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Powerpoint Byzantine Empire


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Published in: Spiritual, Travel
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Powerpoint Byzantine Empire

  1. 1. Byzantine Empire
  2. 2. Russia • Kiev: center of Russian State • Byzantine missionaries bring Christianity to Russia • Borrow music, art, and architecture from Byzantine
  3. 3. Russians and Mongols • Russian Orthodox Church was moved to Moscow; making it the spiritual capital of Russia • Moscow prince’s forces defeat the Mongols • Moscow became the capital under Russian rule
  4. 4. Ivan the Great • Ivan III • Brings most of northern Russia under rule • Ruled Russia as an autocrat • Limits the power of nobles • Takes title of czar
  5. 5. Ivan the Terrible • Centralizes royal power • Takes power from the nobles • Forces serfs to stay on the land • Kills anyone who revolts and destroys entire towns
  6. 6. Major Religions of Eastern Europe