />BANKS<br />INVESTMENT & FINANCE Companies <br />PROJECT MANAGEMENT <br />ARCHITECT and CONSULTANT ENGINEERS <br />CONSULTANT <br />CIVIL CONTRACTORS and INFRASTRUCTURE<br />MEP CONTRACTORS <br />UTILITIES <br />INDUSTRIAL<br />SPORT<br />SUPPLIERS AND AGENT OF MATERIALS<br />LOGISTICS & NETWORKING SYSTEM for Materials Supply and Storage Facility <br />Steel Mill manufacturers & SUPPLIERS<br />